May Overview 2017

Hello everyone and welcome back to another monthly overview in my blog! So May has been a really good month for me– I achieved so many things, either about blog or about my personal life. It’s just absolutely fun and I’ve met new friends.

If you want to see my whole May plans and goals, then please click here.


✖ I have not bought my parents a cake for their anniversary but we still celebrated it on my grandparent’s house. 

✔ I have cleaned my shoes but guess what? I think I have cleaned it in the first week of May and now, it’s gotten filthier than ever! 

✖ Read 5 books. I only read 3. I don’t know, I’m losing the motivation to finish a book and seriously, it feels like I was so busy this month.

✖ Prepare my stuff for my new school. Na-uh. I don’t have any stuff with me yet regarding school materials and such. I still don’t know when are we gonna go school shopping.

✖ Improve my sleeping schedule. To be honest, it’s gotten worse. 


✔ Reach 500 followers at the end of the month. I absolutely did this one! And I think my current follower tally is 562. Like what?! Thank you guys, thank you! Anyway, you can read my 500 followers Q and A post here.

✔ Beat my April stats. I absolutely did this one, hey! Last April I had a total of 1898 hits and it increased a lot this May! 

✔ Connect. This is one of the achievements I’m most proud of. It feels so great to be connected to everyone and by this, I met new friends and a family.

✖ Blog in everyday of May. Oops I didn’t get to finish this one. I missed 2 days because of the camp but it’s nothing to worry about so my total blogpost for this month is 29. 

Other achievements:

I have reached 10,000 hits!!!! Hey!!! Thank you so much!

And another thing is that I got nominated for 15 awards and tags but so far I have only posted 7 awards/tags. I promise to catch up with the awards soon! 

May has been a really good month– and let’s make June productive and better than May. Good luck with your journey this June, everyone!

What are some of your achievements this month? Have you posted a wrap-up or an overview already? Let me know so I can check it! ❤