60 Fun Things To Do In The Summer

Hello everyone! I’m back at it again with the summer list posts. These are all my suggestions and you can save this post if it’s not yet summer in your country. This might come in handy, you’ll never know! *winks* 

  1. Plan a vacation.
  2. Go to the beach. 
  3. Try a new flavor of ice cream. 
  4. Take pictures. 
  5. Have a road trip. 
  6. Go on a hike. 
  7. See a waterfall. 
  8. Have a vacation with your family. 
  9. Swim with friends. 
  10. Try doing an ice cream cake. 
  11. Have a picnic.
  12. Get a tan. 
  13. Visit an art museum. 
  14. Visit a national park.
  15. Pick fruits. 
  16. Try planting.
  17. Water the plants.
  18. Wear fresh clothes. 
  19. Take a journal daily challenge.
  20. Workout. 
  21. Go to a theme park. 
  22. Make a sandcastle or any figure using sand. 
  23. Gather seashells at the beach. 
  24. Meet new people. 
  25. Try a new flavor of frappe in a café.
  26. Go camping.
  27. Attend a concert.
  28. Attend a music festival.
  29. Make new playlists.
  30. Join a marathon.
  31. Paint your room or organise it.
  32. Decorate your room.
  33. Have a late night walk in a park with your dog 
  34. Stare at the night sky and wonder.
  35. Wander. 
  36. Make your own breakfast. 
  37. Make yourself tea or coffee.
  38. Pamper yourself. 
  39. Go to a salon and get a haircut.
  40. Paint a mug.
  41. Do DIYs. 
  42. Buy a painting. 
  43. Learn Rubik’s cube.
  44. Have a karaoke night with your best friends. 
  45. Play cards. 
  46. Start a scrapbook. 
  47. Buy Sharpie pens or a gel pen.
  48. Doodle.
  49. Go shopping. 
  50. Enter a contest. 
  51. Host a party. 
  52. Try modelling. 
  53. Attend a workshop.
  54. Find out new hobbies.
  55. Do the grocery. 
  56. Buy accessories for your pets. 
  57. Try daily blogging.
  58. Read summer books.
  59. Interview authors & your other favourites. 
  60. Make sure to be happy. 

Because happiness should always come along! Anyway, I hope you liked this post and let me know what you have in your mind and I’ll add it in the list! I’m sure you have one! 

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next post! ❤


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