A Message To Someone (Collab With Mental Catastrophe)

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! If you still don’t know, Monday is our collab day and yes we know we’re a bit late so we’re very sorry! But for today’s collab, we’ll be doing a message to someone and we won’t tell who the person is. I don’t know if you’re interested but if you are, keep on reading! 


We never really talked. We never even had a conversation personally. We only talk in messages and I’m completely not happy with it. Whenever we’re together personally, I feel distant and I know you do too. I can’t be with you for so long. I don’t know what I would feel because some of my friends would tease me but I always get overwhelmed with happiness. And it’s totally bad. I badly want to leave you because I’m not happy with our friendship. Honestly, it feels like everything you say isn’t true and I don’t like that. I want honesty. You’ll message me with hi and I end up not opening your message again because I hate a conversation like that. It’s my bad that I would say this but it’s completely nonsense. I don’t know what do you really feel and what’s running in your mind but just please be honest with me. That’s all I ask. I know you suffer from depression too and it’s like you have inferiority complex, that’s why I want to understand you. We’ve shared a lot of good times so please…just be honest and I’m alright with it. 

Thank you so so much for reading. I don’t want to tell this to that particular person so I’ll leave it here. And read Elline’s message to someone too because it’s a collab with her!! Sorry for being one day late! Let me know your insights and do you have a message to someone in your life right now? Mind sharing it? ☺


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