The Importance of Self-Love

Hello everyone! I have been waiting so long to finally write about self-love and now, there's no turning back. This post is quite personal and there's no way I am bragging in any forms or any means plus, the ways how I cope with lack of self-love may or may not be applicable to others. …

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1500 Followers Q and A!

My weekend was spent so well with my family, so I'm sorry I didn't get to post last Saturday! We got school off today because there will be a super typhoon coming in out country. First of all, Thank you so much for 1500 followers! This is so unreal, to think that I have been …

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My Preferred College Course & Profession (Psychiatrist?!)| SSHS

I am back with the SSHS (Surviving Senior High School) series and today, I am very much excited to share what course will I be taking up in college. I actually have three top choices about my course (but I will only explain one)--- it was actually hard minimizing my "want" courses because there are …

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