July Playlist 2017

Woah, so hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! This month has been a down when it comes to music because my Spotify subscription got expired and it took me a while to get premium again. I think I only have 4 downloaded albums in my Spotify now sooooo I can’t really share many songs with you today– but I still have some in my pocket so continue reading. Haha! 

July Playlist 2017 

  • From The Dining Table by Harry Styles

This is the first song I’ve heard in Harry’s new album, Harry Styles. At first, it reminded me of Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, a song in Les Miserables, the resemblance is there butt it’s quite different. I don’t really know but I really like this song. 

  • Paper Hearts by The Vamps

Alright, y’all should check out The Vamps’ new album right now IF you still haven’t!! When they released the album (Night & Day), I wasn’t subscribed to Spotify so I went to Youtube and I listened to this. I absolutely LOVED this song. And you guys know me, I love The Vamps. 

  • Stay by The Vamps 

Another one from The Vamps, eh? But I also love this one. It reminds me of The Vamps way back 2013. Go listen to this!! 

  • No Promises by Cheat Codes, Demi Lovato

I love this song, really. But I can’t hear Demi’s voice in the first part. I literally thought it wasn’t Demi so when I saw ‘ft. Demi Lovato’, I was….shookt. Haha. 

  • Fresh Eyes by Andy Grammer

Haha. I love this song, it’s so chill. And I didn’t know I’ve been listening to this song for ages already. I just knew the title when I subscribed again to Spotify last week. 

  • It’s Gotta Be You by Isaiah

I have no words. I reallyyyyy love this one!

  • Save Myself by Ed Sheeran

Sorry, but I can’t have a playlist without an Ed Sheeran song!

  • Real Love by Hillsong Young And Free

This is real love, this is real love. Absolutely love this praise and worship song! Go listen to this if you still haven’t! 

That’s all for today. Stay safe everyone!! 

What is your most played song this July?

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24 thoughts on “July Playlist 2017

  1. Some great songs on your July playlist there Jirah!! I really got into JP Cooper this month and I absoulutely loved listening to his songs ‘September Song’ and ‘Passport Home’. I’ve also really liked James Arthurs new song with Rudimental ‘Sun Comes Up’ and Jonas Blues New song ‘Mama’ 😊 xx

  2. Jared

    I always love Regina Spektor, so I was stoked when she wrote the closing credits song for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. It’s named “The Call” and it’s a great listen! Not a new song, but an encouraging one!

  3. Fetish and Meet Me In The Hallway are good!!!! I haven’t listened to Back To You so thanks for recommending!!! Definitely gonna check that out! πŸ˜‰β€

  4. The Vamps is really good and ahhh all of them are just so nice! Thank you so much. And I’m gonna check that out! πŸ˜‰ Have a lovely day and thanks for dropping by!!

  5. Great picks! I especially love From The Dining Table, his whole album is incredible, I hope you’re enjoying it! My last post is also my favourite songs from June if you wanted to check it out :)) enjoyed reading your post! xx

  6. Awesome playlist, Jirah! (alsoooo the header of this post is LIT πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ) my most-played song from July would either be The River or How Long by Jordan Feliz! I basically had his entire album on shuffle and repeat the entire month hahaha!

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