April Overview

Hello everyone! Where did April go? It’s just so quick, isn’t it? Anyway for today’s post, I will do an overview on what I achieved this month. This is the first time I’ll do an overview so I hope you enjoy it! 

April 2017 Overview

Remember my Summer Break To-Do List? I quite achieved a few of them! My summer is not yet over but still, here are the things that I’ve achieved in April! 


✔ Reorganise my closet. 
This was really an achievement! It was hard for me to reorganise my closet since it was such a mess and good thing I got motivated and finished it!

✔ Clean my shoes. 

I did it, too! But because I use them all over again, it got filthy again. I’m planning to clean it all again, though! 

✔ Write in my journal.

Of course I would do it! Anyway, mum just last week mum bought me a new journal and a whole set of Sharpie pens! Sharpie pens are quite expensive here and I’m shocked because mum actually bought a whole set. Thanks, mum! 

✔ Getaway with self. 

Probably one of my favourite moments this month! I literally just did everything I want and went out to unwind. 

✔ Organise my papers. 

Another thing I call an achievement! Even my mum told me that my papers were so organised and I felt that she’s proud of me haha. Anyway the papers I’m referring to are my school papers and important stuff.

✔ Met one of my favourite Youtubers. 

This is not included in my Summer To-Do List but hey!! I met one of my favourite Youtubers! I met Wil Dasovich last April 23rd and it was just amazing!! He vlogs in the Philippines and all over the world and I tell you, he’s such a beautiful soul! 

That’s it. I didn’t get to travel anymore this April but hopefully this May. I also didn’t get to read 5 books, I only read 1. And it’s such a shame but this May, I promise! Next up is about the achievements that I reached in this blog! 


  • I reached 300 followers. 

This is just so cool! I reached it exactly in the 1st day of April and it wasn’t an April fools! Haha. I made a Q and A to celebrate 300 followers. 

  • Got nominated for awards and tags!

    This is insane, I swear! Thank you so much to everyone who nominated me. I still have the drafts for Mystery Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award which is to be posted soon. But here are the links of the other awards/tags I got nominated to: 

    Dawn Dagger Challenge

    The Blue Sky Tag x2

    Sunshine Blogger Award x3

    Friends For Days Tag 

    • Reached my best views ever. 

    I also received my best day for likes this month but I completely forgot to take a screenshot of it and I carelessly forgot about it now. 

    April is probably the most productive month of my blogging life so far. It beat March which had 1.5k hits and I’m quite grateful for this month. I did 24 posts and this not included, so basically it’s 25 and I’ve reached my goal, yay!

    I want to know your April achievements! How’s it been for you? I would love to know in the comments below and oh, thanks for reading! 


    12 thoughts on “April Overview

    1. Aww! it makes me so happy to hear all your good news and your achievements! I could literally see you smiling widely in front of your laptop writing this! I hope you’ll be just as proud with your amazing work next month!

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