500 Followers Q and A

May 5th, 2017 – I made a Q and A to celebrate 400 followers. And now, May 23rd, another Q and A again? 18 days?! Ah it feels surreal!! I am honestly so blessed! 

5 months ago I made my 2017 goals and wow, I just reached my goals for this blog! The only thing I haven’t reached yet is to have a total of atleast 15,000 hits– I’m not even in 10k yet but I’m pretty sure I’ll reach this too!

I am so so happy to make new friends too and to know amazing bloggers. Everyone of you is an inspiration, always remember that! 

If you’re reading this, thank you for visiting. You don’t know how happy I am right now. Thank you so much.

wormalblog asked me these questions last Q and A. I completely forgot to add it in the 400 followers Q and A so I’ll just add it here. Sorry bb!

Who was your first crush? 

  • My first crush was my childhood playmate and I rarely see him now. And he’s not my crush anymore. Ahah.

If money was no object? What would you get? 

  • Plane tickets, a camera, a laptop and tons of books! That would sum up my life. 

Do you have a happy place? If so, where is it? 

  • I feel so happy in my room and I feel the most comfortable in my room too, so that would be my happy place.

    T.R Noble asked:

    What is your favourite song? And why?

    • My favourite song as of the momentis One Day More by Les Miserables casts. I love Les Mis so much and I’m quite back at it again with playing their soundtrack. 

    Tink the Belle asked: 

    What motivates you? 

    • I have a lot of reason to be motivated in doing great things in life. But what motivates me the most is that I need to help other people too. In that way I can make myself, God and my family happy. 

    Mila asked:

    Are you a cat or a dog person? 

    • I honestly love both. But I have 7 cats with me so I’d go with cats.

    Elline asked:

    When did you last remember and embrace a memory and what is that? 

    • I embrace every memories I have in me. I don’t know why but I had thought of our trip to Manila just now.

      Chape asked:

      What is your favourite ice cream flavor?

      • Chocolate!! And there’s this red velvet ice cream from Cornetto and I love it so much, it’s also my favourite.

      Maggie asked:
      Why did you start blogging? 

      • I started blogging because I was inspired by Zoella. At first, I really don’t know what blogging is. I was never interested but then I read Zoë’s book which is Girl Online and I was so inspired to do a blog. Later on, I visited Zoë’s blog and I became more inspired. I decided to do one myself as I want to have a room or a personal space in the online world.

      What do you think is your best quality?

      • I don’t exactly know what you mean by quality but if it’s about my personality, I’d say my positivity and if about my appearance, I’d say my eyes. I really love my eyes.

      What are a few things you’re really good at? 

      • Whenever I’m telling stories to my friends or any happenings in my life, I always don’t tell them one part. And then I tell them when I think it’s the right time and then they just say, boom, plot twist. And it’s really hilarious. It’s like I’m making my life a whole story with plotholes and twists. And I am good at convincing people. 

      What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone new? 

      • I love my eyes, and I absolutely love other people’s eyes as well. Sometimes eyes say everything, sometimes it speaks nothing. That’s the first thing I notice whenever I meet someone new– and if their eyes are beautiful, geez. It’s so amazing– and one of my bad habits is staring at someone’s eyes. Aha I’m sorry.

      Tabi Bee asked:

      What was the most recent blog you followed and looked at properly, and why? 

      • The blog that I have looked at properly is Jen Kyla although her blog’s not the last one I followed. I visited her blog because 1) she’s my cousin 2) she’s new and 3) you all should visit her blog. You will enjoy it! 

      If you could live with five items, what would they be? 

      • Comfortable clothes, The Bible (as I need the gospel to strengthen me up), a laptop and a camera for my blogging aaand a journal. 

        Thoughts in Life asked:

        What is your favourite part of the day and why? 

        • My favourite part of the day is afternoon– especially when the sun is setting already. As much as I love sunrise, I can’t be up too early. 

        Starring Pamela asked:

        What superhero power would you love to have and how would you use it to people? (I’m assuming you’d be a hero because you’re nice and sweet!) 

        • Ah thank you so much, Pamela! It’s quite a hard one since I’m not really into superheroes but one thing I have in my mind right now is to remember everything I’ve seen. In some ways, it can help other people too– and I also thought of oblivion. No one wants to be forgotten, right? This honestly can help and I can be a good lawyer with this and help the ones who are right and in need! (Aha!) 

        Lee asked:

        Unicorn, mermaids or fairies? 

        If you could create your own planet, what would you name it? 

        • Meri Planet. Ahaha it’s lame I know but Meri is quite good. 

        Lillies, daisies or tulips? 

        • Lillies all the way! But I also like daisies. 

        Life of Angela asked:

        What do you do to improve your mood when you’re in a bad mood? 

        • I always think of positive thoughts. I find look for one corner to sit on and I think positively. It seriously uplifts my mood. 

        What weird talent do you have? 

        • I can do a little gymnastics! (Lol) My body is not flexible when dancing but I can reach my head using both feet at the same time. – weird, super weird. I’ve had this skill since I was a little kid and was surprised I can still do it. Still..it’s weird. 

