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Ahh hello everyone! It’s been so long since I last posted a Game of Thrones-related post and I’m so excited to do this one! I am badly inlove with the series because there’s so much more behind everything. I will share my favourite quotes and scenes soo let’s start! 


Ah, Arya Stark! I so love her character but sometimes I think she needs to have fun, too. And I can’t wait to see Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones! Haha. 

Another Arya Stark related quote– when Syrio Forel was training her. I badly love this one and ugh the scene where Syrio was executed, it broke my heart. 

Tyrion Lannister!! One of my favourite characters since he’s just so witty and intelligent. I really like his character.

Another one from Tyrion! He’s just so intelligent and this quote is lit! He makes the best statements in the world.

Bran Stark!! Am I the only one who still likes Bran? He plays a big role in Game of Thrones and I can’t wait on what happens to him next. I know it’s his fault that the White Walker touched him but I just can’t hate him. I don’t know why.

LADY MORMONT!!! One of my favourite scenes too and I actually teared watching this. Lyanna is just so badass and I want to see her with Olenna Tyrell, let’s see what happens with those two badass! Hahaha!

Sansa and Arya never get along and I can’t wait to see the both of them together. I really really want a reunion of the Starks. This scene made me happy because at least, Sansa knows Arya’s alive.

I won’t forget this one, of course! One of my favourite scenes ever because I really hate Walder Frey. Finally Arya’s avenged The Red Wedding!

THE NORTH REMEMBERS. A saying that I will never forget. I love the Starks so much and if I were lucky to be an extra of GOT, I would choose to be in Winterfell, one of their servants or something haha. 

Sansa killed this one. I love Sansa’s character development, it’s just so good! I wonder why most of the people still hate her, she was a kid before when she was obsessed with Joffrey, she’s grown a lot.

Ah, Ned Stark will always be in my heart!

As you can see, I’m a Stark fan and I just love them so much. I’m sorry if there’s no Khaleesi quotes but there will be next time! 

Thank you sooo much for reading!! What are your favourite quotes or scenes from GOT? Let me know in the comments below!


14 thoughts on “Game Of Quotes

  1. Based on what I’ve heard and read (haha), there are still two more seasons. Season 7 will have 7 episodes I think and season 8 will have 6 😦

  2. I am praying you are right!!! What I read, I don’t remember where now because it’s been a few months ago, said they were talking about it being the last one but jumping into making a movie about it. You never know when reading stuff. It’s sometimes just anything to keep a buzz going, keep people interested/talking. Just like we are doing now hahaha. All I know is I am ready for it to start again πŸ™‚

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