June Playlist 2017

Hello everyone! Let’s get it on with the playlist! I am back at it again with the sharing of songs, ayt? Well, most of the songs here will be Taylor Swift related because her albums are back or now available in Spotify and I am just so happy about it!

  • All You Had To Do Was Stay by Taylor Swift

I honestly love the whole 1989 but I was really into this song. It’s like people who are close to me are leaving so suddenly and I want to sing this to them, that all they had to do was stay.

  • Never Too Far Gone by Jordan Feliz

One of my blogging friends, My Blessing By Grace suggested this song to me and I listened to it immediately, and I was like, oh myyy. The song is so beautiful, you all should listen to this and let me know what you think! 

  • Can I Be Him by James Arthur

Another one of my blogging friends, Amelia, suggested this– I listened to it as well and I loved it. So so much. I love James Arthur even before and loved him so much more now. 

  • Out Of The Woods by Taylor Swift

Because as I’ve said, I’ve been listening and loving Taylor’s music this month. I also love the music video of this song– it’s just so amazing.

  • Attention by Charlie Puth

If you read my previous playlists, you’ll also know that I’ve been crushing on Charlie and I’ve been loving his music so much!!! So glad he released a new one and I absolutely love the meaning of the song. 

  • Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue, JP Cooper

I recently listened to this song and didn’t know that I’ve been listening to it for ages. Aha I didn’t know that this was the title of the song that’s so present in parties or such. But hey, I really love this song.

  • Middle Of The Night by The Vamps, Martin Jensen

Because you guys know I love The Vamps– and I just had to add this song in my playlist. Though All Night is still my favourite, I still love this one.

  • The Fault In Our Stars by Troye Sivan 

I so love this song!!! This is the most played one in my playlist– and earlier this day I just watched (again) the music video of it. I sooo love this song and I badly miss Troye’s channel! Hah. Anyway, I have made a cover of this song but I don’t know if I should post it or nah. But maybe nah, I haven’t mastered it in the ukulele yet and my voice ain’t good. Haha.

  • What Do I Know? by Ed Sheeran

I don’t know, but I feel like I’ve added this song in every playlist that I post eversince Ed released Divide, but I really really love this one. I also covered this song but I failed. Lol. 

And maybe that is it! I don’t really want to talk about school in this post but ugh, we made a three pages reflection paper yesterday and gladly, I finished it. But still, it’s so stressing. *sigh*

Anyway, I’ll try to catch up with your posts this Saturday! I swear I really want to and I hope I could do it this weekend!

What’s your favourite song as of the moment and how are you today?


Muning’s Kittens ft. Crookshanks & Weasley

Happy Saturday, lovelies! And I am absolutely happy I can post today, so here it is! This post will be the second part of my “Meet My Pets” post and just click it to view the first one!

Weasley and Veena. Veena is black with some white spots and obviously, she’s Muning’s kitten. And yesss, Veena is a girl.
From left to right: Sharpie, Veena and Tiny. I also wonder why I named the white kitten as Sharpie– aha maybe I was looking into my Sharpie pens when I was thinking of a name. But anyway, Sharpie is a guy and the kitten on the right is a girl. I named her Tiny because she’s…tiny. And I hope she’ll get healthy and energetic soon. Tiny also has a short tail, like Crookshanks.
Cute little Tiny.
Weasley photobombing the kittens’ photoshoot!
Weasley and Veena look like a star in a drama film here. The picture is too emotional. Ahah.
Crookshanks not having manners and not facing the camera (oops!).
Weasley having business with Veena and Sharpie being happy by the bed’s cover.
Cutie Sharpie.
My little Tiny and lovely Veena.
Crookshanks disturbing the family bonding– Sharpie got annoyed! 😮
Weasley having fun with the box. I literally burst out laughing when Weasley went inside the box because that box was for the kittens, and I was like, “Weasley, you’re not a kitten anymore.”
I feel like they’re talking behind my back by telepathy! Kidding. But look at Tiny and Crookshanks!!! That’s the cutest thing ever. It’s like Crookshanks was protecting Tiny from Sharpie. Ahah.
From left to right: Veena, Tiny, Crookshanks and Sharpie. Hey, look at Sharpie, he’s jealous! Lol!
I swear Veena was so naughty and almost all of her pictures are blurred– so I held her and took a picture hahah sorry, Veena. :p PS. Sharpie photobombing.
What r u doing Mr. Weasley?
Cuties!!! Veena and Sharpie.
Weasley loves the box, ayt?

Muning wasn’t in the room earlier that’s why she’s not in the pictures. Haha. Idk. Muning is such a weird mum. The three kittens has their own cage and Muning literally went crazy when she didn’t find them in the cage. But when Muning saw them in the room, she didn’t care at all. I was like “what u weirdo? You were searching for them earlier and that you’ve found them you don’t care at all? Whut?!” 

But anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post! Haha. I miss writing, so much! ❤ 

I hope you’re having a lovely day and always take care! 

Not post related but: Are you happy? 


The Struggle Is Real

Take 2 of this post. Help me, I’m losing my temper– I’ve had prepared a post already but it wasn’t published, and wasn’t saved either. So annoying!! But anyways, here’s the post:

Hi everyone! I just wanted to come by for a minute and apologise for not posting last Saturday when I’ve told you that I will. It’s just that life’s getting more and more busy and harder, even! This is so unreal. Okay, so as I’m typing this it’s already 22:32– I should go to sleep already but I’m not yet feeling sleepy, so I’m here aha. Aside from apologising, I also want to tell you little updates on my life.

Our class was good and my classmates were fun to be with. I was shy at first and I’ve told you that, but I realised that I shouldn’t be shy at all! My classmates were approachable and friendly, but I’m still anxious to go in front of the class and report. I’m not shy with the class anymore, but I’m anxious with the teachers! Some of them were really intimidating but I know they are all kind and approachable. 

Another realisation that hit me is that… I am being friendly. I mean, being friendly and being the one to approach first isn’t my thing, but because of that, I gained new friends and we clicked in an instant! So cool! I also realised that my life has completely changed, starting from my routines, how I study and approaching people– it all changed! And I’m somehow happy with the change within me. Aha. 

But.. I miss everyone of you. I wish I could still talk to you but I need to stay focused on my studies. The struggle is real, everyone. I swear. Right now it’s 22:38 and I just finished my assignments and I started working at it at 17:00 something. So long, so many assignments and we’ll have a quiz tomorrow in one subject! Wish me luck! 

I hope to post this Saturday and interact with you since we’ll be having a long weekend. 🙂 Anyway, I still tweet in Twitter tho ahah @jisimpx. It’s up to you if you want to follow this little potato.  🙂


First Day of School! | SSHS

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. I am really tired as of now but don’t worry, I’m home now and I’m making the first entry for my blogging series– Surviving Senior High School. In this series you will read about my experiences and of course I’m giving out tips and advises for everyone! That’s basically all– I can’t wait to share my experiences with you so…

I woke up at around 4:50 am. I got breakfast first which is only a sandwich and coffee– I don’t know but I wasn’t really in the mood earlier to eat. I feel so unwell earlier and my anxiety attacks me. I was in the service already by 6:15 am and GAH I am just so nervous. I feel like I would throw myself out and my heart was beating like crazy. When we reached the school– I felt like I was about to have a panic attack because goodness, there are so much people and I don’t know anyone, at all. But good thing I saw Elline and my other former classmates. Eventually, I felt okay but my heart was still beating fast.

The bell rang. Almost all of the students know where they belong and me and my friends were like “what? What are we supposed to do?” We kept wondering then good thing the faculty showed us where are our rooms. And here’s another part that I got really anxious of– entering the classroom with a whole new faces. That scares me– and scared me earlier. I also didn’t know where to sit and I badly want to sit already because the attention was in us. We ended up in the second row and our classroom has like 4 or 5 rows.

Our homeroom wasn’t bad. In fact, it was really good– and our adviser was really really witty, nice and she always tell us to be positive, because nothing can break the power of positivity. And I loved her perspective. Eventually, she got along with the class and she’s also got my attention too. She was so nice and I’ll try not to be bad in class especially in her class. She reaches out to everyone of us and that’s just so lovely and welcoming of her. About my classmates, well, it’s the first day, we were all shy too but I hope– I really hope that we’ll be close to one another because as some of them said earlier, we are family and we’re not just classmates. That’s just so lovely to hear especially for us, freshies.

We also had our mass earlier. The mass was good and it was really peaceful. The students from my school are really disciplined and I salute them for that. When one of the priests gave his welcome speech, I almost teared up because it was really overwhelming– we felt so welcome and it really felt like our school was our real second home. After the mass, we had our lunch and I could die first before I can reach the counter and order food. The line was so long BUT I WAS HUNGRY I NEED TO BE PATIENT. Hah. I still got to eat and after the lunchbreak, we strolled around the school and good thing we found a peaceful spot, Elline and I managed to sleep and I have to say that nap was so good!!!! We headed back to the room after that and we continued on our homeroom. The last three hours were spent to teach us about the school’s regulations and we also got to know our classmates by that.

I hope I’ll know all of my classmates better. It’s hard to be surrounded with new people but as my adviser said, othing can beat the power of positivity. I know I’m not the only one who’s had their first day of school now, so I want to tell everyone to just be positive and hardworking. Make this school year productive– I know we can do it! 

I don’t really know what to do about the format of the post today. I don’t know if you found it boring but I’ll be continuing with this series so expect more SSHS’s to come!!! But thank you so much for reading until the end! 

Also don’t forget to read Elline‘s experience today since it is a collaboration with her!

Any random thought whilst reading this? 


