What I Got From The Thrift Shop

I haven’t really had the time to take pictures of the dresses that I got from the thrift shop– good thing I wasn’t busy enough today so here it is! I’m presenting you two dresses that we found and when we saw it, we just had to buy it!

Dress # 1: Perfect For The Summer

So I saw this dress and absolutely fell in love with it. I immediately thought of Coachella because it has this Coachella feels– though it’s really simple. I loooove it, though! I paired it up with my white Keds to look casual.

Anyway, we got this dress for only 137 Php or $2.74 (if I converted it correctly!)

That’s my birthmark, if you’re wondering!

Dress # 2: Perfect For A Cold Day

So my mom found this one and it was actually a surprise that I liked it so much as well. Sometimes my mom and I argue about clothings but this one– I really loved it!

It’s summer here so I really got sweaty while trying on the dress. Haha!

We got this gem for only 100 Php or $2. (Still not sure if I converted it correctly!!)

Hope you liked this post and thank you so much for coming by!! ❀

Which dress did you like better?

PS. I hope WordPress didn’t ruin the quality! It was completely ruined when I was uploading! πŸ˜”


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