Who’s Most Likely To Challenge With Mental Catastrophe! 

Hello everyone and it’s Monday! Another collaboration again with Mental Catastrophe! If you haven’t read our first collaboration yet, then here’s mine and here’s Elline’s!

If you’ve been watching Youtube for some time now, then I’m sure you probably know how this challenge works! And if you’re not yet familiar with this, here it is: Elline and I were given who’s most likely to questions and we’re gonna answer the one who fits to the question! I am so excited to do this so let’s start right away! 

1. Who’s most likely to be a drama queen? 

  • Elline, for sure! 

2. Who’s most likely to watch animes? 

  • Ji, I was obsessed with animes and for some time I couldn’t live without it. 

3. Who’s most likely to give all their money to charity? 

  • Elline, I reckon!

4. Who’s most likely to marry a celebrity? 

  • Ji. I’d do anything to meet my favourites! 

5. Who’s most likely to talk to animals? 

  • Elline, but if we’re allowed to answer both, then I say both! We boooth love animals! 

6. Who’s most likely to cry in a sad movie? 

  • Elline– she gets sad with the little things and cries. Peace, Elenggay! 

7. Who’s most likely to hold their breath the longest? 

  • Elline ’cause she’s somewhat athletic!

8. Who’s most likely to worry about small things? 

  • As I’ve said in no. 6, she gets sad with the little things sooo, Elline! 

9. Who’s most likely to listen to classical music? 

  • Elline, again. One time she told me that her sister was listening to classical music so that she could fall asleep. We both love music but this one’s for Elline! 

10. Who’s most likely to get a stalker?

  • Elline, honestly! Hahaha Elenggay you know why. 

11. Who’s most likely to laugh at the wrong moment? 

  • Ji, I control my thoughts but this is really my bad habit! I always tend to remember something funny when something serious is going on. 

12. Who’s most likely to be a heartbreaker? 

  • Ji. Oooops.

13. Who’s most likely to ask some stupid questions? 

  • Ji for I’m always like this! Especially when I feel like my mind’s in the air so there, I ask stupid and obvious questions. 

14. Who’s most likely to fart in public? 

  • I don’t want to admit it but, me! 

15. Who’s most likely to be impatient? 

  • Ji. Haha seriously I think Elline is very patient! Whenever we have trips to go to I always tend to come late and Elline would always wait for more than two hours so that’s patience, right? 😂 

16. Who’s most likely to be hungry 24/7?

  • Ji. I. Am. Always. Hungry.

17. Who’s most likely to drop their phone after they bought them? 

  • Elline? I don’t know. We’re not careless at this stuff. 

18. Who’s most likely to fall/trip over whilst walking? 

  • Elline!!! She tripped way too many times in our school! 

19. Who’s most likely to always be the happy one? 

  • Ji– I always think of being happy! 

20. Who’s most likely to spend their money on something stupid? 

  • This is so hard to answer! I can’t choose if it’s me or Elline since we don’t really waste money on material things but we waste money on food! So I answer neither! 

And that ends the challenge! I swear this is so fun to do! I was smiling the whole time trying to figure out who’s fits the most in the question.

Here is Elline’s answers, check it out and see the results! What do you say? Are we good in telepathy now? Haha! 

I hope you had fun reading this and let me know your comments below! Would you like to try this challenge to with a friend? ❤ 

Also, for our next Monday collaboration, please ask us some questions below and we’ll be happy to answer it! Ask anything and everything you’d wanna know! 


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