Life Update: School’s Out!

Hello everyone! May I just say, I have really missed writing on this blog- aka my little corner in the online world! I have really missed it and of course, I have also missed reading your blogposts because I have surely missed a lot! Anyway, I’m back to my life update post because this is the kind of post that I do every time I’ve been away or if I have achieved something in life. Haha! My last life update was when I got a laptop and you can just click this to view it. Hehe shameless plug. Anyway enough with the looong introduction, let’s go on with the post instead!


This is what I feel right now. Free. I am done with school, guys! I am so done with this academic year and I am never coming back!!! But before anything else I would like to share everything since the beginning of March or should I say the 5th of March because if I didn’t do this chronologically, then I’d probably rant endlessly and pointlessly on how tough the school year was. So let’s start.

March 05, 2018 was the first Monday of March. And it was the hottest week ever in our school year. Not literally hottest, but every schoolwork has a deadline on that week specifically on Friday, March 9th. Imma start off with our Practical Research (PR) subject. It’s the toughest subject that I have encountered so far aside from the Maths that I encounter every school year. PR was so hard, honestly it is! We were tasked to do a qualitative research and our chosen topics was about the experiences of psychometricians. Believe me guys, we started having that PR at the beginning of 2nd semester which was on August or September I can’t really remember but yeah. Our first topic was about psychiatrists but unfortunately, no psychiatrists were available or willing to let us conduct a personal interview with them. So let’s say October was the start of PR, and we just did the papers on the last week- on the deadline week!! We basically wasted 5 months of waiting for emails or feedback about the psychiatrists. I have had a lot of emotional breakdowns because I can’t find time anymore. Trust me, guys, I had a whole week straight that I got to sleep every 4 am and wake up at 5:30. How insane was that?!

But good thing, God is so good that he gave us our participants on the deadline week as well. We need 6 to 10 participants, and God kindly gave us 6. Sadly, we didn’t get to interview our participants personally but we’re still overwhelmed to have passed the papers on time and finish it on time.

Another subject I want to share on about was Statistics and Probability. We have the best teacher in this subject but the topics are just so hard and our teacher told us that we will report the remaining topics in the book. And we were like “wooooah?” Honestly, it was really hard to understand every lesson but good thing we managed to survive it. And I feel like that I have studied so hard in this subject because when our finals came, I found the exam easy.

Oop, another one about PR (we have two PRs one in English and one in Filipino but two different groups) that I want to rant on about is my groupmates. Some of them help in doing the papers but some of them are just living the time of their lives like there’s no deadline in passing. I was SO much frustrated and when the papers were finished, I had to pay 488 for the printing and for the ring bind. And the worst thing was, I received a lot of rants from them asking why they had to pay like 37 pesos. DUDE I WAS THE ONE THAT ADJUSTED. I deserve to rant. I wanted to shout at them all and be angry at them but good thing, they paid (HEHE).

Anyway, I might have a lot of breakdowns, of conflicts with my groupmates and teachers but one thing is for sure. I am so glad this school year is over.

One of my classmates had congratulated me for surviving the school year and I was so happy when she told me that. I was like damn girl, I did it. And it boosted my self esteem and happiness as well because I have been feeling so drained for the school year.


And now it’s my summer vacation- I have 3 months of break before I go to the 12th grade (which I’m not thinking about yet) so I’m gonna go and have lots of fun!!! I already have plans for this summer and I’m going to share with you my plans for this blog as well- maybe tomorrow!

Thank you so much for reading my rants. I hope it’s not pointless haha. Anyway really, thank you so much! And congratulations to everything that you have been achieving in life yourself. Continue to strive!

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“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or morning or crying or pain, for the old order of things have passed away.” – Revelation 21:4

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How I Overcame My Anxiety

Last May of 2017, I made a post about Mental Health Awareness Month and reading it now, I’ve had a lot of reflections. But I do have to say that I’m very proud of my progress and now, I want to share it with you guys.


Remember my first day in senior high school? I remember being so anxious about the people, my new classmates and teachers whom I will meet later on. I remember being so anxious just walking by a group of people who doesn’t even care about me. I remember being so depressed that I wanted to go back to my old school because I miss the people in there- I miss my comfort zone. And now, I am happy that I have decided to take over my anxiety and look what had happened, I have finally overcame my anxiety.

