Blog Dilemma + YouTube?

Okay this is gonna be a short post- I want to rant to let my emotions out for me to be productive again in blogging. But I don’t like to because my rants are pointless. Lol. I just wanna let you guys know that I’m not quite feeling well in blogging. Part of me wants to quit, part of me wants to stay. I don’t know, too. I’m running out of ideas and there’s this thought that I don’t want to lose this blog ever. This has become a huge part of my life ever since I started.

But I’m losing words to write.


And a part of me just want to start YouTube because talking is so much easier. A part of me doesn’t want to because of too much exposure and I can really be shy in the camera.

Anyway I’m writing this because I just really want to write something. Maybe this will be my step to write again, maybe not– atleast, I let you all know.

Or maybe I just don’t really have ideas at the moment. Can you suggest some- for YouTube or for this blog. Please, guys! Badly need ideas. Haha. Thanks for reading this pointless post and I really hope y’all are alright. x


44 thoughts on “Blog Dilemma + YouTube?

  1. You can always take a break from blogging and see how it makes you feel. Blogging should be fun not burden. Thats why I took a break from social media and decided to blog when I feel like doing it.

  2. Don’t really know what to tell you, blogging can became a little much especially when you are trying to upload once or more time a week. I recommend you to take some time of and really give it a time and see would you miss your blog. Maybe you could do morning and night time routine, or day in life post. xx

  3. Do whatever feels right for you! Honestly it’s all a journey; nothing says you have to stay on the same platform or create nothing but the same type of content xx

  4. I’ve had these EXACT same thoughts. I’ve always loved YouTube and secretly wanted a channel but ended up blogging because I thought I was a stronger writer. However in recent months I have become so discouraged with my site and really thought about throwing in the towel (clearly I didn’t). Blogging (or really anything) should never feel like a burden; if you’re feeling overwhelmed and bogged down, maybe take a step back and really think about which outlet you would be more excited to contribute to. If it’s YouTube, that’s awesome, I’d be happy to watch your videos (:)) and if it’s blogging, that’s great too! Sometimes taking a step back to reflect and relax is a nice break and can provide a lot of mental clarity! Good luck! ❤ ❤

  5. I know how you’re feeling, Jirah, for I’ve been having these exact thoughts lately where it concerns blogging. I suggest that you don’t force it. Take some time away if you need to. And if you want to do YouTube, I’ll support you. All the best, Jirah. 💙

  6. do whatever seems right! make sure you are pleasing yourself : ) good luck x

  7. A couple easy blog post topics are Q&As, life updates, wishlists, etc. Also, there are so many video platforms other than YouTube! you can even post videos on Facebook now if Youtube is too big of a task 🙂 hang in there.

  8. Jirah I’m sorry to hear that. Blogging can be a little demanding at times but we create our own schedules so we can fix that. In terms of the writing ideas sometimes kicking back and relaxing or just doing something fun and spontaneous is what is needed to get the creative juices flowing again. Step out of your comfort zone and just do something new. The important thing is enjoying whatever you decide to spend your time doing.

  9. Take a break and live life. That’s exactly the same words I told another young blogger like you. Quit reading others’ stories that you forget to write your own!

  10. I’ve been there before! just try taking a break from blogging. I did that too. sometimes I randomly think of starting a youtube channel but I probably won’t ever get round to it. 😉 sometimes I run out of post ideas too, but after I came back from my break I’ve had ideas. so just try and maybe leave your blog for a while. 🙂

  11. It sounds like you may need a break from blogging, you may come back fresh with ideas and a clearer idea of what you want to do 🙂 Don’t force it! Also, if you’re feeling shy, you can record yourself talking about anything on camera and watch it back. It can help overcoming those anxieties 🙂

  12. Just do whatever you want and don’t force it! If you feel like talking in front of the cam, go! And if you don’t feel like uploading it after, then it’s okay, as well! Just enjoy what you do and soon you’ll figure things out. 🙂

  13. Aw thank you SO much, Brittney! This has helped a lot. ❤ I’m about to think and plan my content before I go back in blogging. Thank you so much again!

  14. Thank you so much, Angela. I have tried that but sadly, the video that I have edited didn’t save and I have no backup file of it. Haha. Anyway thank you- this helped a lot.❤

  15. You’re most welcome, Jirah. 💙 Thank you and may God continue to guide your path.

  16. I understand the notion of being shy on camera, I was that way once as well, then I started to become more comfortable with it and it’s something I do naturally now. I say give it a shot and if you still don’t like it, at least you can say you tried.

  17. Hi Jirah,

    I’m writing this a few weeks later. I hat did you decide to do?

    You have a great follow and fab support, which clearly shows you shouldn’t quit!

    You don’t necessarily need to have something to say as such bring yourself is invaluable. Always remember that! As soon as it becomes a chore then you’re loosing the value of your personal platform ‘to be yourself’. Hang in there girl! Do you! X

  18. Thank you so much- I definitely wouldn’t quit as well. I have started blogging again and for the last week, I’ve almost blogged everyday and I took Sunday as a break. ❤ Thank you so much again!

  19. Im a way tinier blogger than you,but I still went for it and started my youtube channel.Life doesn’t wait,go for everything!And please don’t overwork yourself(I’m saying this on behalf of all of your followers haha).Lots of love,keep blogging<3

  20. I just came across your blog today! & I think you’re doing a great job at what you’re doing! I understand completely how it feels like to not really be inspired but the inspiration will come! You should try getting a writing prompt journal! A lot of those notebooks give you the best ideas, you can jot down some notes on paper and write your actual thoughts on here!! You’re doing great! Don’t give up!

  21. Aw thank you so very much!!! For some time now, I have stopped journalling so thank you so much for reminding me. It would be so great to start again! ❤ Thank you so so much, and have a great day ahead!

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