Live Pure Conference 2017

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post. Last Sunday, 10th of September, I attended a really good conference which is the Live Pure Conference 2017. I was also present in last year’s conference– both of them were fun but I really enjoyed this year’s conference SO MUCH.

This year’s conference HAS a lot of booths and challenges! Aaaand a lot of artists were present and performed for the said conference.

The conference took place at Globe Circuit Event Grounds, Circuit Makati. So we’re about three hours away from the venue but it was all worth it!! Photo not mine.

Aside from worshipping, I was also happy to meet my best friend– Rhaine, again. Well if you still don’t know, she studies in Manila and I’m still in the province.

This was my outfit. All black. I don’t really want to make my top color black because it doesn’t suit the squarepants– but we’re required to wear black shirt so I just did. Haha.

We had a really good time exploring the booths. And we saw this Rogate booth which means a lot to us. Rogate means pray or pray for vocations.

Next, my favourite part of the day! We had a lot of sweat since it’s an open ground and we were like under the sun for more than 3 hours. Finally, our chapter leader gave us our shirts and it felt so refreshing to wear it!!

Well who wouldn’t like this shirt? It states You Matter. Mahalaga Ka in Filipino which is the main theme of the conference.

We also had a little photoshoot wearing the shirt but before that, we ate Sisig. Our favourite food!

And then night came, we weren’t feeling tired and this was when the worship took place. I was crying the whole time because these past few months, especially the days after the exams, I felt lost. I felt worthless. So it was really God’s plan to make me attend the conference.

Here’s what the crowd looks like at night. Photo not mine. Credits to the rightful owners!

The rest of the night was amazing though I cannot erase the fact that my stomach was already hurting that time. We went home safely, and it was a really great experience!

I have video clips but it doesn’t play if I’m not using my iPad. So, maybe next time!

When was the last time you attended an event and really enjoyed it?


Trip to Manuel Uy Beach Calatagan (Philippines)

Hello everyone!!! Ahh I wasn’t able to interact with you yesterday because…. we went to a beach!!! The experience was honestly amazing and I can’t wait to share it to you all! 

You can skip my pretty long story if you only want to view the pictures! 

So here it is.. This trip was honestly unexpected! Earlier in the afternoon, my cousins told me that we should go swimming because it’s just so hot in here. I agreed, of course– it’s another adventure so who I am to say no? Haha! So when night came and we’re all prepared already, my cousin fetch me and we hit the road.

And I mean my cousins are really prepared. They bought sausages and porks that we can grill later on when we reach our destination. They also brought rice and drinks and only this portion of the trip was prepared. We have so much food but the question is, where are we really going to?

I don’t have an extra money in my pocket. I really don’t. My mum only gave me 200 pesos and I also have 200 pesos and that was my savings!! (Sad, I know.) So in total, my money was only 400 pesos and that would certainly not take me to a beach! Going on a beach or a resort here requires a lot of money.. and I don’t have that. My cousins started to budget the money and to pay for all the expenses. I started to get nervous because I know my money won’t fit in, but I’m extremely feeling so happy that night… And lucky I am that my money fit. (Goodness!)

We spent hours and hours of driving. We asked a lot of beach resorts so that our money could fit in but we failed several times. We reached Nasugbu, Batangas and we asked for more beach resorts. But our money couldn’t just fit. My other cousins got in a bad mood already because we badly want to swim already but we haven’t found a resort yet.  The night was getting darker and it’s getting so late that I even slept in the car. We were so close to giving up and we’re almost going home when one of my cousins pushed the decision and said, “Just go to Calatagan. There are many afforadable beach resorts there.” And so my cousin who’s driving pushed it and went to Calatagan. 

We found one resort and I feel like that place was meant for us– that’s why we didn’t get to find a resort earlier at Nasugbu. It’s the Manuel Uy Beach Calatagan. We paid 20 pesos for the ecological fee, 50 pesos for the entrance (this was honestly the most cheap entrance fee that we’ve seen all night) and 500 for the tent– since it’s also a camping site (!!). I didn’t pay for the tent since I have no money left so my cousins paid for it. And we finally reached our destination!!!

I don’t have pictures in the nighttime since there are only few lights there but here are the day pictures: 


  • It’s so affordable!! Perfect for a potato like me who has no money savings at all!
  • It has a huge camping site and the tent that we rent on was good. The lady who set it up was also nice so thanks to her I managed to have a 2 hour sleep!
  • It has for rent stuff and a store inside!
  • Aside from the sea, there are also other lakes inside in which I really like!
  • The water is definitely crystal clear!!!
  • It’s perfect for family trips!


