Pray For The World

I can’t sleep. I totally can’t. 

But I just can’t empty my mind. So full of thoughts and it’s just so depressing. 

First, Manchester. We all knew what happened. 

And now, there’s an invasion in Marawi, Philippines. According to some statements, buildings are being burned right now, gun shootings everywhere and they kill innocent people. It’s just so saddening that all of this has to happen. 

And the saddest part? 

Some people blame Muslims. 

Filipinos are fighting due to their political views. 

And please. Can everyone just stop and be one? Just for now– in a time like this. We all need everyone. 

Terrorism has no religion. No religion is to be blamed for this. 

And Filipinos, blue will always be above red. There’s no way our flag will be reversed. That can’t happen. 

I’m honestly so depressed right now– just to think what’s happening in the world. I can’t even sleep in my own room because it feels unsafe.

I want to feel safe again. 

It doesn’t matter where you are right now. Please be safe. Please. I want you to be safe. And please have a moment with God and pray. 

I’m logging off now. See you.


20 thoughts on “Pray For The World

  1. It is such a horrible tragedy all that is going on in the world now but who are we to judge a religion. We can never do that. We have to have faith in god and see what he has in store us 😊😊

  2. Horrible. That’s all I can think of. We can only continue to pray and not give up on humanity. Take care of yourself.

  3. I’m so sorry you’re feeling unsafe, honey. Trust God. I also believe that we should not blame a religious for something a bunch of fanatics decide to do. Muslims are not the problem, a few crazy people, who happen to be Muslims, unfortunately, are doing very bad things and misrepresenting their religion and going against its principles.

  4. Jirah you are so amazing to post this ❤️ All the violence and hatred going on is so disgusting and non-human. I just pray that whoever reading this (any EVERYONE) is safe, and should feel safe, because they truly deserve to be. Have a lovely evening everyone. Take care of yourself! ❤️xx

  5. Last night’s incident is so heartbreaking and being a true Muslim you are praying for the safety of people as well as the bomber to be not muslim because it puts you in the position where you feel you need to defend your religion and yourself as being a muslim

  6. I just pray for anyone who has been affected by these incidents and that we will be able to stand together through these horrible tragedy’s. Thanks for sharing this post xx

  7. What the rebel groups are doing are just so horrifying. I hope we all find peace and I absolutely agree with you. We need to be safe and we need to feel safe in this world we live in. Take care always, Tabi. And be safe!

  8. I still don’t get the people who blames Muslim. I mean, no one, not any religion should be blamed for this because I certainly believe that those terrorists has no religion. But still, close minded people are close minded. I’m so sorry– they don’t have to blame your religion. Please always keep safe and take care!

  9. I agree. So horrifying. Those girls just wanted to have some fun and listen to the music of their idol and goodness, they are all innocent. That doesn’t have to happen in a concert, or in anywhere else. I hope these bombings and terrorism stops soon. And there was a movement in Twitter yesterday night wherein netizens ask to postpone all 2017 concerts– for the safety of everyone. As saddening as it may be, it’s still for safety and to prevent what has happened in Manchester. And I’m still deeply sad on what’s happening. Please always take care and keep safe!

  10. Its absolutely terrifying what happened to all those young girls and other fans who came out to the show. Going to a concert has been one of my favourite experiences to have since I started attending them but these attacks have frightened me. And even though I’m scared, I’m also angered that people think they can hate an entire group of people instead of the actual vicious people who do these thoughts are with all who were affected..

  11. There’s been an invasion in Marawi, Mindanao. Schools and other buildings are burned and the terrorists are claiming Marawi as if it’s their own city.

  12. Ah, Cheila!!! I’m really sorry I hadn’t seen this 6 days ago. Your comments were in spam and I really don’t know why :((( But true– and they shouldn’t be considered as Muslims anymore. Terrorism has no religion 😦

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