My Crazy Cats

I wasn’t really thinking of posting today because I’m somehow not feeling well but I wanted to share this to you.

This only happened 00:38 earlier. Now it’s 1:20. 

Okay, I was already sleeping. Thank God there was an improvement tonight about my sleeping time because seriously my body clock is ruined! Like I’d stay up all night and I’d stay asleep for the whole day. That is sooo not nice– I know I’ve made a post about my sleeping schedule before and how ruined it is, I still haven’t made an improvement and here are some reasons I’ve thought of about why I couldn’t sleep: 

  1. I was asleep all day.
  2. My thoughts at night are insane.
  3. I don’t really do much at daytime and it seems like all my energy is waiting to be wasted. (What? Lol.)
  4. It’s still my summer break and I know I’m not the only one suffering.
  5. Maybe I already have a sleeping disorder. No, please God, no. I don’t want that.

That’s all I can think– and as I’ve said earlier, I was already sleeping but I heard a really repititive noise and it woke me up. I was already asleep for like an hour and 30 minutes but that noise woke me up…

And guess what? 

It was my cats. They were in my desk and I placed my charger in my desk. My cat, Weasley, was wiggling his tail on the charger that’s why it was so noisy.

My good cats, you just ruined my sleep. And here’s to never sleeping again. Hehe, kidding.

Thanks for reading and little shoutout to Cheila for making my night amazing. I just watched her video and I really really loved it! ❤ 

PS. My little Weasley is cuddling me right now. Yeah you’ve been a good boy, you gotta pay for ruining my sleep by cuddling me. Hah

PPS. If you want to see and read about my pets, then click here. I’m planning to do a part two of it when Muning’s kittens grow a little bit more. Muning gave birth to 1 boy and 2 girl cats– the boy is white and the two girls were black with cute spots of white. Any name suggestions you have there? ;))


17 thoughts on “My Crazy Cats

  1. Oh cats can be goofballs! I have trouble sleeping, and I’ve learned a few things over the years. Your body, believe it or not, likes routine. So work at finding a routine that helps you get settled for the night. Maybe take a bath (baths are said to be calming right before bedtime), doing a face night routine that sets you up for being comfortable and relaxed, read a little bit, or write in a journal to get settled. I’ve heard the phrase, leave your thoughts at the bed post, which is good advice. Whatever you are struggling with, imagine holding a bundle in your hands and placing it at the end of the bed. Listen to calming music, instrumentals if you like them. Give God your thoughts and your fears. It takes dedication to keep a routine, especially if you’re a night owl. Also it may help to know, because you are a teen your body is still very much growing, so being tired does happen. It was something no one really told me when I was teen, and I wish I had known because I slept a lot. If you aren’t active in the day time, then you won’t be burning off your energy, and for trouble sleepers, this can be a problem. So set aside time for walking, cleaning, something to get you up and moving. These are just things I’ve learned from my own research. I do know it takes time for me to adjust to trying to get up early, and going to bed at a decent hour, which I still fail to do. But I have noticed when I had a routine my body acted a lot better. I also wanted to congratulate you. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. The rules are on my post. Hope you feel better!

  2. It’s really okay!😊 My cats were just playing around aha and thank you so much.❤ Also thanks for the recent follow, gotta check out your blog x

  3. My cats were really playful last night! Thank you so much for the great tips, I’ll make sure to use it. And I have my face night routine before I go to sleep, I also journal every night especially when I can’t really sleep and when I find it so difficult. I also pray– but it seems I’m stressing so much about sleeping so the result is I can’t sleep at all! Thanks so much again for this, T.R, I’ll make a good routine and I really hope my body clock changes again! And ahhh thank you so much! ❤ I’ll check it out x

  4. I feel Sorry that you didn’t get to sleep for longer but your cat seems adorable! 🙂

    this is my blog:

  5. Thanks for the suggestion!! I’ll think about it aha because I’m planning to give Belle if I had the chance to have another ginger cat. 😊 Thanks for dropping by!

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  7. Cats are always so adorable that it makes up for it all lol they are something else truly! But love them anyway💕 did you come up with names?

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