Yu-ai Cookies From Zambales

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to share this post to you because I was very much inlove with the cookies we’ve eaten yesterday!

My brother’s girlfriend went to Zambales and gave us cookies when she got home. This is so far the most yummy cookies I’ve tasted! Well atleast, for me!

Anyway Zambales is a province here in Philippines which has a lot of tourist attractions and beaches!! 😉

So going on with the cookies…

So all in all it has 18 cookies. The packaging is really cute and I can recycle the box. Haha. Anyway the cookiw has a chocolate filling inside. It’s not too sweet, it’s just the right taste.

I’m definitely inlove! Haha and I recommend buying these cookies if you’re going to Zambales!

And that’s it. Hope you guys liked this post! And see you on the next one. Bye! ❤


National Bento Day

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! It’s been a long time since I last posted in the food category and I’m so glad to represent you today’s post!

So my friends from Platejoy told me about National Bento Day and how to celebrate it. It’s basically having a meal plan with Platejoy and I think those who are having a healthy living lifestyle will enjoy these! 

Okay first of all, happy National Bento Day!!! 

Here are the meals that you can eat to celebrate International Bento Day. Everything looks so yummy aand healthy, right? 

Here’s the fact about today’s celebration:

  • May 18 is National Bento Day, when we celebrate 4 ingredient meals that actually make healthy eating manageable. Healthy eating too expensive? There’s only 4 ingredients. Too busy to make a breakfast? 4 ingredients, baby. Eating on the go? Throw those 4 ingredients in a bag (or in a bento box, if you’re getting into the spirit of Bento Day) and you’re ready to roll. Make every meal of the day a bento, with inspirations from Platejoy.

    So what do you you say friends? How about a bento for a meal? Always make inspirations with Platejoy! Let me know your insights in the comments below and tell me which do you think is the meal you’ll like the most. 

    5 Healthy Foods 

    Hello!! This will be the last post for this week. X Next post will go up on Friday or on Saturday. 

    Today, I’ll be sharing the 5 healthy foods I eat. I have researched about these foods and they are really healthy. Anyways, always remember that health is wealth. So take good care of your health! 

    1. Lemons


    Oh, how I love lemons! I really love it and the scent of it is really good. Sometimes, I end up sniffing lemons and not eating them. I also like lemon juices. It’s really good.

    2. Broccoli


    I hate green leafy vegetables, really. I don’t like broccoli either but I’m forced to eat it. I just think about my health, I don’t care about how it tastes, I just continue on eating it. Haha, I want to stay healthy so yeah.

    3. Avocados


    I like the taste of avocado, but sometimes I hate it. Baha it just comes up. Avocado is used for the Mexican food, Guacamole. Anyway, I think avocados are good for the skin. I don’t really know haha I’m lazy to have a research.

    4. Salmon


    I love fishes! I think this is what we call tuyo in Tagalog. But my favorite fish is tilapia. I don’t know what’s the English word of tilapia but it’s delicious and tasty! (Oh, it depends on how you cook it.)

    5. Dark Chocolates


    My favourite of all! Yes, I saw dark chocolates on the top 10 healthiest foods in our planet (it’s on the top 3) and it helps on heart conditions. Others doesn’t want the taste of dark chocolates but I badly want it. I’m craving right now. 😦

    So there! I hope you enjoyed this post. This is my first post under the food category. Hope you enjoyed it! Pictures aren’t mine. Credits to the owner.

    Question: What are your favourite healthy foods? Please rank from 1-(it’s up to you. You’re not limited.) 

    Also, we’re having a tour this coming Sunday. Any tips or advice on what to bring, what to do, etc..? Another adventure with Banzon! I’m touring again with them. 😉 Expect a blog post about this! Hee-hee

    ‘Til next post,