  • We need to pay 20 pesos to shower. And I dislike it because the shower area is not that really good.
  • Walking on the beach hurts in the feet because the sand are naturally not so fine and thin. It honestly hurts! I can’t walk barefoot.

And that is all! Since it’s located in a province, I can’t really complain on how things work because I loved it, too! And this was the first time that I’ve experienced camping!!! This is sooo unforgettable!

Thank you for reading ’til the end. This post was a bit messy but that’s okay haha. Let’s chat in the comments! Have you experienced camping? What are your likes and dislikes in a beach? 

Star City Adventure!

Hello everyone! It’s been a long and tiring and fun day for me. I hope it’s all good to you too! I’m home and I wanted to share today’s adventure through the few pictures that I took. I’m not good at taking pictures and I only use my smartphone so some are low quality but I still hope you’ll like it.

We went to Star City and it is one of the most enjoyed theme parks in the Philippines. It has extreme rides and kiddie rides, which is perfect for family! I managed to ride all the extreme rides, but I did not try Star Flyer and Star Frisbee. I tried Star Flyer before, but no one would join me today so I didn’t. I have never tried Star Frisbee before and I was about to try it earlier, but when I was on the line watching the ride, I couldn’t. I felt my knees wobbling so I did not do it. There’s always next time, though! And I swear I would ride in those two!

Here are the pictures:

Of course we had to ride a ferris wheel! And here are some of my pictures whilst on top:

And that ends today’s post! I hope you all enjoyed these little captures of mine. I am so tired and gotta rest, so I’ll catch up with everyone tomorrow! 

Thank you for reading. And let’s chat in the comments! Do you like being up in the air and do you enjoy extreme rides or are you afraid of heights? I’d like to know! 

Holy Saturday

Hello everyone! If you’re not aware, I’m a Catholic living in the Philippines– it is the Lenten Season and today is Holy Saturday!

I am with all of my relatives these past few days since it’s the holy week. We went to Bulacan last Sunday to have our Visita Iglesia. We always do Visita Iglesia in the Holy Week but we didn’t for the last two years. So I’m glad we managed to do it again. We visited 7 churches in Bulacan and all of them were amazing! We were supposed to visit 14 churches for the 14 stations but we decided to make it 7 instead. Two stations in one church and the day went well exploring Bulacan and the churches. I didn’t manage to take a picture of all the churches that we visited, but here are some of it:

The Lenten Season is to remember Christ’s sacrifices for us– to save all of us. And I think it’s amazing that we do things like Visita Iglesia, fasting and other penetrations. Some Catholics even nail themself on the cross, just like what Christ did for us and it’s their way of asking forgiveness and expressing their faith. I, myself, honestly can’t bare to look at the people who nails themselves on the cross, I think it’s just too hurtful and they don’t need to do that. But as time goes by, I learned that it’s their way of expressing their faith and just like opinions, we have our own ways to share or express it.

The Holy Week is a special week for all Filipinos, Catholics or non. There are Holy Week Specials that is aired on TV and every episode has its own lessons and teachings, and I think it’s amazing. 

And just this time, as I’ve said earlier, I just learned that everyone has their own unique way of expressing their faith. So we must learn to respect it and not argue with it. 

I’m quite late as I upload this since it’s 1:53 in the Philippines already, but we just got home so it means it’s already Easter Sunday here! But anyways, it’s still Saturday in some countries so I decided to post this still. Have a happy life, everyone! ❤

Trip to Pampanga and Subic

Hello everyone! We had this trip last February, it’s too memorable for me so I decided to make a blog post about it. I know it’s so late but the feelings that I have in that place are still here in my heart and I just really wanted to share this to all of you.

We prepared our trip at the 11th of February and we also started to hit the road that day as well. This trip was so unexpected, it just really happened so suddenly. So yeah, we hit the road at midnight, I couldn’t really sleep that time that’s why I stayed awake for like 12-5 am. I slept but it’s just only a few minutes or so. 

Here it is. We arrived in Clark, Pampanga at 4 am because the details in the photos say so. Haha! And here are the pictures: 

I fell inlove with Clark’s city lights and the quiet street! It’s still 4am that time that’s why it’s peaceful even there are already few cars coming back and forth!

I also took pictures where the sun is rising and I absolutely loved the sight! We still waited in the van for a couple of minutes before we started to walk to buy tickets for the festival. 

