Meet My Pets!!! 

After a long time of thinking whether to have a post about my pets or not, I finally decided to introduce them to you! I always tell in facts that I have 5 cats (the black one got missing so basically it’s 4) and 1 dog. But let’s change it– because there are new babies in our family so in total, we have 7 cats and a dog!! 

Let’s start with my first cat. 

  • Muning

She was a stray cat that my dad found and he gave it to me. I still don’t know how to name a cat before and I don’t think I should name a cat so in the end, she was called Muning. 

Honestly, Muning is so intelligent. Whenever I call her she responses quickly and I sooo love that about her.

These are her pictures growing up:

She’s quite filthy this time.
She got her eye hurt this time and I was furious. She likes playing outside and I don’t know why she got hurt.
Soo cute, right?
This is her now and recently she gave birth to three kittens– that makes the total of my cats 7!

Okay, they have only few pictures when they’re not together so I’ll post the pictures of them together. These are my ginger cats and swear they are so sweet!! They’re both guys though and I’m glad they won’t bear a child– 7 cats are enough, please! Ahah.

Crookshanks is so playful and he’s much sweeter than Weasley before. But when we treated his eyes because it had some sort of infection, he got scared and he’s not too sweet anymore like before. Crookshanks has no tail (I don’t know if I should call it bobtail lol) and he has the red neck accessory. 

Weasley is waaay more playful than Crookshanks!! Fingers crossed he is!! He’s also sweet too. Weasley has a tail and he wears the green neck accessory. 

And yes, I got their names from Harry Potter. :p

I can’t tell who’s Crookshanks or Weasley. This was taken a long time ago and they don’t have their tails in this picture.

The one who’s sitting weirdly is Crookshanks. Sooo cute, right?!
Crookshanks having a lovely time with an egg.
Weasley got scared one time and it only made him cuter.


The last grown up cat is Gracia but sadly I don’t have any available picture of her. Like Muning, she’s also a stray cat and one time we just realise that she’s living in the house already. I’ll try to take a picture of her soon– she’s not comfortable with people and runs away that’s why it’s hard.

Here are some random pictures of Muning, Crookshanks and Weasley:

Muning and… Luna– the one that got missing. 😦

Muning’s kittens are still tiny and they can’t even walk yet. I don’t want to take a picture of them because Muning is so protective ahah she might get angry at me.

  • Bob

And for the last one, Bob! He is our dog and he’s very intelligent and loyal. Whenever I walk outside he’s always with me and whenever we come home at night Bob is always there waiting for us.

This is the only available picture of Bob in my phone. Everytime I try to take a picture of him he always move and the picture becomes blurry so..

Thank you so much for reading this and I really hope you’re having a lovely day! 

Let me know in the comments– are you a cat or a dog person or a lover of both? And what kind of pets do you have at home? I’d love to know! 


42 thoughts on “Meet My Pets!!! 

  1. They are all too cute!! And have such unique names, I just want to pet them all! 😂 I did have three dogs up until last month when we rehomed one but now I have two and a cat. Ruby is a Labrador and Toby is a cavachon. I am a dog person but I still our cat, skirtsy. Great post! 😄💗

  2. Dear Jirah, thank you so much for sharing your pets’ stories and pictures – they are all adorable, but Muning with those two black ears is simply gorgeous! And the little kissing twins – precious!

  3. All your pets are adorable! I’m verry sorry about your lost cat, and I’m a fan of both cats and dogs. I am also a HP fan, and if I have a pet, I will call it Ron if it likes to eat and sleep a lot

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  5. PenelopeCrumb

    I love all animals! You’re so blessed! We used to have hamsters, but they died. Before that, we also used to have fishies, but they too died. *sigh*

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