Blog Update 

Hello everyone!!! I have been inactive for two days already and I’ve just missed all of your posts!! I’ll catch up, promise! 

Anyway, this is just a quick post and I’ll tell everything on what’s gonna happen in my blog because I am starting school tomorrow. Tomorrow!!! Can you believe it? Nah, I don’t! 

Anyway, for my posting schedule: 

  • I’ll try to have a post up every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I swear not posting everyday makes me so sad the saddest part is I can’t interact with you all and I’ll miss your posts! 😦 But if I don’t feel tired at a certain day then I’ll probably post a new one!
  • I have some prepared drafts that’s why I can still post at any day of the week. 

Wait for my upcoming blogging series:

  • I know I’m too busy and all, but I still had the time to think of doing a series. Mwaha! I want the series to be a surprise so I’ll keep it a secret for now. AND I’ll be having three blogging series!!
  • I have some drafts already and I can’t wait to share it!

Plans for this week: 

  • I will have a post coming up tomorrow– in collaboration with Elline and we will talk about our first day of school. (Not a surprise anymore, eh? Aha.) And the series may come up Friday night or Saturday. 

About your posts:

  • I solemnly swear I love reading your blogposts!!! So I’ll try to open WordPress everyday even for just 15-30 minutes. Maybe I could read some of the things I’ve missed that at that short time, eh?

If you are new to this blog: 

  • If you want me to check out and support your blog, please just leave a comment at any of my posts! I will surely check it out and leave some comments! 

Here are my social accounts: 

  • Twitter: @jisimpx (Yups, I changed my username.)
  • Instagram: jirahmerizz
  • Gmail: 

    And that is all!! I will prepare the featured images for my upcoming blogposts so I wouldn’t cram at the end of the week! 

    Anyway thank you so much for reading this. Wish me luck for school tomorrow! ❤


    My Crazy Cats

    I wasn’t really thinking of posting today because I’m somehow not feeling well but I wanted to share this to you.

    This only happened 00:38 earlier. Now it’s 1:20. 

    Okay, I was already sleeping. Thank God there was an improvement tonight about my sleeping time because seriously my body clock is ruined! Like I’d stay up all night and I’d stay asleep for the whole day. That is sooo not nice– I know I’ve made a post about my sleeping schedule before and how ruined it is, I still haven’t made an improvement and here are some reasons I’ve thought of about why I couldn’t sleep: 

    1. I was asleep all day.
    2. My thoughts at night are insane.
    3. I don’t really do much at daytime and it seems like all my energy is waiting to be wasted. (What? Lol.)
    4. It’s still my summer break and I know I’m not the only one suffering.
    5. Maybe I already have a sleeping disorder. No, please God, no. I don’t want that.

    That’s all I can think– and as I’ve said earlier, I was already sleeping but I heard a really repititive noise and it woke me up. I was already asleep for like an hour and 30 minutes but that noise woke me up…

    And guess what? 

    It was my cats. They were in my desk and I placed my charger in my desk. My cat, Weasley, was wiggling his tail on the charger that’s why it was so noisy.

    My good cats, you just ruined my sleep. And here’s to never sleeping again. Hehe, kidding.

    Thanks for reading and little shoutout to Cheila for making my night amazing. I just watched her video and I really really loved it! ❤ 

    PS. My little Weasley is cuddling me right now. Yeah you’ve been a good boy, you gotta pay for ruining my sleep by cuddling me. Hah

    PPS. If you want to see and read about my pets, then click here. I’m planning to do a part two of it when Muning’s kittens grow a little bit more. Muning gave birth to 1 boy and 2 girl cats– the boy is white and the two girls were black with cute spots of white. Any name suggestions you have there? ;))


    Dream Closet Inspiration (Touch of Copper) 

    Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I have made a post like this before and I will put on the link at the end of this post so you guys can see the changes of what I like from then and what I like now.

    It’s not bad to dream having a cute closet, right? It’s not bad to dream having a cute space to do your make-up, to have cool clothing racks and shoe racks. And since it’s your own dream closet, you’re free to choose whatever design you want it to be– it can have a minimalist approach, a pastel color approach, marble designs and anything that you could literally think of. And since I have been loving copper these past few days (thanks to Anni for the copper inspo), I wanted to make a post about my dream closet with its own touches of copper. Get ready, because at the end of this post, you’ll crazily be obsessed with copper, too!

    A copper inspired dressing room is something new and is very pleasing to the eyes. I know you agree with me, who doesn’t love the aesthetic presence of copper or rose gold? The images above pretty much says it all and all credits go to their owners

    Also, take note of the lighting! Do you think the picture owners would be able to take them without good 

    Also, take note of the lighting! Do you think the picture owners would be able to take them without good lighting?

    Copper is so obsessing to look at, don’t you agree with me? And what would be your own dream closet? 

    Link of my previous dream closet post: 

    My Dream Closet