May Playlist 2017

Hello hello hello everyone! I know, my playlist this month was late but my month would never be complete without a playlist post– so here it is! And if you like music and searching for new songs and genres, this post is perfect just for you!

  • Malibu by Miley Cyrus 

Hey, this song is just so cute! And I am so happy that Miley is releasing music like the ones before again. It’s just so cute and the message, a brand new start, a dream come true in Malibu. This song is just amazing! 

  • There For You by Martin Garrix, Troye Sivan

If you’ve read my previous playlists and my playlists last year, then you know that I’m an absolute lover of Troye and his music. So pleasing to the ears and it’s so calming. 

  • I Like Me Better by Lauv

Ahhh I’ve seen this song first in Youtube, I clicked it and right now I’m listening to it on Spotify! This song is just sooo good and you should check it if you still haven’t! 

  • Reforget by Lauv 

And because I have loved Lauv’s I Like Me Better, I searched for his other songs and I found Reforget. Another song I recommend. And Lauv is an artist that I really recommend. 

  • Halfway Right by Linkin Park

Ah this song is just so good!! So Linkin Park released a new album called One More Light. It’s an album that I really recommend and it’s Linkin Park, hey! 

  • I Have Questions by Camila Cabello

I love Camila when she was still in Fifth Harmony and I still love her now even though she left the group and went solo. I love this song but if you don’t like songs that are like so dramatic then this one’s not for you. But I promise the song is good. 

Christian songs:

  • Wonder by Hillsong United

Hillsong will never fail to amaze me! They make amazing Christian songs and you all should just listen! 

  • Footprints In The Sand by Leona Lewis

This song is so powerful. I am quite familiar with the song when I was a kid but I can’t remember that’s why I listened to it again. The song makes me so emotional and I feel so so loved. This isn’t a new song though but I highly recommend this one.

  • Set a Fire by Will Reagan, United Pursuit

This was one of the songs that was taught to us in the camp and I sooo love this song!!! I want more of you, God. And this was the song used as a background music when we’re having the fourth session. I really recommend this, promise! 

  • Broken Vessels by Hillsong Worship

This is another powerful song that makes me realise how graceful our God is, to save a wretch like me. Another song that I would really recommend to everyone. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found new songs that you could listen to as well!

What’s your favourite song this May? 🌸


31 thoughts on “May Playlist 2017

  1. Some great songs in there and a great post!! My favourite song this month has to be ‘Can I be him’ by James Arthur it’s such a beautiful and emotional song and James has such a gorgeous voice 😊❤ xx

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