May Motivation

New month definitely means new goals and plans! Today I would be sharing my plans to do this month. It feels like there’s a lot that would happen this month so I’d better be prepared, be it bad or good! 

First off I’ll start with some motivation to make you pass through this month. Surround yourself with positivity and this month would turn out good. It’s your thought that matters! 

And that ends the motivation in photos! Next up I’ll share the plans and goals that I have for this month. 


  • Buy my parents a cake for their anniversary. I badly want to bake but we don’t have much materials in our home. 
  • Clean my shoes. I’ve said this in my Summer Break To Do List but and I’ve achieved it last April, but now it’s gotten filthy again. 
  • Read 5 books. I totally failed last April by reading only 1 book. I really want to achieve this one!
  • Prepare my stuff for my new school. June 13 is the start of our classes and ey, I’m in my senior year!!
  • Improve my sleeping schedule. I’ve been having problems with sleeping as most of you know, and I badly want to change or improve it!


  • Reach 500 followers at the end of the month. I think this is not possible that’s why it’s a challenge for me!
  • Beat my April stats. April was the most successful month in my blog so far, and I want to do better!
  • Connect. I want to connect more with everyone this month, so expect me sneaking up in your blog and leaving cheeky comments!
  • Blog in everyday of May since it’s the end of my summer vacation and I go back to school in June. I thought to take a 31 day blogging challenge but I think I’d do my own topics instead. I look forward to complete this goal!

And that are my goals for this May! I hope I achieve everything before the month ends and I really hope to do the 31-day blogging challenge. It’s seriously a challenge to me and I really want to do something like that before I go inactive because school will start again in June. 

Thank you so so much for reading! Let’s chat in the comments below. What are your plans/goals for this month? I would love to know it! ❤ 


20 thoughts on “May Motivation

  1. this is such a great post idea! It definitely is such a great idea to set goals for yourself, something I need to start doing for sure! What a dream to reach 500 followers – and omg I have sleeping issues too! Thanks so much for sharing this post, very inspiring! ❤

  2. I admire you guys who upload your plans and goals for the month! 500 followers would be an amazing milestone. You’re nearly at 400, and it’s just the start of the month, you could get there 😉
    Good luck on all your goals!!

  3. You had such a good April, unlike me my April was a complete flop😂I hope your May is even better! We have a similar goal in connecting with other blogs and commenting on their posts, let’s hope we both achieve it😄

  4. I really hope I reach 500 before I go back to school again. But I think that won’t happen, haha I need to be positive about it. Thank you so much! ❤

  5. Best of luck on reading the five books this month!! I’ve been reading a lot more recently, so I hope to do the same 🙂 Thanks for coming by my blog! xx

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