My After School Routine | SSHS

Hello everyone!! Here’s another post because I feel like I have SO much free time but the truth is, I need to study for three upcoming exams. Haha, wish me luck! Anyway, school can really be tiring and here’s my after school routine. However, my routine changes because you guys know me, my mind changes a lot from time to time. 

My After School Routine | SSHS

Okay first of all, it’s weird to say that I’m actually studying because I’ve never done that in my entire life. But here’s my routine after I get home from school: 

  • Sleep or take a rest.

Okay so the first thing I do is take a rest, and if I’m lucky enough, I’d sleep for an hour or so. And there was one time where I really need to study for a test but my nap continued and I woke up the day after. I was really panicking and I didn’t know what to do. It was already set in my mind to wake up after an hour but because I’m just SO lucky, I slept through the whole night and didn’t study at all. BUT the good thing is, I still passed the test. I got 40/46 in our Science test and my only mistake was I didn’t follow the instruction– if I did, then my score might be even higher. That was a lesson for me– indeed a lesson. Hah. 

  • Feed my cats & eat dinner with fam.

I can’t just ignore my pets so I still feed them. Here’s another story: You guys know that Muning has only three kittens, right? Sharpie, Veena and Tiny– but one time when I got home from school, I looked at their haul and I was so confused. Why was there four kittens inside the cage? And the other kitten was white, and looks exactly like Sharpie! I was really confused and I asked my mum about the kittens. I remember there were only three kittens. I start to wonder what if I’m just dreaming? Haha. But I saw my dad laughing, I asked him where did he get the other kitten and dad said that the kitten was lost so he kept it. And I already gave him a name as well. He is called Perry– he looks like Elline’s cat so I named him Perry as well.

Okay, story aside, after feeding my cats, I go now and feed myself– studies is life but being healthy is lifer. Haha. 

  • Take a shower.

But there are times that I can’t really do this because I’m so tired and at the same time, I have SO much to do. If I can’t take a shower, I just change my clothes and I get ready to study for the night.

  • Study.

I don’t think I can call “this” as studying already. But yeah, I do read notes but only when there are exams and assignments. I’m not really the studious type aha. Anyway, I think there’s a name for this but my study habit is I write then I read. I write, I really repeat all my notes and then I read for a few times, and then I feel like I can remember what I wrote. We all have different study habits so cheers if you have the same study habit as mine!

  • Wash face and brush teeth. 

I can’t avoid this one! So after I finish studying, I refreshen myself again and I use Cetaphil for my face. It’s just so soft and I feel so fresh after applying it to my face– even if it’s so late at night. Haha.

  • Sleep again.

To be totally honest, I need sleep. I really do. It’s really hard and sometimes I don’t really notice the time and realise that it’s already 1am or so. And then my classmates would ask me if I even slept because of my eye bags. I just don’t mind them. 

What is your after school routine? 

Have a lovely day, fellas!


    35 thoughts on “My After School Routine | SSHS

    1. My after school routine is weird..😅 Since I am in college, I usually go home late because of my schedule. And the first thing I do is to eat.. 😂😂 then I will rest. Then dinner (😂😂eat again because food ia life😂😂) then shower, brush teeth. Then I will lay down ony bed thinking, deciding what will I do if I will study, or watch kpop or read novel. But watching always win. And when midnight comes, I start to review. I am a nocturnal person amd sometimes I hate it because I can only review late at night. Sometimes it lasts until 3 am and sometimes until the sun rises and I don’t have enough time for sleep. See, how weird it is.. 😂😂😂😂

    2. When I was in high school that was my exact school routine, students unfortunately have quite a strict routine and quite a “boring” life if I can say it like that. xx

    3. I really enjoyed reading this post!! I do most of the sane things as you after school- I’ll do homework before I have my tea, then I have my tea, then I practice my instruments, then if I have a club on such as dancing I’ll go to my club and then I have my shower and go to bed!! 😊 xx

    4. I can’t stand being up at 3am knowing that I’ll have to be up early in the next morning. What time do you usually wake up? Haha. And yeeees, food is life!

    5. Usually, I wake up 6 am but it still depends on the time of my first period in the morning. 😂😂 I hate it but I am kind of uses to it already..

    6. my after school routine is different every day! usually, I head home, have something to eat, and get started on some work (not studing, just personal and creative stuff). Usually do that until dinner, then clean up and have a shower, and get into studying! Loved this post, and love your blog! x
      Abby –

    7. That’s cool! Thanks for sharing your routine. Haha. I always think I’m too tired that’s why I become so unproductive and I sleep first. Right after, I’ll do my tasks. 😂 Thank you so much, Abby! ❤ Have a lovely day and I love your blog too!

    8. Ahh Perry is soooo cute! That is such a fun story as to how you met him 😂 ❤ hmm, my after school routine … once I'm finished with all my work for the day, I'll usually listen to music, clean up my room, browse YouTube, read blog posts … it's very chill.

    9. Perry wants to say thanks, Maggie! Haha. I literally thought Muning had four kittens that time when it’s only three 😂 Ahh soo chill! Want that routine too.

    10. Naps are so nice, and comfortable! Way to go for your science test!!! Studying isn’t easy, and it does not come naturally to a lot of people. But it is so helpful. Proud of you for pushing yourself!

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