Back To School Shopping List

Hello everyone!!! May is nearly ending and June is fastly approaching! June 13th is the start of our classes and I’m so nervous to start senior high! We still don’t have the requirements to buy since the school didn’t give us one but these will be the things I’d like to buy for an organised school year!

✔ 1 cattleya filler 

⭕ Notebooks 

✔ Stabilo highlighters 

✔ Pilot G-tec C3 

✔ Correction tape/liquid eraser

✔ 3 red ballpens

⭕ 1 multicolor ballpen

✔ 2 sets of yellow pad 

⭕ School planner!

⭕ Sticky notes

⭕ Plastic cover for my books

✔ Pencil case and pencils 

✔ Bookmarks or pins 

  • Other essentials 

⭕ White sandos 

⭕ Rubber or running shoes

⭕ A straight cut pants (required!!!!)

⭕ School shoes (either flats or with heels)

⭕ Toothpicks and breath mints (people with braces know the struggle)

✔ Bag

✔ Water tumbler

  • For my desk or study table

⭕ Magazine rack (for my papers lol)

⭕ A little box or storage where I can put my school materials

And so far that’s it! I will make a post about this soon when I bought everything already and some back to school organising tips! 

What other things can you suggest? And what’s one thing that you always buy when you’re shopping for school? 


23 thoughts on “Back To School Shopping List

  1. I buy correction tape. It’s like when you make a mistake with your own, then you can cross it out using that.
    I love back to school shopping, sometimes you can try other brands that you haven’t tried before!

  2. Eccentric Muse

    I miss this! Congrats on starting your senior year and I hope you’ll make wonderful memories!

  3. shanicebvrbin

    I’m so gonna miss this! I’m gonna start adulting now, whew. Make senior year count! God bless in your studies! 🙂

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