Serving The Kids!!

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another blog post. Hehe. I know I post everyday but that’s because of the gratitude challenge which I’m loving SO much! The challenge makes me reflect about the things that I’m grateful for.

Anyway, let’s get started with the main topic!

You guys know that I joined a really cool Catholic community where we serve others while serving God. I just joined last May but my experiences were so beautiful– and being in the community made me learn a lot of new things.

Now, I will be serving the kids. I am scared, nervous and excited at the same time. Scared and nervous because I’m not really fond of kids. I don’t really like nosy kids and I don’t know how to interact properly with them. Excited, because I know this will be something that I won’t forget in my life. This is the first time I’m serving the kids.

But…why serve the kids?

Last November 4th, I attended a training. It’s for the youth who wants to serve the kids. I don’t know why I went there. I don’t know why I attended. The weather that time was cold and it’s nice to sleep in bed all day but I know God woke me up early so I could prepare and attend the training. My mind was full of negative thoughts and I don’t really want to attend but then I found myself preparing for the training. Eventually, I found myself in my co-servant’s house and there, it happened. God called me that day and I’m glad I answered.

During the training, I realized a lot of things. As I’ve said, I don’t really like kids but as the training goes on, I’m starting to feel that being with kids is fun too. I started to realize that I once was a kid, maybe it’s nice to go back and see myself as a kid again by looking at the kids I’m serving at. We were trained on how to talk with the kids, on how to approach them, on what things to say and the rules when serving them. One rule that’s gotten into me was never say ‘kunyari’ which means pretend in English. I wondered why but later on my question was answered. They said, the kids will adapt the kunyari word. And kunyari also results to lying. I also learned that kids are kids, they are honest so we shouldn’t be offended by what they’ll say to us.

For example:

Ate, bakit ang pangit mo?”

“Why are you so ugly?”

Do not be offended. As I’ve said– kids are kids. They are still insensitive about what they’re saying.

Another point on why to serve kids is because kids are the purest. Kids are the most innocent ones and they are closest to God’s heart. Just think of it, serving someone that is very close to God– so heartwarming. And as Mark 10:14 says,

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

This is an enough reason to serve the kids. And we are all tasked to share Christ in all people– so then let’s do it.

After the whole day of training were some announcements and I was given another challenge by God again. They chose me to be the facilitator of kids with ages 11-12. Being a facilitator is SO much– I am thankful, I really am, but I can’t help but be nervous as well. Being a facilitator means you will hold the kid’s life– you will know their personal lives and you have to touch the kid’s soul and they have to learn something from you. I hope I can do this one– of course, through His help!

The kid’s camp will be this weekend and here a little announcement!

  • I don’t think scheduled posts works for me so I think I’ll skip two days of the blogging challenge. I’ll just post them Monday.
  • There won’t be an After Party series post tomorrow because yeap, I won’t be online and ‘sides, I have posted an After Party last Wednesday.
  • Lastly, I will share my experiences with you guys! Just stay tuned!

And that’s it. Thank you so much for reading!


30 Days Of Gratitude | 11-09-2017

30 Days Of Gratitude — November 09, 2017

What place are you most grateful for?

I am really grateful for our house, particularly my bedroom. (Of course, haha!)

I don’t really need to explain further– I know we are all grateful for our own homes and bedroom. Not all people lives in a good house where they will feel warm whenever it’s cold.

We don’t have a big house. But our house fits the 5 family member we have. It’s enough for us and as long as we can sleep well at night, we’re grateful for it.

Sorry it’s hours late! I’ll have an announcement later on abouuuut… Secret! Haha. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading!

Let’s chat! I’d like to know your answers! What place are you most grateful for?

30 Days Of Gratitude | 11-08-2017

30 Days Of Gratitude — November 08, 2017

What book are you most grateful for?

As I read today’s prompt– one thing and the first thing that popped into my head is The Bible.

It is the book that everyone should be grateful for. The Bible feeds our soul, The Bible contains His words and The Bible contains everything. It contains the truth. Whenever you’re doubting or questioning, the answer is in The Bible. Everything is in The Bible.

