What’s On My Phone

Okay, hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!! I’m so sorry for feeling a bit down yesterday and not interacting at all but I’m all okay now and… let’s have a tour on my phone! 

I know this post is just so random– but I don’t think of anything else as of the moment so let’s get started! I will also suggest apps that are so helpful to me in blogging. 

What’s On My Phone (2017)

When you open my phone, you’ll see the home screen and I have this wallpaper with me to remind me that if I’m being confused or doubting, just pray. Instead of making my picture as my wallpaper, I put motivational or Bible verses lockscreens instead. That way, I can think positively and be motivated whenever I’m not feeling myself.

When you swipe left, you’ll see some shortcut widgets on some of my most used social applications. Oh, in the upper right, there’s a widget about what’s the date and time today and swear it’s very helpful because I set my time to 24-hour format and we’re not used to that format– but I like complicating myself so I still did. Well you all know how Facebook, Messenger, WordPress, Camera and Gallery works, right? Let’s not get deep as it’s very simple. Ahah. I also have a widget about my battery percentage and a phone boost widget. On the bottom part, there are my contacts, dial, app menu box, messaging and browser. 

So when you open the app box, you’ll see this. I honestly didn’t like to put the apps in folders but then I later realised that it’s more organised with this one. The last 4 apps are 1) camera– I don’t actually know what I was thinking to put the camera there but let’s just leave it there 2) Holy Bible– because I need a daily dose of verses and it really comes in handy, promise 3) Merriam Webster dictionary and 4) Microsoft Word. I use Microsoft Word for schoolworks and sometimes I also use it whenever I have short stories to write. 

When you open the folder “blog”, you’ll see these apps and these are the ones that I use daily– but to be totally honest, I still don’t know how to use Bloglovin’– shame on me. Of course there’s WordPress and Pinterest. I also put Gmail and Email here because I only get mails blog related and if you’re wondering why I have 99+ notifs, it’s because I get notified too whenever someone comments or follows my blog– and I’m too lazy to open them. But I still see important mails whenever I have something to do and hi, I’m open for collaborations!

Gmail: jisimpx@gmail.com

Yay let’s get into Editors! First app would be Picsart but I don’t really use Picsart that much– it still comes in handy so I don’t delete it. Next one would be Phonto– my favourite app ever!! Have you seen my featured photos with those fancy fonts? I edit them with Phonto! Well the app offers so many fonts already but I want that calligraphy-ish ones so I download them and extract them in Phonto. Let’s move on to another app which is Calligraphy Name– I also use this one for my featured photos and you’ll probably know if I use Phonto or Calligraphy name in it. 1 Second Everyday is also a great app and I think I saw this from Glucksgeist– I am loving it so far and to the last app, VSCO– it’s an essential. 

Here are some of the featured photos I made in Phonto:

Here are some of the featured photos I made in Calligraphy Name:

Let’s go in the Essentials! I won’t really get long in this one as you may have it in your phone too and you know how it works– but yeah, these are my essentials! 

Next up would be of course– games! These are the games I play and these are online RPGs except for Minecraft. But the updated version of Minecraft can be played online too. 

And in the Languages folder you’ll see some of my language learning apps. I highly recommend Duolingo because it’s so helpful to me and it’s like having an actual online lessons– I really love it. Another app is Italian– I tend to forget so many terms but the app is not completely free. It’s also helpful and the last one is SpeakTribe Spanish– because I also wanted to learn Spanish at some point. Spanish is quite easy because it’s the same as some of the Filipino words and Italian was the elective that my school gave to me so I’m studying it more. 

In this folder which is Read– you’ll find Wattpad and Launchora. I don’t actually read in Wattpad now but it still come in handy at times especially when I have nothing to do at all. And Launchora, a great app for writers and poets! You all should give Launchora a try. It’s so easy to use and the app’s design is so cute. 

And let’s head on the Social folder! Of course it has my Facebook app, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Messenger, Play Store and Youtube! 

A shameless promo here lol but thought you might give me a follow in Twitter and Instagram: @jirahmerizz / jirahmerizz

Here’s a sneak peak to my Instagram account: 

And to the last part… Video Players! Because I watch videos and a lot of Kdrama in my phone. My favourite video player is MX Player because I’ve gotten so used to it but VLC is good, too! 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’re all having a lovely day and I really hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments your Twitter or Instagram usernames and I might give you a follow! 


18 thoughts on “What’s On My Phone

  1. Great idea for a post! I’ve seen this so much on YouTube but not WordPress! I might give it a try. I use Wattpad and uploaded stories there but I need to update. Thanks for sharing your photo editing apps. I have a bunch I use including Phonto before but never calligraphy name. I’m gonna try it ouy💕✨

  2. Good article, Jirah! Ive never used duo lingo before. Usually i pick the first source of translation on google. Might change that.
    You’re learning Spanish? Awesome! Im learning Russian for when I go to Central Asia. I love travel and cultures. You can see some of my work on my blog.

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