Star City Adventure!

Hello everyone! It’s been a long and tiring and fun day for me. I hope it’s all good to you too! I’m home and I wanted to share today’s adventure through the few pictures that I took. I’m not good at taking pictures and I only use my smartphone so some are low quality but I still hope you’ll like it.

We went to Star City and it is one of the most enjoyed theme parks in the Philippines. It has extreme rides and kiddie rides, which is perfect for family! I managed to ride all the extreme rides, but I did not try Star Flyer and Star Frisbee. I tried Star Flyer before, but no one would join me today so I didn’t. I have never tried Star Frisbee before and I was about to try it earlier, but when I was on the line watching the ride, I couldn’t. I felt my knees wobbling so I did not do it. There’s always next time, though! And I swear I would ride in those two!

Here are the pictures:

Of course we had to ride a ferris wheel! And here are some of my pictures whilst on top:

And that ends today’s post! I hope you all enjoyed these little captures of mine. I am so tired and gotta rest, so I’ll catch up with everyone tomorrow! 

Thank you for reading. And let’s chat in the comments! Do you like being up in the air and do you enjoy extreme rides or are you afraid of heights? I’d like to know! 


22 thoughts on “Star City Adventure!

  1. Looks like a fun place. I used to be very into the thrill of rides when I was younger. But nowadays they make me feel terrified and ill. Ah well 😄😄

  2. There are many theme parks in the Philippines! Click the link if you want to visit Star City and trust me there are more theme parks here! ☺x

  3. Aw that’s sad! I experienced it since I really want to ride in the extreme ones but the ones I’m with don’t. Ahah we should go together! 😉😂

  4. I studied in the Philippines for a little bit and never heard about theme parks there before. I’ll definitely go the next time I go to the Philippines.😀

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  6. That’s interesting!! And tell me about it, I’d like to know so that I could give you some tips! And oh, there’s actually a theme park in my hometown but I’ve never been into it. Haha!

  7. It was 3 years ago though. I don’t know if there were theme parks then?😅
    But I studied in Quezon City and when I have time, I would go to Pangasinan to visit my relatives. I studied for 8 months and decided to come back home to the U.S. haha

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