900 Followers | ASK ME QUESTIONS! 

I had to repost this as my posts doesn’t appear in Reader. 

Hello everyone and hiya it’s the last post for tonight!!!! I just reached 900 followers and ahhhh!! 

SO MUCH!!!!!

I haven’t celebrated having 800 followers and I’m deeply sorry for that. But cheers to 900!!! 

You guys can ask any question below. I’ll post the answers next Saturday. It can be school related, cats related, blog related or literally just anything about life haha.

Since I’m on 900, I’ll try to active as possible and I have something up for you when I reach 1000!! ❤

PS. This might be the last Q and A I’m doing when reaching milestones. You all know that I do Q and As to celebrate having so many lovely followers.

PPS. If you’re new to this blog and you want me to check your blog, please comment in any of my posts!! I’m quite a busy school kid and I lose track of those who follow me. 

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A Picture Poem | Collab with Mental Catastrophe

Hello everyone and hiya it’s the second blog post tonight! Some of you might remember that Monday is me and Elline’s collab day! I honestly missed doing a collab with my real life bestie, so here it is! 

A Picture Poem

We were thinking of a topic earlier and we came up with this. So what is A Picture Poem? It’s a challenge wherein Elline sent me a picture and I have to make a poem about the picture. I also sent a different picture to her and she has to make a poem about it. 

So this is what Elline sent me: 


Unfolded sheets

Messy pillows.

Where it begins

Crazy day follows.


Magazines scattered.

As pale as these pictures,

My life flattered.

as sunlight,

Dark on the other side.

Sums up my whole life,

The only place I confide.

messy as these sheets

I too, can be fixed.

As blurry as the sunlight,

I too, shall be seen.

It’s been so long since I last made a poem so I hope you liked it! Check out Elline’s part here.

Feel free to do this challenge as well! 

What’s your thought about the picture? Feel free to share in the comments or share your own poem below! ❤ 


100 Tula Para Kay Stella | Film Review 

Hello everyone!! First, I’d like to say that there will be three posts going up tonight. Second, stay tuned about my upcoming posts. I missed blogging so much and there might be collabs coming up soon!! *winks* 

It’s currently raining. It’s cold. I am also sick so I hope there won’t be classes tomorrow. Haha. I’m also afraid to see my test results. I’m not ready ahh! Anyway so for today’s first post, I’ll be reviewing a film that I’ve just watched yesterday. It’s a Filipino film and I don’t really know if it will be showing international. But I hope they do so, it’s a film that everyone must see! 

Image: VIVA Films

Title: 100 Tula Para Kay Stella (100 Poems for Stella) 

Directed by: Jason Paul Laxamana

Production Company: VIVA Films

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Fidel, starts his college life which wasn’t easy for him. He has a speech defect and he has this ‘three word rule’. During the freshies night, he got bullied and that’s when he met Stella, an aspiring rock star or musician. Throughout their entire college years, Fidel writes 100 poems for Stella to win her heart. 


As much as possible, I don’t want to give any spoilers but if ever there’s any, I’m apologising already. 

The film is all about Fidel, Stella and their entire college life. Stella was an inspiring rock star and she dreamt of performing in a huge crowd where the people will sing her music. Fidel on the other hand, is an intelligent student which has a speech defect. He can only maximize his speech to three words. He likes writing poems and when he met Stella, she became his inspiration in writing. 

The film honestly broke my heart and I cried A LOT. The film also used good music which made my feelings go like crazy. The film made me want to study hard, be close with all my blockmates and fall in love. Kidding at the latter part, haha. 

I kind of disliked Stella’s personality but she was just so good to Fidel and she never judged him. Stella once said in the freshies night (one of the scenes in the film), “college is where you’ll know yourself.” Not the exact words but because of that, Fidel got inspired and fell inlove with Stella eventually. 

The last part of the movie honestly made me go like crazy. But I really like that they featured Mt. Arayat but the scene there was so heartbreaking. I don’t want to get in that part so much because I might say spoilers. 

