Midnight Thoughts + Today’s Plans

Alright. I slept at 11pm earlier and I managed to somehow sleep. But it’s not the sleep wherein I’ll forget everything and start dreaming because it’s like I was just closing my eyes. 

Ugh! I was practicing to sleep early again but here I am writing this at 2:32 am. I really can’t sleep and I have an appointment with the dentist at 8am and we’ll leave at 5am so I think I wouldn’t really sleep at all. 

I really hate it. 

I honestly cleared all of my thoughts and then I tried so hard to sleep again but I just can’t. And then I realise I was stressing over it so I head on to Launchora and did short stories. I managed to do two short stories out of my boredom. 

Okay. So here’s my to-do list for tomorrow as I want my thoughts to stop and to start thinking about a productive day tomorrow. Or should I say later.


✔ Go to the dentist and have my teeth checked because apparently I might be getting braces. 

➡ Feed my cats and dog.

✔ Re-organise my desk. 

✔ Do cute DIYs to add in the desk. 

➡ Do a shopping list on what to buy before the school starts. 

✔ Publish 2 Launchora stories. 

✔ Organise my books and my papers.

➡ Change my bed sheet and pillow cases.

✔ Write on my journal.

✔ Finish 3 of my list of lists to do. 

✔ Publish main post for tomorrow. 

✔ Hopefully draft about an outfit post.

✔ Interact and find new bloggers. 

✔ Check mails.

✔ Sleep.

Ah this is pretty long, right? I hope I don’t sleep after going to the dentist because I have a bad habit of sleeping after going somewhere so early. 

I want to sleep. Right now. But I can’t lol. 

I’ll publish this right now. I’ll just add a featured image tomorrow. So, bye everyone and see you in my dreams! (Creepy.)

Alright, kidding. Let me know what’s on your mind right now and let me know some of your tasks to do today. 


9:15 I got my teeth checked and I’ll get braces this Saturday. I’m really nervous to have it but the dentist said I have way too many gaps in my teeth so I really need braces. 

19:42 Ahh I slept! It was afternoon already when we got home and I did crafts!! I’m not yet finished crafting the stuff that I did but I’ll finish it tomorrow. I also drafted an outfit post and I can’t wait to share it to you. I’ll feed my pets now, see you later! 

21:55 Apparently there were no more cat food left so we gotta buy a kg tomorrow. Bob (my dog) ate all the cat food geez I’m sure my cats would starve!! 😦 I already checked the sleep on the list since I slept earlier. I have published one story in Launchora and will publish one again later. See you! 


21 thoughts on “Midnight Thoughts + Today’s Plans

  1. Ah I feel tired just thinking about how late you’re sleeping ha ha. I love how sleep is literally on your to do list. I swear sometimes I wake up in the morning and I’m like oh, is it bed time yet? I hope your dentist appointment goes well and you manage to have a productive day tomorrow 🙂

  2. Ahh good to know that to do lists are helping you with your anxiety! It’s really hard to overcome it and things are really scary so I’m glad it helps. Thanks for dropping by! 😀❤❤

  3. Trust me I’m so tired to have this kind of sleep problem too! I always have a love hate relationship with sleeping but everyone really needs it! And thank you so so much. I’m anxious to meet the dentist today.

  4. Ah, I have an appointment at the dentist, too – tomorrow for a cleaning. >_> They want my wisdom teeth out, as they’re coming in somewhat, and they highly recommend braces, but I haven’t scheduled any of that yet, lol. I hope your appointment goes well for you! Your to-do list looks awesome! xxx

  5. Ooh good luck with your appointment! I just went to the dentist and I’ll be having braces this Saturday already. I’m soo nervous 😞 Thank you so so much x

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