The Struggle Is Real

Take 2 of this post. Help me, I’m losing my temper– I’ve had prepared a post already but it wasn’t published, and wasn’t saved either. So annoying!! But anyways, here’s the post:

Hi everyone! I just wanted to come by for a minute and apologise for not posting last Saturday when I’ve told you that I will. It’s just that life’s getting more and more busy and harder, even! This is so unreal. Okay, so as I’m typing this it’s already 22:32– I should go to sleep already but I’m not yet feeling sleepy, so I’m here aha. Aside from apologising, I also want to tell you little updates on my life.

Our class was good and my classmates were fun to be with. I was shy at first and I’ve told you that, but I realised that I shouldn’t be shy at all! My classmates were approachable and friendly, but I’m still anxious to go in front of the class and report. I’m not shy with the class anymore, but I’m anxious with the teachers! Some of them were really intimidating but I know they are all kind and approachable. 

Another realisation that hit me is that… I am being friendly. I mean, being friendly and being the one to approach first isn’t my thing, but because of that, I gained new friends and we clicked in an instant! So cool! I also realised that my life has completely changed, starting from my routines, how I study and approaching people– it all changed! And I’m somehow happy with the change within me. Aha. 

But.. I miss everyone of you. I wish I could still talk to you but I need to stay focused on my studies. The struggle is real, everyone. I swear. Right now it’s 22:38 and I just finished my assignments and I started working at it at 17:00 something. So long, so many assignments and we’ll have a quiz tomorrow in one subject! Wish me luck! 

I hope to post this Saturday and interact with you since we’ll be having a long weekend. 🙂 Anyway, I still tweet in Twitter tho ahah @jisimpx. It’s up to you if you want to follow this little potato.  🙂


32 thoughts on “The Struggle Is Real

  1. That sounds AWESOME that you made loads of new friends!! (I don’t think I would be brave enough to talk to people first ahah so props to you 😉👏🏻) and we totally get it that you need to be studying..even if it’s annoying 🙄 But a massive good luck!! And omg congratulations on 700!! Have a great day! x ☺️❤️

  2. I’m glad to hear that school is working out. Told you so :). As for the changes within yourself that shows growth and maturity and this is great. Keep it up and stay focused and enjoy your time.

  3. Yay, you’re doing amazing! It is hard to be the one to approach people first, especially if you aren’t used to it. But I’m proud of you for putting yourself out there. : ) . Congrats your followers!!!

  4. Sorry about the post problems! I’ve had that happen before. I’m so glad that you’ve made lots of new friends and are choosing to focus on your studies! ☺️💕 I miss you around here, but school’s definitely more important. ALSO CONGRATS ON 700 GIRL 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 I’m nearly there myself!

  5. Good on you for being the first one to reach out!! That’s so cool that you’re making those connections with new people! We miss talking to you too, but we all know you’re busy with school and such! Congrats on 700! ❤

  6. Congratulations on 700! So happy your teachers are approachable. Teachers always scared me, so happy yours are easy to talk with, and want to help you. What an amazing feeling it must be to feel that change in your life, and yourself. YA YOU!! :):):)

  7. PenelopeCrumb

    Congrats on 700!!!!!!!!!! And congrats on making friends! I tried being friendly too and it worked!

  8. Ah yay thank you so much, Cherylene! And I’m also happy with the change within myself. It feels so good to connect with new people personally. It’s so satisfying. ❤ Thanks again!

  9. Ahhh T.R!!!! Missed talking to you!!! And thanks so much! I’m so happy that I learned how to approach people first. It feels good to have new friends. And thanks again! 700 followers is really more than enough. I’m so grateful. 🙈💗

  10. Elena, I missed talking to you! And yes, I’m really that something changed about me right exactly when I stepped on senior high. I’m so glad. 🙂 Thank you so much and I hope you’re having an awesome day!

  11. I missed you so so much, Maggie!! And I think I’ll be used with not posting everyday soon aha. Whenever I’m doing assignments I’m always tempted to write but nah, assignments first and there, I don’t have time anymore. And thank you so much, my new friends are so cool! Thanks again, 700 followers is the coolest thing ever ahah! 💗💗 And woow can’t wait for you to reach it! 🙈❤

  12. Thanks so much, Angela! I’m so happy I reached out and by that I gained awesome friends!! 😀 Ahh I really missed you! And hey congrats on 800 followers! You go girlll! ❤ Take care always okay 💗💗

  13. Teachers also scares me too!! But yes I’m very thankful they are so approachable and fun to be with in the class. And absolutely!! I am so so happy in the change within me. 💗 Take care always!

  14. Congrats again on 700!! Some of your recent posts haven’t appeared in my reader!! 😭 it’s great that you’ve made new friends and you’re focused on your school work!! 😊 xx

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