My Childhood Memories

Hello hello hello everyone!! I hope you’re all having a lovely time wherever you are right now! 

I had a dream last night about my childhood, well, I don’t actually know if I dreamed about it but all I know is that when I wake up, there’s a word childhood in my mind. Weird, right? I know! But thanks to my early thoughts I have something to post for today! So without further ado, let’s start! 


  • I had a mini debut in my 7th birthday! 

If you can call that a debut. I don’t know in other countries but here in the Philippines, families celebrate 7th birthdays like a debut. I remember it has 7 dances, 7 candles and other stuff. But I didn’t have that program in my birthday! All I know is that I was dressed as a fairy and there were gifts everywhere and food and there’s so much fun! That was an awesome and a super cool experience! I still remember some of their gifts and some of it are still with me!

  • I was an achiever ’til the 6th grade.

I remember my parents being so proud of me because I was always first in class. Awesome, right? But when I reached high school, uhm..bye! 

  • I joined in dance competitions. 

My golly. Did I really?! But seriously, I joined dance competitions. We were one group in our barangay (town) and we compete in other barangays. It’s soooo cringey!! I don’t know how to dance, my body is seriously stiff, so I wonder how did I look before. That’s so ew! 

  • I had my first crush back then. Cringe.

But it’s also an awesome memory, too! Since I love being outside when I was a kid, I play with too many kids too and I met my first crush there! Aha. I still know him now but he’s not my crush anymore. Don’t have time for

  • I always do my best to get out of the house. 

Our housekeepers doesn’t want me to go outside because they’re tired of cleaning me up. I play with dirt outside and I go back home being so filthy and such! They forbid me to go out but I always sneak out! My parents only go home at night because they’re at work and mum also doesn’t want me to go out. I always get scolded every night. 

  • We made our own tree house!

Our town was like a jungle, there were so many trees but it’s clean because the elderly takes care of it. Since me and my playmates are just so crazy, we climb in every trees and we made our own mini treehouse. There’s no real house in it but apparently, that’s our meeting place– my playmates and I doesn’t go to the same school that’s why sometimes it’s hard for me to cope up. But I badly miss that tree! I also remember that I climbed in a really tall tree and believe me, I saw what’s beyond our town. I saw the city market’s building on the other side and on the other, I saw green trees which was just so beautiful! 

  • I collect snails and put them in a jar. 

I can’t believe I did that! I am so afraid of snails now and worms and other living thing that lives underground or in dirt. I really really can’t believe that I did that. I also still remember the look of the snails inside the jar…goosebumps.

  • I pick and eat berries and I also remember eating something that I got from the ground. 

One of the most awesome memories! There are blackberries in a particular tree (it’s still alive now and still fruit) and I remember picking every berry in it. The taste was awesome and of course, the experience! Also, my grandmother and I were picking coffee beans and my grandmother gave me something to eat from that coffee bean forest (kapehan or pulo in Tagalog. Dunno what’s it called in English) as well. She told me to wash it first and it’s just so yummy! 

  • My grandmother was the best thing that’s happened to me in my childhood. 

I love her oh so much. Every moment spent with her is unforgettable. I remember she cleans me and dress me up and I remember going to the market with her. I also remember how good she cooks and that I get mad when they don’t tell me to wash the dishes. Washing the dishes was my favourite thing to do back then. My grandmother was just so lovely but she’s gone and now I pray she’s with God. ❤ 


  • My mother threw a slipper to me because I was just so naughty. We went to a trip and I remember that I really got naughty that time. 

That hurts so much!!! And not just slippers, she also hit me with a belt in my butt. Haha that’s the usual way Filipino parents scold their children! It’s so funny right now but swear, it was a bad experience! 

  • One of my playmates pulled my hair.

Even though I was still a kid, I really don’t want someone to touch my hair. Geez, no! We were playing taya-tayaan that time and I was running so fast but one of my playmates pulled my hair and I remember going home while crying. I got angry, of course! But it’s nothing and the next day, I played with them again.

  • I am so afraid to go to the dentist.

I literally hate going to the dentist! I feel like they are some kind of killers and they’ll kill me anytime if they asked me to open my mouth. But of course that was before! I’m not afraid of dentists anymore.

  • I had bronchitis due to my asthma.

Even though I was active and playful back then, my body was weak. I have restrictions because of my asthma. That’s why my parents doesn’t want me to go outside too because of my freaking asthma. I remember I can’t really breathe properly even though I have my nebulizer on. I got everything checked and they even x-rayed my lungs. It’s good that there’s nothing wrong with my lungs but phlegms. I remember my situation being so bad. But then, when my uncle’s swimming pool was fully working, I stayed there to practice my breathing and when I reached high school, bronchitis was gone. And asthma rarely attacks me anymore! 

  • My worst experience was I tripped, my face fell first and dang! 

We were playing racing again. Everything was going fine until I became so fast I couldn’t control my speed and I fell, my face first. I cried, that hurts so much! And my face has wounds all over it, seriously! Half of my face are fully wounded like it’s been burnt and I remember not going outside until everything heals. Good thing it didn’t leave scars. I remember it being so rough. Ugh.


  • My favourite show after I got home from school was Dora. I really love Dora back then and I even have a CD collection of her show! I also love Spongebob.
  • My favourite snack was toasted bread. Binge watching Dora + a yummy toasted bread with coffee? Perfect afternoon! 
  • My favourite shirt was a high shool musical fan shirt. It was literally my favourite!
  • I also watch local TV shows and I remember Mara Clara and May Bukas Pa are my favourites! I wait for it every night.
  • My favourite song was Perfect Two! That was also the first song I learned in the guitar.

And that’s it for my childhood memories!! This is a supeeer long post and thank you for making it ’til here! Hope you enjoyed this post!!

Let’s chat in the comments, what’s your favourite childhood memory? 


17 thoughts on “My Childhood Memories

  1. The Obsession Begins

    I had a terrible experience when I went to the dentist. I was 3 years old and I had three cavities. I remember they held be down while rinsing my mouth. I started choking and I felt like I was drowning. I’m pretty sure they didn’t care thinking I wouldn’t remember any of it. NOPE!!!!

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