Anyway, the actors really did good on their parts and it’s honestly a game changer for the both of the actors. (Bela Padilla and JC Santos.) You’ll fall in love with the both of them.

This film is a must-watch! I hope I watched all the films in Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino but I don’t have time anymore to see the other films. I really wish I had, though. 

Have you seen 100 Tula Para Kay Stella? What can you say about the film? 

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Pressure | SSHS

Hello everyone!! Ahhh it’s been 7 days since I last posted and it feels so weird!! It’s mid-August and I have only posted two blog posts so far this month. Geez, quite unproductive and it’s just surreal. 

Anyway, this is just a short post about how I handled pressure and how it affected me during the exams. Yes, we’ve had our exams these last three days (16th-18th) and I’m really nervous about the results.

I’ve studied so much. I often go to sleep at 1 am so I really hope my hardwork and effort gets paid off. But the thing is I some of the questions in the test are really not included in what I’ve reviewed!! Another thing is pressure. Gah. I really hate it.

When I was taking the tests, I always look at the time and see if I have time left for the remaining questions. I also look at my seatmates and see if they are finished in answering the test or not. My seatmates are in the 12th grade so basically we don’t have the same type of test but it scares me everytime they are already finished and I’m still in the middle of answering. Another thing that happened to me was I know the right answer, but I shaded the wrong box. Geez! 

I don’t really know how I handled the pressure. But one thing I can say now is… TESTS ARE OVER AND I’M BACK!!! I’ll spend the night reading your blogposts and interacting with you. ❤ 

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How I Study For Exams + TIPS!! | SSHS

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!!! It’s been weeks since I last posted because I really haven’t had the time to prepare a post. But anyways, here it is now!


As you can read in the title, I’m sharing how I study for exams and what’s the most effective way for me. You may or may not agree.


Why? Sometimes the teacher discusses too fast. I don’t like my notes and my handwriting to be ugly. I swear, I lose all the good vibes and it makes me lazy if my notes are just so messed up. I simply don’t like it and it makes me feel so unproductive and untidy. However, I keep all the notes in my clearbook and I re-write them again when exams are near. Rewriting is an effective way for me to memorize my notes and to reflect on it. It feels like if I write something, then I’ll remember it until the test comes up. Anyone else here who’s like me? Haha.


Seriously, though. Sometimes my brother would look at me in my room because I’m so loud in reviewing and he looks at me weirdly. Sometimes he asks me if I’m doing a chant or whatever. Especially when I study for Italian language!! Haha. Anway, I really feel like I memorise the terms and learn when I say things aloud. 


This is SO unhealthy. I hate this routine, I promise. But whenever I get home from school, I feel so tired and whenever I reach my bedroom, my bed’s always attracting me. And then boo, I’ll sleep for like 3-4 hours and when I wake up, it’s 1am or 2am already. I want to change this one. Yes it’s somewhat effective for my studies BUT I need to be healthy as well. Especially now, I’m looking so pale. 


Yellow pad is required for us but I’m pretty sure it will work too in the normal pad paper. I only have like 3 binders with me and all of my reviewers are written in a yellow pad. I don’t really write in notebooks, I find it boring. Unlike when I was in JHS, I always write notes in a notebook. 


It annoys me so much if my notes are untidy. I’m still not in the mood to re-write but fun fact, my notes in Math are sooooo >_< Can’t wait to find the motivation to re-write my notes! 

And that’s all I can think of now. As you can see, I’m not a really nice student but I’m trying to be one. So here are some of my tips if you want to study effectively:


  1. Find a review time that suits you, your mind and your body. You really need willingness in this one. As you’ve read earlier, I’m quite struggling yet with my review time. But I hope you find the time that suits you!
  2. Make your school materials clean and organised. So whenever there will be activities, you know where to find your stuff. 
  3. Having nice notes will motivate you to study. And you can also make your notes a blogger-ish one. Swear it’s lovely to look at!
  4. Sleep right on time. I need to apply this for myself. Don’t push yourself too hard. Don’t procrastinate. Do the stuff you have to do when you have the time because seriously, YOU NEED SLEEP TO SURVIVE. (And food, of course hehe.)
  5. Last one is… take care of yourself! If you don’t, you may suffer from an illness. And always take care of your emotional state. What you feel and what your body feel is what matters the most! Grades don’t define who you are– but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to study anymore. :p

I hope you liked this post and I hope this will help you as a student. Lol, haha! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!! 