The Bible is our good news. And even though you just scroll through pages and read random verses, everything has a meaning.

My teachers in elementary told me that whenever I’m feeling down or if I’m facing a problem, I should get my Bible and open a random page. The first verse that my eyes see would be the message of God for me that day. It is all planned. And He delivers those messages to you directly through The Bible.

It is the most powerful book.

It is used in anything, everything.

But sadly, people rarely read it. Why? People are lazy. People are not contented. People have many excuses. And worst, people doesn’t like to speak and share the truth. And I am one of those people. I am lazy. I am discontented. I have many excuses. But…I’d like to know the truth. And it’s all in The Bible. We need to read the Bible. It will explain us everything.

I am grateful for this book because it comforts me, it saves me from my sadness and it is my go-to comfort zone whenever I really need a strong verse that would uplift my mood.

Therefore, I am so grateful for The Bible.

Let’s chat! Please do answer the question as well! I’d like to know your answers!

PS. Today is my guy best friend’s birthday! 🎉

After Party Series: Soulfood101blog

Hello everyonee!!!

Yay. Hello!!! I’m really happy to do this kind of post again. I’m really sorry for the delays of this series. I’m starting it once again. I know today is not Saturday but I’m still doing this and I’m publishing on a Wednesday. Haha!

Anyway, let’s get started!

Yup, yes. Yuuup! You guessed it right! Today I am featuring Margaret from soulfood101blog!!


Soulfood101blog shares about the Word of God. Everyday Margaret posts Bible verses that will surely help you throughout the day.

The Word of God feeds your soul– and by reading God’s Word I think you’re doing great about your spiritual nourishment. Margaret’s blog could help!

And I really appreciate that Margaret went to the party. When I posted the invitation, she told me that she’ll try to drop by because she’s going somewhere where there’s low internet connection.. I’m glad she made it! And our timezone has also helped! Haha.

Introduction about Margaret:

Soulfood101blog is not the blog where you’ll find Margaret’s personal life. It’s more of a Christian blog and as I’ve said, she posts daily Bible verses. However, Margaret is one of the best people I have ever met here. She’s like always there to support you and lift you up by her comments. She’s a very supportive blogger and she’s definitely for keeps! Anyway she has a son going to the Philippines and I’m really excited for her son’s trip here! And I really love Margaret’s featured photos!


This is her post yesterday. I really loved it and Psalms 53:2 had a really huge impact on me.

I cringe… The Word

This was a post way back February when soulfood101 was still new. Anyway, this is a really insightful post that will make you think. I recommend reading this post!

The Word– Challenge

This post was way back September.. And the question… It was really hard to answer. It will make you think. I want you to click on the link and see the question, then reflect on your answer. It will also nourish your spirit and make realizations!

To Margaret, thank you so much for everything! You’re such an inspiration to me and to everyone else, I know! Continue sharing the Word, I personally love your blog and its content. And your posts really make me realize things– so thank you for that!! May God bless you and your family even more!

Do you know Margaret? What do you love most about her blog?

30 Days Of Gratitude | 11-07-2017

30 Days Of Gratitude — November 07, 2017

What memory are you grateful for?

As I read the prompt for today, memories have popped out in my mind and I’m gonna explode if I didn’t write it all. I’m gonna share my favourite memories and why I am so grateful for it.

