Trip to Manuel Uy Beach Calatagan (Philippines)

Hello everyone!!! Ahh I wasn’t able to interact with you yesterday because…. we went to a beach!!! The experience was honestly amazing and I can’t wait to share it to you all! 

You can skip my pretty long story if you only want to view the pictures! 

So here it is.. This trip was honestly unexpected! Earlier in the afternoon, my cousins told me that we should go swimming because it’s just so hot in here. I agreed, of course– it’s another adventure so who I am to say no? Haha! So when night came and we’re all prepared already, my cousin fetch me and we hit the road.

And I mean my cousins are really prepared. They bought sausages and porks that we can grill later on when we reach our destination. They also brought rice and drinks and only this portion of the trip was prepared. We have so much food but the question is, where are we really going to?

I don’t have an extra money in my pocket. I really don’t. My mum only gave me 200 pesos and I also have 200 pesos and that was my savings!! (Sad, I know.) So in total, my money was only 400 pesos and that would certainly not take me to a beach! Going on a beach or a resort here requires a lot of money.. and I don’t have that. My cousins started to budget the money and to pay for all the expenses. I started to get nervous because I know my money won’t fit in, but I’m extremely feeling so happy that night… And lucky I am that my money fit. (Goodness!)

We spent hours and hours of driving. We asked a lot of beach resorts so that our money could fit in but we failed several times. We reached Nasugbu, Batangas and we asked for more beach resorts. But our money couldn’t just fit. My other cousins got in a bad mood already because we badly want to swim already but we haven’t found a resort yet.  The night was getting darker and it’s getting so late that I even slept in the car. We were so close to giving up and we’re almost going home when one of my cousins pushed the decision and said, “Just go to Calatagan. There are many afforadable beach resorts there.” And so my cousin who’s driving pushed it and went to Calatagan. 

We found one resort and I feel like that place was meant for us– that’s why we didn’t get to find a resort earlier at Nasugbu. It’s the Manuel Uy Beach Calatagan. We paid 20 pesos for the ecological fee, 50 pesos for the entrance (this was honestly the most cheap entrance fee that we’ve seen all night) and 500 for the tent– since it’s also a camping site (!!). I didn’t pay for the tent since I have no money left so my cousins paid for it. And we finally reached our destination!!!

I don’t have pictures in the nighttime since there are only few lights there but here are the day pictures: 


  • It’s so affordable!! Perfect for a potato like me who has no money savings at all!
  • It has a huge camping site and the tent that we rent on was good. The lady who set it up was also nice so thanks to her I managed to have a 2 hour sleep!
  • It has for rent stuff and a store inside!
  • Aside from the sea, there are also other lakes inside in which I really like!
  • The water is definitely crystal clear!!!
  • It’s perfect for family trips!


  • We need to pay 20 pesos to shower. And I dislike it because the shower area is not that really good.
  • Walking on the beach hurts in the feet because the sand are naturally not so fine and thin. It honestly hurts! I can’t walk barefoot.

And that is all! Since it’s located in a province, I can’t really complain on how things work because I loved it, too! And this was the first time that I’ve experienced camping!!! This is sooo unforgettable!

Thank you for reading ’til the end. This post was a bit messy but that’s okay haha. Let’s chat in the comments! Have you experienced camping? What are your likes and dislikes in a beach? 


44 thoughts on “Trip to Manuel Uy Beach Calatagan (Philippines)

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  2. The Obsession Begins

    Wow… your photos look amazing. I’m very jealous you got to experience that! I’m obsessed with sunsets lately.

  3. That beach is beautiful! And I loved those sunset pictures you captured, those bits of pink in the sky made the photos that much more stunning!

  4. Thank you so much! Anyway, it’s sunrise.. my fault that I didn’t add it on the post. We didn’t last too long in the place and right before lunch, we got to go home already so we didn’t see the sunset in that place x

  5. The Obsession Begins

    Shoot! Well both are beautiful, I’m just never up to see the sunrise haha

  6. Hmm. May have to add this to my list if I ever visit the Philippines. Look forward to the cuisine too. Last time I made pancit I was disappointed. :/

  7. You should!!! But if you really wanna go in a more pricey beach, you should go to Boracay. The sand there is so fine unlike Manuel Uy’s. And woah you made pancit? Cool! Many cuisine here offers pancit so you could try to study how it tastes!

  8. You’re so welcome! And I agree!! It’s really beautiful and the water is crystal clear– which makes everything perfect. And that sounds good, though I think you wouldn’t be able to focus on a book because some people in the beach are just really loud. x

  9. Thank you for dropping by my blog, Jirah. That is a beautiful beach. I could imagine lazing in a chair by the sea, a tall drink on the side, and then gradually dozing off with a book.

  10. Gorgeous photos! I love beaches. I’ve from the US and I’ve only visited the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean, which appear very different from this beach! Was there any awesome wildlife around? the ocean really is the best.

  11. The Manuel Uy Beach is in the Philippines, it’s really warm here and I guess that’s one of the differences. 😉 And sadly, there’s no wildlife around. But in other beaches here there are! 😊❤ Thanks for dropping by lovely

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