Senior High Expectations (With Mental Catastrophe)

Hello everyone and here’s a Monday collab from me and Mental Catastrophe (Elline). If you still didn’t know, every Monday is our collab day and today’s topic will be our expectations in the senior high years. Go check out Elline’s blog because for sure, you’ll love her! Anyway, let’s get started!

Most of you must have read in our blogs that we’re going to senior high school– it’s the final two stages of our high school lives. And here are my expectations for the upcoming years:


  1. I’m already expecting it to be difficult. I’ve heard a lot of rants about being in the 11th grade and honestly, it’s like difficult is an underestimation. Whenever I read comments about it, the word hard, difficult and other synonyms of it would pop everywhere! It’s scary but… I’m ready! 
  2. I hope the teachers and my classmates would be friendly. I know there are teachers that are really terror, but I really hope my teachers would be friendly so I could approach them whenever I’m having difficulties with a lesson. And my classmates– I really hope they’re all nice. Since I’m an introvert, it would be hard for me to be comfortable with someone new so I really hope they are nice. 
  3. I expect a lot of schoolworks and I hope I wouldn’t procrastinate. Procrastination is my thing– and I hate it. I’m tired of cramming and I want to finish things ahead of time. I really hope to submit papers or schoolworks ahead of time so I wouldn’t stress about it. 
  4. Speaking of stress, I’m kidding. I’m expecting senior high school to be stressful, based on what I’ve heard. And I expect to still stay positive and motivated about everything. 
  5. I want to be an achiever. And I will definitely study hard to achieve this. Elline and I had planned that we should be an achiever– and I’m positive we will be working hard for this. 
  6. I expect that the food in the canteen will be delicious. I still don’t know if I will bring lunch with me, but I really want the food to be yummy at the same time, healthy. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences about the food in my former school and I don’t want to say more about it.
  7. I hope to still have time for fun. Back in junior high, we always get scolded for we have the saying that happiness should come first before study. Our teachers were so disappointed in us because that’s our motto– and now I get why they’re disappointed. We should always put studying in the first place but happiness should come along with it. We still can be happy whilst studying and putting it as our first priority. But still, I hope there’s still time for fun.
  8. I hope there will still be a connection between me and my old classmates. We’ve separated strands, but most of us went into the same school. I hope we could still talk to one another despite having stressful times, new friends and probably a new life. 
  9. I hope I’d save a lot of money. I really hope to have money savings this time– but a school with a café outside? Ahh, bye, supposed-to-be-savings! Kidding. I’ll try my best to refrain buying unimportant things and save money for my school fees. Wish me luck on this!
  10. I really hope there would still be time for me to sleep! As you’ve read in my previous posts, I have a love-hate relationship with sleeping but when school starts, I think I would miss it and I will find for it from time to time. Haha kidd. But this time, I’d love to complete sleeping by having only 8 hours of sleep– not less and not exceeding, just exact.

    Yay! So these are my expectations in the upcoming years. It’s fun to do this because later on, I’ll probably read this and laugh or cry, whatever the reality is. Once again, these are all my expectations and I still don’t know what reality awaits for us. It is definitely scary but I just can’t wait to work hard for my goals. 

    Don’t forget to visit Elline’s blog because I’m doing this with her! Read her post regarding this topic! 

    Thank you so much for reading. And let’s chat in the comments! What was your favourite high school experience? What advises can you give us? Let us know in the comments below! 


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    21 thoughts on “Senior High Expectations (With Mental Catastrophe)

    1. 🙂 junior and senior year was my best years in high school. & I actually picked up the slack because I knew I was closer to graduating lol definitely didn’t want anything holding me back or keeping me there

    2. Yes, best years of life, they say! 😉 And ah thanks so much for visiting my blog– I’d love to visit yours too so thanks for telling me about it! Have a lovely day! 💗

    3. They always say senior year is huge:) This is relateable!
      I have a scheduled post on my senior year checklist as well as other high school/college related posts on my site.

      Jade //

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