What I Got For Christmas 2017

Hello everyone! So a year ago, I also made a post like this and you can read it here. I’ve got a few things this Christmas and I’m absolutely thankful for everything, however, I received a lot of cash and I’m so so thankful for it haha because I need to save up money.

There’s no way I’m bragging by the things I’ve got. These were all given to me by my parents and friends. 🙂

Let’s start!

To start off, I’ve got these stuff from different shops. These were all bought by my mum. You guys probably remember the shirt because I’ve worn it last Christmas Eve and I’ve made an outfit post which you can check out here. The pink superman hoodie is really comfortable and I’m loving it so much!! Shirt: Penshoppe Hoodie: Penshoppe Jeans: Wrangler

Another favourite!!! I got this sweatshirt from my classmate on our Christmas party. It was so cold by then that when I received this, I was literally jumping and wore it immediately. This is such a goood comfy sweatshirt! Plus I really love the statement, “make it happen.”

This is another pretty one that I got from my mum. My mum bought this at the mall and I wore it on Christmas Eve. I basically had two outfits on Christmas Eve haha. This is our family’s picture on the 24th after mass:

Mum got it from Hug. 🙂

These are the last piece of clothes that I got. The black one is a ¾ sleeve blouse and the red one is basically a dress but if I were to wear it, it will be super short, I don’t know what would I do with it because it looks like a hoodie dress. Haha. Black ¾ sleeve blouse: Wrangler Red hoodie dress: Gucci

The last things that I got are these footwear! You guys can remember from my Christmas Wishlist that I really want a pair of Adidas black shoes, and here it is! 🙂 I also got a gray and black flipflop from Havaianas. 🙂

And these are all the things I got! How about you? What did you get for Christmas? Please do leave a link down below if you’ve made a post about this already! I’d love to read it! God bless you always! 🙂


Dream Closet Inspiration (Touch of Copper) 

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I have made a post like this before and I will put on the link at the end of this post so you guys can see the changes of what I like from then and what I like now.

It’s not bad to dream having a cute closet, right? It’s not bad to dream having a cute space to do your make-up, to have cool clothing racks and shoe racks. And since it’s your own dream closet, you’re free to choose whatever design you want it to be– it can have a minimalist approach, a pastel color approach, marble designs and anything that you could literally think of. And since I have been loving copper these past few days (thanks to Anni for the copper inspo), I wanted to make a post about my dream closet with its own touches of copper. Get ready, because at the end of this post, you’ll crazily be obsessed with copper, too!

A copper inspired dressing room is something new and is very pleasing to the eyes. I know you agree with me, who doesn’t love the aesthetic presence of copper or rose gold? The images above pretty much says it all and all credits go to their owners

Also, take note of the lighting! Do you think the picture owners would be able to take them without good 

Also, take note of the lighting! Do you think the picture owners would be able to take them without good lighting?

Copper is so obsessing to look at, don’t you agree with me? And what would be your own dream closet? 

Link of my previous dream closet post: 

My Dream Closet

Yesterday’s Outfit – May 18th 2017

Okay am I really doing this post? Ahah lol I’m too nervous but I’m actually revealing myself right now. If you’ve been following me on Instagram then you know how I look because I posted a picture of myself there but it will be the first time I’ll reveal myself in this blog!! 

No words. Just continue scrolling. This was my outfit yesterday– it was sooo comfy and it’s a go-to outfit.

The shorts is too cute, right? I paired it with my orange top and my Keds. It’s pretty simple but I really love it.

Thank you so much for reading! I still don’t know how to make a proper outfit post as I’m starting with it. I hope it gets better as time goes by. 

PS. I had to be strong to post this. Ahah. 

Mother’s Day Gift Guide (Philippines) 

Hello everyone!!! Mother’s day is fast approaching and I thought to make a gift guide for every loving child out there. Some of the items here are exclusive in the Philippines only but some are also available internationally! 

Let’s start! 

  • Sephora Limited Edition Mother’s Day Set

I personally love this one from Sephora but it’s exclusively for beauty pass members only. But of course, here’s an alternative! 


My mum is personally inlove with Maybelline and their lippies! I added this to my gift guide because mum doesn’t really want matte lipsticks. She only has a few. 

But of course, it’s a guide so if your mum loves matte ones, here’s another set from Maybelline too! 

And enough for the fab ones!! You can also give:

  • Red Ribbon Cake 

  • Letter

I wouldn’t get too long in this gift guide. I’ve added the things that I wanted to give mum that can also guide you as well. But if you’re in a budget like me, you can just buy a cake and give a letter to your mom! As for me, this is what I’m doing for the Mother’s day! 

Remember, a heartwarming letter is more heartfelt than any of those material things! Give your mum something this Mother’s day. Let’s spread love and honour every Mom in the world because they’re certainly the best! 

Thank you so so much for reading and I hope this little gift guide will come in handy to you. I know it’s not a lot but I think mums appreciate everything you give to them soo…❤ 

Let me know what you think! What else can you add in this guide? 

My Dream Closet

I’m a teenage girl who has so many dreams in the world… and one of my dreams is to have a big house for my mum and dad and brothers. But other than that, I’ve also dreamed about having a good walk-in closet! I really like clothes but sad to say, I have only one cabinet for my clothes and to put it simply, it’s freaking not organised! 
I don’t know, I hate my cabinet. Everytime I arrange it, the other day it’s unorganised again. I really want a new one, though.

So today I’d like to share my dream closet with you. *winks*
When I was younger and when Hannah Montana was still alive, I absolutely want a closet like hers! 

I mean.. I still dream of it. I think if I’d get that closet, I would just change the painting to white. 

But other than that…

I absolutely want my closet to be organised, like the one above. But aside from that, I want my clothes to be arranged in its colour. Like white to white, black to black and so on. I think it would be a lot easier if I’m running out of time and I still need to think for matching colours. 

Another one that I’d like is a shoe rack. Because shoes needs to be organised as well! I would also like a mirror with a table like the one in the picture (left). I could put scented candles and whatever makes me happy in that part.

One more thing that I would like is a chandelier. It would be really awesome! Honestly, I could live with this. Also, the bags needs organising so I think I would need like the one in the upper right. 

Lastly, I want my closet to have a full length mirror. I mean, mirrors have got to be in a closet, right? 

Recently, I’ve been emailing with MakeSpace. They offer great storage solutions, really great storage solutions! The best thing is, they are the ones who would pick up your things, store them in there and get it back whenever you want it! Such a sad thing that it’s only available in the US. And hey, if you’re from the US, check out their self-storage locations.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me about your own dream closet! Put a link down below or just simply comment something about it. 😉