Welcome To The Club Reaction! 

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a lovely day and here’s me, back at it again with the album reactions! 

If you still don’t know, I’m an absolute lover of music and whenever my favourites releases something, I would just go jumping off somewhere and jam with their new songs! So recently, New Hope Club released their first ever EP which is called Welcome To The Club. 

The EP has 4 music and each one of it is just so good!! I mean honestly, you all should go listen to it right now! 

  • Fixed 
  • Water
  • Friend Of A Friend
  • Perfume

The first song that they released was Perfume and I’ve been listening to that for ages! I’ve also included Perfume in some of my monthly playlist so you could say that I’m really a fan of them! 

It’s so good to hear something new from them! I was there when they first uploaded their cover which is Wake Up by The Vamps and I continued on watching them and now, they’re here!! I’m just so proud! 

Well, my favourite is still Perfume and guess what? It’s playing in my mind right now! Ahah I’m obsessed. 

I highly recommend this to everyone especially if you’re wanting to hear new chill hits! This EP is just perfect for you. And have you ever watched NHC’s videos? I’m absolutely sure you’ll love them! 

And if you haven’t met the band members yet.. I’m also here to introduce them! 

  • Reece Bibby 

  • Blake Richardson

  • George Smith

I basically love the three of them and they are all so good!! But I have a huge crush on Blake and I got a video message from him from my internet friend and I was just soooo gladdd!!! He said my name– okay I’m so fangirling right now, but I can’t find the vid so sorry! 

That’s it for today!! Download “Welcome To The Club” now on Spotify!! And let me know in the comments on what you think! ❤


4 thoughts on “Welcome To The Club Reaction! 

  1. stylianadimitriou

    Well I’ve been looking for new music. Gonna check them out right now..I’ll keep you updated haha

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