Hello, August! 

Alright. I wasn’t really expecting to write today but it’s somewhat my free time so let’s welcome August, even though it’s the 2nd day already! 

Here are some motivational quotes to help you pass through this month and achieve what you want to achieve. (I badly miss writing motivational posts hehe.)

Aren’t these photos cute? (Especially the Chibird ones.)

August is one of the months that I really love. There are so many happenings every August BUT during this month, it is also our exams week. And guess what? It’s our exams week next week you guys!!! >.<

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to:

9th of August – Mai’s birthday! 

15th of August – It is Lynette’s birthday. 

16th of August. – Bien’s birthday. 

24th of August – It is Lloyd and Ericka’s birthday. They are my new classmates!! 

25th of August – Elline‘s birthday!

26th of August – Rhaine’s birthday.

29th of August – My Kuya (brother) Michael’s birthday!! 

Seee? So many birthdays, so many celebrations!! 

And the bad days of August will come as well. 

4th of August – Deadline of almost all of our subject requirements. (Ugh I still have so many to do!)

16th of August – First day of exams. 

17th of August – Second day of exams.

18th of August – Third day of exams.

Hmm that’s all I can remember as for now. I badly missed making lists in this blog. Wish me luck for my exams!!! And speaking of exams, I got a perfect score in our 2nd summative test in Science– and the feeling was surreal! My teacher also wrote very good in the test paper and ahhh it’s just so fulfilling! And another bad news, we had another test earlier in Science as well…and I think I’ll fail that one. Oops. 

And I think we’re having a new adventure this weekend– I’m with my family and I really wish our trip won’t postpone since it’s still rainy in our country! 

I hope and I really wish you’ll have a very good August!!! ❤ Make this month a productive one and always remember that you are amazing and YOU can do it!!! 

That’s all for this post I suppose. 

What are you looking forward to this August? 


22 thoughts on “Hello, August! 

  1. I know– it’s just so fast!!! And yes, this month is full of exams!

    Of course, Courtney! Thanks for visiting my blog and have a lovely month ahead!! 💗

  2. I love this post! It’s so cute and inspirational,it’s so sweet your meaning behind this post to try and help us ! The photos are adorable and so cute and true! Well done and good luck on your exams!!You will do so good!!! You do great on your science!! Have fun on your trip with your family,and say happy birthday to your friends from me,aha ;)). I hope you have a great August too. Louisa xxx

  3. Happy August to you, Jirah! 💚💖 I love all of the inspirational questions you shared – Chibird is the best! 😊 ahh so many exciting birthdays coming up – funnily enough, I don’t know anyone with birthdays in August! 😂 that’s probably why this has always been my least-favorite month; there’s nothing exciting ever going on! XD

  4. I’m a huge fan of Chibird! I follow her page on Facebook. I wonder if she has a twitter, hmmm. You certainly do have a lot of birthdays! My birthday is in August, too! Haha! Oh, exams!!! They are such a drag!!!

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