  1. I don’t really remember everything as I was a toddler when this happened…so, we had our family outing that time and I didn’t know how to swim yet. Of course I have my life vest in order for me to stay floating in the water. I was left with our family friend that time and when I think my parents shouted that there are food already, they hurried and I was left alone in the swimming pool. I think whatever is the stuff that makes me float that time, it got broken and I got drowned. Later on an American found me in the floor of the swimming pool and I don’t know what happened next… I’m grateful for this memory because I think it’s really fun (haha) and…uhm, just because.
  2. I loved it very much when I had my seventh birthday. I don’t know in other countries if they celebrate seven as a mini debut but here in the Philippines, families are very fond to celebrate their kids’ seventh birthday. As I’ve said, it’s a mini debut. I remember that I was dressed as a fairy and I had fake wings. I remember having games and delicious food and I remember the rain being so strong. I think there was a storm that time! I’m grateful for this memory because it’s really one of a kind to experience celebrating my mini debut!
  3. We were on our family’s (clan) swimming pool and I was trying to swim by myself. I think I was in the 4th grade this time and I didn’t know how to swim yet. I was exploring the pool and then later on I lost grip on the thing I’m holding on to. I thought I’ll drown… it felt bad but my cousin, Jansen, hurried up to help me. After that they scolded me. Hehe. I’m grateful for this because after that incident happened, I learned swimming in an instant. It’s like swimming and I clicked and boom.. I can go to the 8 ft deep already!

Hehe. These are all the memories I can share for today! I have a lot in mind, swear, but I’m getting really sleepy!!

Please answer the question as well and leave a comment!!! ❤

October Playlist 2017

Hello everyone!

It’s this kind of post…again! I hope you guys are enjoying my end of the month playlists– I really love doing this kind of posts because it makes me share my interest in music and it helps some of you to discover new songs! Also, I am very consistent of continuing this series. I haven’t missed a month starting January which is a very big achievement for me!

Anyway… Let’s start!

OPM (Original Pinoy Music) Songs:

  • Titibo-Tibo by Moira Dela Torre

Geez, this song is just so good and I’m really liking Moira Dela Torre. Aside from her good voice, I can see that she has a really good personality! No wonder she’s on the limelight now. She deserves it so much!

  • Sundo by Moira Dela Torre

Another song from her that I really like. It’s from a TV series which is “The Good Son”. Moira’s voice suits the song so much!!

  • Mahika by TJ Monterde

I think I heard it once somewhere and I’m so hooked!! I love this song so much and and TJ’s voice is really good too!!!

Christian Songs:

  • Desert Song by Hillsong United

Whenever I hear this song on Spotify, I’m like.. I’m gonna go jump and praise the Lord right now. I am very much inlove with this song! If you still haven’t heard it, then it’s time to go and check it out!!

  • Counting On God by New Life Worship, Ross Parsley, Desperation Band

Ahh I love this SO much!!! And we have a dance steps in this song and last Saturday, I danced it in front of my youth– the first time I didn’t become shy and the first time I got confident while dancing!!! Lol. Haha.

  • Nothing is Impossible by Planetshakers

I love this song so much and I really love the message. This song is always played whenever we have our worship sessions that’s why whenever I hear it on Spotify, it lifts me up!

  • You Are God by Planetshakers

I think I saw a video in Facebook some time ago which is a cover of this song and it’s really amazing!

English Songs:

  • Personal by The Vamps, Maggie Lindemann

It’s a new release from The Vamps. I love the beat so much and Maggie’s voice here also suits Brad and the whole song!


Ah I know this isn’t a new song and it’s not new for you either.. But I was really hooked with this song. I’m not really sure if I should listen to LANY’s music because I thought it was overrated. But I love his songs now and I’m definitely enjoying it!

And that’s it! Sorry these are the only songs I can offer! Anyway thank you so much for reading!! Hope you’re doing good wherever you are!

Let’s chat! What is your most played song at the month of October? What’s your favourite?

30 Days Of Gratitude | 11-06-2017

30 Days Of Gratitude — November 06, 2017

What in nature are you grateful for?

This is a really good question for today. I am honestly grateful for everything that is in nature. We wouldn’t be we without them. Nature provides us basically everything that’s why we all should be grateful for it!

However… I’m really grateful for animals as well.

Animals are always present for us and animals makes us happy! Seeing lions, tigers, snakes and other wide animals may be scary but let’s not forget the fact that they take care of nature…more than us humans take care of our Mum Earth.

And animals are stress relievers. I don’t know why some people are not very fond of animals. Haha. I don’t see the reason to hate them!

I’m grateful for animals.

Let’s talk! What in nature are you grateful for?