I have never been diagnosed by a professional- I badly wanted to at some point but I can’t say it to my parents. I was so lost at that time, wondering what had happened to myself and I had a lot of breakdowns. Being in my current school, I have met a lot of people who are happy to meet new acquaintances. I have also encountered some myself and little did I know, I was slowly being comfortable being with new people and not letting my anxiety eat me. And so I strived to become better. My mindset was, “I took the track Humanities and Social Sciences, I will definitely meet a lot of new people.” and it was really effective for me. My track was about humanities wherein I could be a lawyer, philosopher, police officer, sociologist and I could even be a psychologist or psychiatrist one day- which means I will have to deal with a lot of people. And anxiety would not help.


I could not exactly remember what are all the things I did to overcome anxiety, but I will give out some tips that I hope will be useful to you and everyone else!

1. Seek out professionals.

As I have said, I was never diagnosed by a professional but this would be my number one advice to everyone who experiences anxiety and panic attacks. You can always find someone to talk to but talking to professionals would be a big help for overcoming anxiety. They know what to do and say, therefore you’ll be in a good condition.

My friends in BetterHelp would be a great help. You can check their site out because it is a platform for online counselling and they work with a lot of psychologists and psychiatrists who are 24/7 available for the counselling.

2. Practice good breathing.

There are applications for good breathing or you can just download a GIF where you can practice your breathing. Good breathing is also essential to overcome anxiety because when you breathe freely and deeply, your mind works properly in a more better way.


You can even sync your breathing with this.

3. Journal

Journalling is another way to express yourself freely and it works a lot! And it’s not that journaling only express your feelings, it can also help you to get creative in your tough times! I also love journaling because you can write anything and everything in your own journal! And years after, you can read it and smile because you’re proud of what you’ve become.


4. Take a little step everyday.

You can change how your mind thinks everyday. Slowly, it will make progress. I am sure of that because I have experienced it myself. Just take it slow and sure, and one day you’ll see how far you’ve gone already and you will be proud.

Anxiety is a horrible thing but one thing is for sure, one can get through it!

I hope you guys liked this post and I’m going to see you again in my next one. Bye!

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” – Philippians 4:6

JM’s Youth Journals

So for today’s post, I’ll just be going to announce something that I’ve been working on and deciding on for the past few days.

I made this site days ago, and now I’m finally sharing this to you…

Please do welcome…

my youth journals

JM’s Youth Journals!!

I hope you guys would check my new blog out, and for the first post, please do click here.

“Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” – Romans 12:21

Tips To Survive The Remaining Months In School

I don’t know in your country, but in the Philippines, there’s less than two months left and we’re all goin’ to have our summer vacation! I honestly can’t wait because you know, I’m so tired of school and I honestly have no motivation to continue the remaining days. I’ve thought of reasons why to stay striving and why to stay active during the last months and here it is!!

Think about your future and your parents.

Your parents work hard for your everyday allowance for school, at least give it back by doing well and participating in activities. I also do believe in the saying that grades don’t define you and your future, but you still need to learn. All universities and colleges have entrance exams and just think about it– to stay motivated.


You’ll have new classmates soon enough- enjoy the remaining days with the present ones!

This is also what I keep in mind. Our school shuffles the students every school year, which means I’ll have new classmates next school year. Presently, I honestly have the best classmates and they’ve thought me a lot about life. They make me realise things without them knowing it and I’m gladly and honestly thankful that I’ve met them. They made my first year in senior high memorable and I want to stay with them for a little longer. Because you know, new classmates means you will have to adjust for new people again.pexels-photo-710743.jpeg

You still have to prove something.

Always stay motivated! You will do well. Even if you don’t get enough sleep and you feel so tired, keep in mind that you still have to prove something! You still will inspire other people so get up and work! You’ll do well and fine!pexels-photo-597657.jpeg

I hope you guys liked this post though I feel like I didn’t really give any tips. Haha. Comment below what keeps you motivated for school!

“Comfort your hearts, and stablish you in every good word and work.” – 2 Thessalonians 2:17

After Party Series: Elated Books

Hello everyone!

Today I am very excited to feature another blogger that has been really close to me ever since I stumbled upon her blog! More details as we continue on this post but for now, let us welcome, El from Elated Books!


Elated Books – “Be Happy About Books”

Introduction about Elated Books:

Elated Books is a book blog, obviously. It is also about El’s life and the other things that she wants to talk about. Everyone should honestly visit her blog because El’s personality is really bright that I can see it in her posts. Her posts will also make you happy! For more information, see her about post!


elated 3Here, they share their first ever post which is really interesting to read!

