Blog Update 

Hello everyone!!! I have been inactive for two days already and I’ve just missed all of your posts!! I’ll catch up, promise! 

Anyway, this is just a quick post and I’ll tell everything on what’s gonna happen in my blog because I am starting school tomorrow. Tomorrow!!! Can you believe it? Nah, I don’t! 

Anyway, for my posting schedule: 

  • I’ll try to have a post up every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I swear not posting everyday makes me so sad the saddest part is I can’t interact with you all and I’ll miss your posts! 😦 But if I don’t feel tired at a certain day then I’ll probably post a new one!
  • I have some prepared drafts that’s why I can still post at any day of the week. 

Wait for my upcoming blogging series:

  • I know I’m too busy and all, but I still had the time to think of doing a series. Mwaha! I want the series to be a surprise so I’ll keep it a secret for now. AND I’ll be having three blogging series!!
  • I have some drafts already and I can’t wait to share it!

Plans for this week: 

  • I will have a post coming up tomorrow– in collaboration with Elline and we will talk about our first day of school. (Not a surprise anymore, eh? Aha.) And the series may come up Friday night or Saturday. 

About your posts:

  • I solemnly swear I love reading your blogposts!!! So I’ll try to open WordPress everyday even for just 15-30 minutes. Maybe I could read some of the things I’ve missed that at that short time, eh?

If you are new to this blog: 

  • If you want me to check out and support your blog, please just leave a comment at any of my posts! I will surely check it out and leave some comments! 

Here are my social accounts: 

  • Twitter: @jisimpx (Yups, I changed my username.)
  • Instagram: jirahmerizz
  • Gmail: 

    And that is all!! I will prepare the featured images for my upcoming blogposts so I wouldn’t cram at the end of the week! 

    Anyway thank you so much for reading this. Wish me luck for school tomorrow! ❤


    25 thoughts on “Blog Update 

    1. Eccentric Muse

      I’ll be looking forward to your posts and I followed you on Insta. All the best for school.

    2. Awww I hope the first day goes great! I know it can be kind of bittersweet. Have fun and learn something to share with us☺️ can’t wait to read about your first day✨

    3. stylianadimitriou

      Don’t worry about not posting every day! Can’t wait to read your series and good luck and have fun! 😊

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