Mother’s Day Gift Guide (Philippines) 

Hello everyone!!! Mother’s day is fast approaching and I thought to make a gift guide for every loving child out there. Some of the items here are exclusive in the Philippines only but some are also available internationally! 

Let’s start! 

  • Sephora Limited Edition Mother’s Day Set

I personally love this one from Sephora but it’s exclusively for beauty pass members only. But of course, here’s an alternative! 


My mum is personally inlove with Maybelline and their lippies! I added this to my gift guide because mum doesn’t really want matte lipsticks. She only has a few. 

But of course, it’s a guide so if your mum loves matte ones, here’s another set from Maybelline too! 

And enough for the fab ones!! You can also give:

  • Red Ribbon Cake 

  • Letter

I wouldn’t get too long in this gift guide. I’ve added the things that I wanted to give mum that can also guide you as well. But if you’re in a budget like me, you can just buy a cake and give a letter to your mom! As for me, this is what I’m doing for the Mother’s day! 

Remember, a heartwarming letter is more heartfelt than any of those material things! Give your mum something this Mother’s day. Let’s spread love and honour every Mom in the world because they’re certainly the best! 

Thank you so so much for reading and I hope this little gift guide will come in handy to you. I know it’s not a lot but I think mums appreciate everything you give to them soo…❤ 

Let me know what you think! What else can you add in this guide? 


12 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Guide (Philippines) 

  1. You can treat her at the salon or spa so that she can still feel beautiful and relaxed despite of all the hard work she’s done!

  2. These are all such cute ideas, I really love the last idea about a letter. It’s always so nice to put down in words how much your mum means 😀

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