How do you review for exams? 


Hello, August! 

Alright. I wasn’t really expecting to write today but it’s somewhat my free time so let’s welcome August, even though it’s the 2nd day already! 

Here are some motivational quotes to help you pass through this month and achieve what you want to achieve. (I badly miss writing motivational posts hehe.)

Aren’t these photos cute? (Especially the Chibird ones.)

August is one of the months that I really love. There are so many happenings every August BUT during this month, it is also our exams week. And guess what? It’s our exams week next week you guys!!! >.<

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to:

9th of August – Mai’s birthday! 

15th of August – It is Lynette’s birthday. 

16th of August. – Bien’s birthday. 

24th of August – It is Lloyd and Ericka’s birthday. They are my new classmates!! 

25th of August – Elline‘s birthday!

26th of August – Rhaine’s birthday.

29th of August – My Kuya (brother) Michael’s birthday!! 

Seee? So many birthdays, so many celebrations!! 

And the bad days of August will come as well. 

4th of August – Deadline of almost all of our subject requirements. (Ugh I still have so many to do!)

16th of August – First day of exams. 

17th of August – Second day of exams.

18th of August – Third day of exams.

Hmm that’s all I can remember as for now. I badly missed making lists in this blog. Wish me luck for my exams!!! And speaking of exams, I got a perfect score in our 2nd summative test in Science– and the feeling was surreal! My teacher also wrote very good in the test paper and ahhh it’s just so fulfilling! And another bad news, we had another test earlier in Science as well…and I think I’ll fail that one. Oops. 

And I think we’re having a new adventure this weekend– I’m with my family and I really wish our trip won’t postpone since it’s still rainy in our country! 

I hope and I really wish you’ll have a very good August!!! ❤ Make this month a productive one and always remember that you are amazing and YOU can do it!!! 

That’s all for this post I suppose. 

What are you looking forward to this August? 


July Playlist 2017

Woah, so hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! This month has been a down when it comes to music because my Spotify subscription got expired and it took me a while to get premium again. I think I only have 4 downloaded albums in my Spotify now sooooo I can’t really share many songs with you today– but I still have some in my pocket so continue reading. Haha! 

July Playlist 2017 

  • From The Dining Table by Harry Styles

This is the first song I’ve heard in Harry’s new album, Harry Styles. At first, it reminded me of Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, a song in Les Miserables, the resemblance is there butt it’s quite different. I don’t really know but I really like this song. 

  • Paper Hearts by The Vamps

Alright, y’all should check out The Vamps’ new album right now IF you still haven’t!! When they released the album (Night & Day), I wasn’t subscribed to Spotify so I went to Youtube and I listened to this. I absolutely LOVED this song. And you guys know me, I love The Vamps. 

  • Stay by The Vamps 

Another one from The Vamps, eh? But I also love this one. It reminds me of The Vamps way back 2013. Go listen to this!! 

  • No Promises by Cheat Codes, Demi Lovato

I love this song, really. But I can’t hear Demi’s voice in the first part. I literally thought it wasn’t Demi so when I saw ‘ft. Demi Lovato’, I was….shookt. Haha. 

  • Fresh Eyes by Andy Grammer

Haha. I love this song, it’s so chill. And I didn’t know I’ve been listening to this song for ages already. I just knew the title when I subscribed again to Spotify last week. 

  • It’s Gotta Be You by Isaiah

I have no words. I reallyyyyy love this one!

  • Save Myself by Ed Sheeran

Sorry, but I can’t have a playlist without an Ed Sheeran song!

  • Real Love by Hillsong Young And Free

This is real love, this is real love. Absolutely love this praise and worship song! Go listen to this if you still haven’t! 

That’s all for today. Stay safe everyone!! 

What is your most played song this July?

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