And yes, it’s a festival. Hot air balloon festival to be exact! This is my first time to see hot air balloons personally and I’m so happy! 

Here’s the picture of the hot air balloons firing up! I didn’t get to take a picture of the balloon being in the air but it’s honestly such an amazing sight! 

Ooops and yes! I managed to take a picture of the crowd and hey, I’m sorry for sneaking up! Lol! But there were so maaany people back then! 

After a couple of hours being in the festival, we got bored of watching the balloons so we decided to go home- but not home home. We decided to hit the road again and we went to Sandbox, Porac Pampanga which is a playground for adults. 

There are a couple of rides in Sandbox that are really for adults! It’s like a theme park but I think it’s really for adventurous people and the ones who like amazing challenges. 

Here’s another picture and I’m sorry I didn’t get to take a picture of the whole playground. You can just search it up here if you’re interested! 

And after going to Sandbox, we hit the road again and we decided to go to Subic.

We weren’t really sure on what to do in Subic since it’s pretty unexpected. But we still did it, though. And I’m glad that the elder ones who were with us joined us in this trip. Since it’s my second time going in Subic, I told them to just go in Ocean Adventure and look for monkeys who are scattered in Subic’s Forest Reserve. And we did saw some monkeys whilst on the way! Some of them are asking for food, I don’t know if we’re allowed to give them but I think we gave them a banana. They’re just so cute and too bad I didn’t caught a picture!

We went straight to Ocean Adventure thinking if we would pay for the entrance fee but we decided to think about it first and have some lunch. So we roamed the place and lucky us, we found a place to see the beauty of Subic’s Bay. 

Seeing this picture wants me to dive right in the ocean but the nice guy we met along the way told us that it’s a hundred feet deep. We did our best to be careful. There are also fishes and it’s really a nice view! 

And right after then we finally decided to pay the entrance fee and explore Ocean Adventure! 

And here are the some of the pictures in Ocean Adventure: 

I absolutely loved the dolphins and the sea lions! They’re soooo cute and they’re intelligent! They are also so well trained as well and I don’t know, they’re just really fun to watch. Since I came here when I was still a kid for a field trip, it made me so happy that Simba (one of the sea lions) was still alive. It honestly made me so happy and then later on I felt old. Simba looked so old back then but she’s still in good care and still intelligent as ever!

Of all the shows in Ocean Adventure, the dolphin and the sea lion show are the ones that I enjoyed the most. 

We spent a couple of hours in Ocean Adventure and that was the last park that we went to. We hit the road again to go home. This time, home home. 

And there are still monkeys while on the way! They’re so cute, honestly! 

View from the window. I actually claimed the seat that’s beside the window even before we started the trip since I really like taking pictures on what I see outside the window. I loved this view so much and I’m still wondering what mountain is it since I didn’t search for it, lol. 

And another thing that I also liked in the trip is the road. The road is so neat and uhm idk, I fell inlove with it. It’s beautiful! 

And that’s the last picture! To let you know, I live in South Luzon and Pampanga and Subic are located in the North. I love the North. But honestly it’s like 8 hours away but since we know shortcuts and we did our best to avoid traffic in Manila, I think we only spent 5-6 hours in the road. 

I love Subic and Pampanga! For reals! Another reason that I pushed this post is because we’re going back to the North this 8th and I’m expecting for another adventure!! 

Hope you liked this post since I really loved doing this one. Thanks for reading and see you again in my next post. Bye! 

Note: These are all my pictures and just tell me if you’re going to use any of them. x

A Trip To Manila

Hello everyone! Before the year ends, I want to make a blog post about me and my best friends’ (Rain and Andreana) adventure in Manila! So Manila is the capital of the Philippines and we rarely go there. Since I live in a province, it’s kinda new to roam around a city. So we’ll share our adventure with you! These will be detailed so I’m thanking you in advance if you reached the end. 

DAY 1. Saturday, 3rd of December, 2016.

My mom was hesitant to let me go. She knew I wasn’t familiar in that place yet and I’m not really good with people. But I managed to get her approval when I told her I’m gonna visit schools because I’m entering my senior high school next school year which is probably June 2017.

We rode a bus. It was a four-hour ride but it would only take one to two hours if there’s no traffic. My heart was filled with excitement. It’s the very first time I’m wandering around Manila without my parents. It was only me and my best friend, Rain. After that four-hour ride, we rode a jeepney going through the MRT/LRT which are the train stations.

