Back-To-School Supplies Haul

Hello everyone!! I am excited to share this with you all today, so here it is.. the very first haul that I have ever made in this blog and it’s also the first time I’m sharing my back to school stuff with you guys. I am going back to school next Tuesday and I just can’t wait! I hope you all like this haul and enjoy!

First thing that I’ve got is this tape container from Scotch and there’s a magic tape inside– which I really love! I also bought an extra scotch tape but sadly, it’s not the magic one.

Second thing that I got is a set of Dong-A metallic pens. I so love metallic pens and I immediately grabbed it when the counter gave it to me because it will help me a lot with journalling and doing some crafts!
Next thing that I got are clips. The pastel folded clips are from Dayue Products and the pink clips are from Clips.
Next, I also bought a set of Mongol pencils and a cute set of sharpeners and erasers from Bin Cheng.
Of course, I’ve got to have a new set of writing pens. I love the Faber Castell ones so I bought four of them. 2 red ballpens, 1 blue and 1 black. I also have a Pilot G-tec C3 because I really love how G-tec suits my handwriting.
Since I’ll be having books again this senior high, then I bought two highlighters from Stabilo. I wanted to get the pastel ones but I didn’t really find one so I’ll just stick with this because any Stabilo highlighter is no doubt amazing. The pen from the left was a freebie because I bought the highlighters in set.
I bought other essentials like correction tape and glue sticks. The correction tape was from Twingo and the glue sticks were from Stick-ee. I bought two correction tapes but forgot to include it in the pic so, sorry for that. Hah.
Another thing that I bought is a filler from Sterling. And I love the message on the cover page which says, “Future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.”, totally love the meaning and it kinda reminds me of Divergent. However, I still have notebooks to buy which I didn’t get to when we last had our school shopping. I’ll shop again for the second time around but I don’t think I’ll make a part two of this. 
I also got a plastic cover (for my books), one-fourth pad paper, one whole index card and one-fourth index card. I don’t know if we would still need ¼ pad papers but I decided to have one because it would be a shame if it’s the first day of school, and I have no ¼ pad with me.
And next thing that I got is this cute clipboard!!! I mean it’s really cute and I got it for only 100Php– totally a must get for everyone who loves doing lists. I also love its paper which is completely blank. Anyways, I wrote on the first page of it using my Dong-A metallic pens (I tried it out) but I wasn’t really in the mood to doodle earlier so I wrote my name instead. 
The last things that I got are these yellow pads (or coloured pads.) I got the yellow one from Best Buy and I got the coloured set (the pink one) from Cattleya. And the last thing is a coloured paper from Bio Top color. It has only one color and I chose pastel pink.

And that’s it– it’s done! Haha. I really loved doing this haul so I really hope you enjoy this, too. Anyway, I got all of these stuff from National Bookstore and no, these were not sponsored.

I hope you’re having a lovely day and I’ll see you again in my next post! ❤ 

What do you love most about school? ❤


55 thoughts on “Back-To-School Supplies Haul

  1. Woah! Looking at your garments makes me want to go to the mall. I’m not that ready yet. Geez. Haha I love the set up that’s going on in your pics though. 😁😊

  2. It’s really fascinating to have new stuff! And yeah, quite exciting but still I’m nervous! Aha thanks for dropping by my lovely! Have a great day! 💗💗

  3. Ahh thank you, Jazz!! And that’s smart, haha! We don’t have school bells here in the Philippines (but I guess in other schools there are) so I don’t really know the excitement 😂

  4. Thanks, Amelia!!! And ahh thank you so much 😫 Ahah I’m so glad it turned out good because I was just trying a few shots earlier. And thank you for noticing. 💗💗💗 Lots of hugs xxx

  5. The pink clip packaging is adorable! I wish our stores would give us free things when we bought stuff : ) . Wonderful job on your haul! May your next year be inspiring and bright!

  6. I love shopping for back to school items even though I dread going back. My favorite pens have to be the muji or pilot in .38 and a whole bunch of other cute things. I can be a little extra with school items. Haha.

  7. Oh you don’t? Aw😔 Well I guess there’s some good reasons for not having a bell, sometimes they scare the life out of me! And they’re a total nightmare when you’re decide to go into school with a raging headache….true sad story😭😂

  8. Hah that’s what I’m totally feeling right now!! 😂 I’ll try to search for that pen– thanks for sharing and aha cute things are really a factor to make you buy stuff. 💗 Thanks for dropping by and I hope you’re having a lovely day!!

  9. I really like how you set up the pictures and good luck senior year! I always loved getting cute supplies too, that clipboard is the cutest!

  10. What I love I about school, Buying school supplies but not going back to school. 🙂 I also love recess, lunch, and dismissal 😛

  11. But at the same time it’s also hard to accept that school is real. Lol haha. I just really love new stuff and back to school shopping is a way to have new items! 😂 Thanks so much for dropping by! 😊❤

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