Bye Cos

elated 4

In this post, Cos says good-bye. I haven’t mentioned it but Cos is El’s best friend and she is also the owner of Elated Books but sadly, Cos said good bye! 😦 Read it for more info!

1 Year Friendship Anniversary

This is certainly one of my favourite post of them ever! Here they exchange cards and gifts for their one year anniversary of friendship! It’s really a cute post to read and honestly these girls have an amazing friendship!

To El,

I am honestly so glad that I have met you in this community. Your posts never fail to make me smile and please stay awesome! You’re a puffball of sunshine that needs to be known here. 🙂

To Cos,

I don’t really know if you’ll get to read this but I hope you’re doing well and happy right now! 🙂 I really miss your awesome posts with El! Hope you make a blog soon! 😀

God bless the both of you!

Do you know Elated Books? What do you love most about their blog?

5 Tips To Increase Your Blog Posts Views

Not ready to learn about SEO yet and wonder how can you have many blog post views? Then this post is for you! I will give 5 tips that I do to increase my views and of course, I’ve also done some researching on how others increase their views.

When you write something that is really good, I’m pretty sure you want to expect views from your readers because you’ve put effort into it. So now, let’s get started with the post!

5 Tips To Increase Your Blog Posts’ Views

1. Write frequently and regularly.

I honestly did not have a blogging schedule before. It seems like schedule doesn’t really work for me so I update whenever when I have time and whenever I feel like it. Believe me, not having a schedule has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage would be: you don’t have time and you’re not free, therefore you can’t make a post for a week, and sometimes it gets to two weeks and worse, months. During March, April and May last year (which were my summer vacation times), I was able to post everyday– and I’ve noticed that my views were really increasing and I was even able to have a lot of subscribers back then. I was really happy with the outcome but then my summer was over and I was back to school. I didn’t know how to manage my blog and I was really disappointed with the views that I’m getting- so I started to work out a schedule and update regularly. (I failed, though. Haha but now I’m working out my schedule.)

Tip if you want to have a schedule: Choose a day that you think you’re really free and a day where you can write. If you can’t post everyday, then two to three posts a week would be fine. Lastly, if you have spare time and it’s not your blogging day yet, make it as a draft and just post it on your designated day. This works fine for me. (I’m actually making this post on a Tuesday. *winks*)

2. Promote to your social media accounts.

This really works! If you’re okay that your real life friends would read your blog, then connect your blog to Facebook and you’ll earn views from them. But if you’re anonymous or slightly anonymous, then you can use Twitter to promote your post. There are also accounts on Twitter which retweets bloggers’ posts if they get tagged. I tried tagging them once and my views increased, even just slightly. There’s nothing wrong with promoting your blogposts on your social media accounts, just be sure to not spam someone especially big bloggers’ tweets because that’s not promoting anymore. There are also follower train/chain tweets which will get you more followers.

3.  Create a good header then upload to Pinterest.

There are millions and millions who use Pinterest everyday, and most of my blogging friends also say that they also earn views from Pinterest- a platform that has a never ending chain of ideas. So here’s the thing: create a really good photo that will attract Pinterest users and add it on a board in your account- once get noticed and if you have really gotten their attention, they are most likely to visit your blog and read the whole post. I have tried this before when I was still using my phone to blog and I found it really hard to edit so I think I’ve only uploaded once or twice in Pinterest. Swear, this works. 🙂 Just create a good photo!

4. Comment on other blogger’s posts and try blog hopping!

I’m not saying that you should comment for the sake of getting views only- but you should also comment because you want to support your co-blogger. But honestly, I really gained followers and views (of course) by blog hopping and by visiting A LOT of blogs! Once you visit a blog and you left a comment, they are most likely to visit your blog as well. And hey, you earned a view by that! I really recommend that you blog hop- it works so much! And I just wanted to share that also during my summer days, I kept on blog hopping and I think I earn a hundred of followers in just a number of days- like 5 to 7 to 13 days- and it was honestly a great achievement!

5. Look at comments section!

It’s your time to share how you gain views! Leave an advice below on how you get more traffic- I’m sure your comment will help me and everyone else who reads this post!

And this is it for today’s post! See you on Saturday! (Woop I feel like a pro because of my blogging schedule haha.) Also I really hope that this post has helped you in some ways- we all want to have viewers soo, I really hope this helps!!

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“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” – Philippians 4:6