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Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. I am really tired as of now but don’t worry, I’m home now and I’m making the first entry for my blogging series– Surviving Senior High School. In this series you will read about my experiences and of course I’m giving out tips and advises for everyone! That’s basically all– I can’t wait to share my experiences with you so…

I woke up at around 4:50 am. I got breakfast first which is only a sandwich and coffee– I don’t know but I wasn’t really in the mood earlier to eat. I feel so unwell earlier and my anxiety attacks me. I was in the service already by 6:15 am and GAH I am just so nervous. I feel like I would throw myself out and my heart was beating like crazy. When we reached the school– I felt like I was about to have a panic attack because goodness, there are so much people and I don’t know anyone, at all. But good thing I saw Elline and my other former classmates. Eventually, I felt okay but my heart was still beating fast.

The bell rang. Almost all of the students know where they belong and me and my friends were like “what? What are we supposed to do?” We kept wondering then good thing the faculty showed us where are our rooms. And here’s another part that I got really anxious of– entering the classroom with a whole new faces. That scares me– and scared me earlier. I also didn’t know where to sit and I badly want to sit already because the attention was in us. We ended up in the second row and our classroom has like 4 or 5 rows.

Our homeroom wasn’t bad. In fact, it was really good– and our adviser was really really witty, nice and she always tell us to be positive, because nothing can break the power of positivity. And I loved her perspective. Eventually, she got along with the class and she’s also got my attention too. She was so nice and I’ll try not to be bad in class especially in her class. She reaches out to everyone of us and that’s just so lovely and welcoming of her. About my classmates, well, it’s the first day, we were all shy too but I hope– I really hope that we’ll be close to one another because as some of them said earlier, we are family and we’re not just classmates. That’s just so lovely to hear especially for us, freshies.

We also had our mass earlier. The mass was good and it was really peaceful. The students from my school are really disciplined and I salute them for that. When one of the priests gave his welcome speech, I almost teared up because it was really overwhelming– we felt so welcome and it really felt like our school was our real second home. After the mass, we had our lunch and I could die first before I can reach the counter and order food. The line was so long BUT I WAS HUNGRY I NEED TO BE PATIENT. Hah. I still got to eat and after the lunchbreak, we strolled around the school and good thing we found a peaceful spot, Elline and I managed to sleep and I have to say that nap was so good!!!! We headed back to the room after that and we continued on our homeroom. The last three hours were spent to teach us about the school’s regulations and we also got to know our classmates by that.

I hope I’ll know all of my classmates better. It’s hard to be surrounded with new people but as my adviser said, othing can beat the power of positivity. I know I’m not the only one who’s had their first day of school now, so I want to tell everyone to just be positive and hardworking. Make this school year productive– I know we can do it! 

I don’t really know what to do about the format of the post today. I don’t know if you found it boring but I’ll be continuing with this series so expect more SSHS’s to come!!! But thank you so much for reading until the end! 

Also don’t forget to read Elline‘s experience today since it is a collaboration with her!

Any random thought whilst reading this? 


51 thoughts on “First Day of School! | SSHS

  1. I’m glad that your first day went well. Your adviser also gave you sound advice. Keep your head and just do your best. Be patient with yourself. You’ll get the handle on things as time progresses. Looking forward to your updates. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, Cherylene. I am really losing my self confidence right now but I won’t be shy anymore tomorrow– that’s for sure! Thanks again! 💗

  3. I remember when I was in Senior High I would always get all anxious before going back and about other stuff but not that I’m done I kind of miss it in a weird way!

  4. I can relate to the anxiety, I get like that just going to the store 🙂 I can only imagine to a new school, with new faces but it will settle in and you will do wonderful. I liked the post and didn’t think it was boring at all. Lots of details and honesty, and that makes it a good post. Excited for your first day and many more good days to come. 🙂

  5. I love that you got up so early XD
    Sounds like your first day went pretty good! The first day is always hard, cause you’re in a new class. It takes time to build routine and get to know everyone. You’ll get there 😀

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  7. stylianadimitriou

    This is so lovely. Every change is scary but change is inevitable. As soon as we embrace it nothing can go wrong. I’m so glad you like it so far. I hope you have a great school year 😄 can’t wait to read more!!! xxx

  8. Thank you so much, Margaret! And that really means a lot! I appreciate that you appreciate my work. 😊 Thank you so much for dropping by and have a lovely week! ❤

  9. I’m doing good and my classmates are really nice!! I’m also performing well at recitations which is so surprising for me because I’m a shy person aha. And ahh that’s so cool!!! How’s work so far? 😊❤

  10. Hey Ji, it’s Lucia.
    I was wondering if you have an email address I can email you on, I feel like I should update you on my current blogging situation!
    Lucia xx.

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