We ought to go at the MRT since we’re going in the Northen part of Manila. There were too many people in the MRT station and I was feeling anxious and panicky. I remember my heart beating so fast because I don’t really know what to do. But Rain was quite familiar to it since she and her mom often goes in Manila. So I just followed her. She bought two tickets to Quezon City.

It was quite a long ride and there were too many people. But I managed to get it. It was refreshing when we finally stopped to Quezon Avenue and that’s where we started adventuring. We looked for the school that my mom wants me to visit, but the guard told us that school offices are closed since it’s Saturday. And I hated it. We came all the way through there and that was a good welcome. Brr. 

It was around 15:00 that time when we decided to leave Quezon. We have nowhere else to go so we decided to go in SM Mall of Asia, the biggest mall in the Philippines I suppose. I swear I’d get lost at this place. We first ate in Krispy Kreme and then we decided to go to the Seaside.

Since it’s already afternoon, we decided to wait for the sunset. Whilst waiting, Rain and I talked about our other friends and how we’d love to go there with them.

The sunset was very beautiful. It calmed me. It was so peaceful.

After sunset, we had nowhere else to go so we roamed around Mall of Asia again. We were about to search for the ice skating rink but we found something else. A free Coca-Cola concert. It was free because of Christmas.

The bands that played were so cool. But we didn’t manage to finish the concert because Rain’s mom were already there to fetch us. I got excited when Rain’s mom told us that we’re going in Makati, to the festival of lights.

And I was surprised by the sight. It was so beautiful.

We watched the dancing lights and decided to have dinner at Mcdonalds.

DAY 2. Sunday, 4th of December, 2016.

We got up early. Mainly because Rain will be taking an entrance test in a famous university here. I am excited, too, of course. Because I’d get to roam around UST (University of Sto. Tomas) and wander alone.

I’d say it was fun but actually a bit boring! I waited alone for four hours, which seriously drived me nuts. Four long hours. Alone. I mean, I really like being alone but not that long. So after UST, we went to Luneta Park.

After that, we went to Divisoria to shop a little because we have no clothes left and then searched for a place to end the night.

Days 3 and 4.

Andreana came with us on our 3rd stay. We don’t really have pictures anymore. We just keep on visiting schools to see what’s best for us. It was still an exciting adventure because we’re not familiar with the place and it’s nice to know good unfamiliar people that would help us get in where we wanna go.

And a fun fact, we rode in the wrong train! That was surely a waste of money since we’re getting really short in it. But finally, we arrived home safe and sound.

Wahey for this long post! This will be the last for today but I’ll see you again in the next one. Bye!

May Favourites 2016

May Favourites 2016

Hello, dudes! This post will be like April Favourites, I won’t be discussing my favourite products but I’ll write about my favourite moments this month. May is a pretty good month for me, but everytime it reaches May, I can’t help but be scared. Why? Because school is near!! Haha.

May 1, 2016. – It was our neighbourhood’s fiesta. Fiesta is a festival which is also a Saint’s day and we celebrate by serving lots of foods to visitors and having some kind of parades or karakol

May 4, 2016. – Our family went to the cinema and watched a good Filipino romcom movie which is Just The Three Of Us.  That day was quite enjoying because Dad came with us and he rarely watch movies.

May 13, 2016. – One of the best days this month!! My cousin, Jas, graduated BS Industrial Engineering and I’m so happy for him!! Below are the pictures of Kuya Jas and his fam. We ate at Claire Dela Fuentes Restaurant (owned by Claire, a famous singer herself) and they totally served the best seafood!! 

May 14, 2016. – Post celebratuon of Kuya Jas’ graduation! (Cousins only) and that was my first time to play Poker. Haha! It was quite enjoying but yeah, I lost 100 pesos. Lol.

May 26, 2016. – Totally one of the best days of this month. I get to hang out with my cousins from my Dad’s side and it was the first time I get to sleep with them! It was soooo enjoying and they’re all so nice. I won’t forget this day.

May 27, 2016. – Haha! I still don’t wanna go home so I didn’t. I hanged out with them the whole day and we had lots of adventures! We went to the city market by just walking and not taking a bath yet! That was embarassing but we all haven’t taken a bath yet so just go with the flow. We also decided to swim at my uncle’s resort from my mom’s side but their parents are so strict so we didn’t.

May 30, 2016. – The start of Bigada and I can’t honestly believe that I attended Brigada myself. Brigada is that time of the month where officers go to school and clean and help the teachers with whatever they need. I was so tired that day but I enjoyed the latter time of the day. I vlogged with my best friend, Rain, but sadly, she doesn’t want to upload it.

That’s all. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’re okay wherever you are.

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