        Do you prefer to watch movies in the home theater or in the comfort of your own home? 

        • I prefer to watch movies at our own home!! It’s quite pricey when we watch in a theater because we’ll have to pay for the transportation, food and if we got nosy, we’ll buy clothes and other stuff at the mall so it’s better at home!

        Amelia in Hull asked:
        What’s your favourite country you’ve ever visited and why? 

        • It’s so sad to think about this but I have never travelled to another country. As much as I want to travel, it’s so expensive and I gotta earn my own money first. 

        What was the worst decision you’ve ever made in your life and why? 

        • I don’t consider any worst decision as of now but when I was a kid, I lied to my mum about swimming and when I got home, she was furious at me she wouldn’t even talk to me. Swimming without my mum knowing is the worst decision I consider.

        Elsie L.M.C asked:

        Do you feel as if your blog has helped you in any way? 

        • It has helped me a lot– seriously! And I’m so thankful for everyone who supports or talks to me in this blogging world. 

        Do you have any summer plans? 

        • We had– and we did some! It’s not summer anymore in our country so…

        What goes through your mind when you read the first post you published in your blog? 

        • Somewhat cringey and somehow what? A year ago I made this post and I’ve never thought it would actually make a difference in my life. 

        Hayley of Luna asked:

        Who is your idol and why? 

        • God is my idol and why? Because He made everything as is and has great plans for all of us!! 

        Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’re having a lovely day! Huge thanks to everyone who has asked questions because I absolutely enjoyed it and you made me happy! 

        What is your current follower goal as of now and how are you feeling today? ❤ 


        43 thoughts on “500 Followers Q and A

        1. ktwritings

          Congrats on hitting this milestone!! 🙂
          Much love, keep growing and spreading great positivity.
          Enjoyed reading your Q&A ❤

        2. Eccentric Muse

          Congrats and I enjoyed reading your answers. God is also my idol. I admire people, their work etc., but I’ll never call them my idol.

        3. Congratulations! Funnily enough I just reached 500 too XD
          I loved getting to know you more and reading your answers to all these questions, I’m the same with movies. I prefer the comfort of my own home, and hey lets be honest, it’s cheaper 🙂

        4. Congrats on 500 bb! You deserve them all and many more coming your way aha! Thank you for answering my questions bb! I’m gonna go check out your cousins blog now aha

        5. I loved reading all your answers! And thanks for answering my questions 😍 xx I love admiring others’ eyes, too. Sometimes too much! They’ll look at me sometimes like I’m crazy 😂

        6. My current blog goal is to reach 500 followers by the end of the year. I hope to expand my blog to bring out other topics than the ones I normally talk about. I hope to reintroduce spiritual posts back into my blog. This blog originally started as being a blog about musicals and spirituality, but eventually my spiritual posts began to show up less and less. My blog talks about musicals a lot, but I love them that much, which was sparked by Wicked and turned into a passion by Les Mis

        7. Goal: 500 followers. Hope to do that by expanding blog. Hope to reintroduce spiritual posts into my blog. Do review books and movies at times. Does have a big focus on musicals and I have a passion for musicals: that love was sparked by Wicked and turned into a passion Les Mis

        8. This is the first blogpost I’m reading from you AND IT’S AMAZING!!! Congratulations with the 500!! I hope one day i will reach 500 too :). but I’m just started so it will take a while. Anyways, you’re just an amazing blogger!!

        9. Thank you so much, Olivia! I appreciate that you had the time to visit my blog and I hope you reach 500, too!! Just keep on blogging and I’m sure you’ll reach it x

        10. Les Mis changed my perspective of musicals.

          As someone who grew up with happy musicals, it wasn’t easy adjusting to the nature of Les Mis. I wasn’t expecting to be a tragedy and as a result of finding out, I didn’t know to exactly respond. I didn’t know if I liked it or not. Despite not knowing whether or not I liked it, I still reproached it (first exposure was the movie).

          The second time I was able to calm down and saw so much more and eventually was able to realize Les Mis is more than being tragic and heartbreaking.

          Soon in my journey, I realized Les MIs is about hope, compassion, love, forgiveness, humanity, sacrifice, and redemption. Before Les Mis, I was 100% blind to heartbreak in the world of musicals, but the realization of the emotion in Les Mis made me appreciate emotions in other musicals as well. Knowing about heartbreak made it much easier to connect to the negative emotions and made it easier to spot them. I could go on and on about the importance of Les Mis in my life

        11. Ah I loved musicals because of Les Mis. It totally taught me a lot about life and yes, the story’s just so heartbreaking but I absolutely loved the Epilogue of it– especially when they are in the garden of the Lord already. ❤

          It’s such a beautiful musical. ❤

        12. In my musical journey, I still believe that most musicals are happy. But I do believe all musicals are joyful even though it sounds a bit misleading. Calling all musicals joyful is referring directly the actual experience and the positive side of a musical

        13. Awww!! I want to thank you for visiting my blog and realising we have so much in common. Haha. I look forward to talk with you even more. ❤❤ And Les Mis is just!!!! 😻😻❤

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