Instant Connection

Have you ever met a person and you feel like there’s an instant connection? 

Oop, it rhymes. But really, have you ever met someone and then you become close so suddenly– it’s like there’s an instant flash and boom, you’re connected. 

I have experienced it for two times now, and what’s weird is that I don’t actually know them personally. But everything seems ease and comfortable with them. 

The first one is Dys. Let’s just call him Dys because I’m sure he wouldn’t let me share his name in public. We were 7th graders back then, and my friend Sally liked Dys. Dys was from another school and to be more specific– our rival school. Sally and I fooled around and texted Dys weird messages using my phone. That time, I didn’t actually know him and I absolutely have no clue on who he is and how he looks– but it didn’t matter because I was having fun. But then our trip ended and at that day as well, we stopped talking. 

Three years later, when we’re on our 10th grade, we gained connection again. Rain (my bestie) told me about him and I was so shocked that he was the one I used to text before. That was just so weird. Rain and I got comfortable with him even though he’s sooo sarcastic and goofy and his beliefs are different from ours. But I say that he is a good person and he lifts up our moods whenever we’re feeling down. 

And another thing is, we still don’t know each other personally. We’ve seen him for like two times because as I’ve said, he is from our rival school and whenever there are contests, he’s there. But we have never talked personally like in chats. That’s weird, right?! 

The second person I felt an instant connection with is Naturo. I still don’t know his real name and we only chat in Mobile Legends– Naturo is his username. Yes, funny how an online game can make friends. It was so weird because we had instant closeness (because of my craziness) and it’s funny that we don’t even know each other’s names. All he know about me is my username in ML and that’s it. But like Dys, there’s an instant connection and we’re so comfortable with him. We because Elline knows him too. We play together and we help each other in winning games. 

We still don’t know Naturo. We don’t know what his real name is and where he lives. And I think it doesn’t matter and it’s also better that way. It’s like having an anonymous real friend and it seems like there’s a connection. 

Believe it or not, I feel that there’s an instant connection with the bloggers that I always talk to. And I love that feeling– that someone, somewhere in the world is listening to you and understands you. 

Have you ever had a feeling like this? An instant connection? Please share your thoughts or experiences in the comments below! 


9 thoughts on “Instant Connection

  1. jordyndallastaylor

    In high school, I didn’t really like this girl because I didn’t think she liked me but I joined the Dance team, which she was a part of too, and we instantly clicked. We started to finish each others sentences and realized how much we were alike. We hated the same things, liked the same things, it was crazy!

  2. Hi Jirah, I have missed your comments lately. I know my news is scary but it is OK and I am happy. I had that instant connection back in 1965 when I met my beautiful S. Even though she dumped me (I was goofy!), now we are together and so much in love! All things work together for good for those who love the Lord. (In the end, and that’s when it counts.)

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  4. Hello, it’s okay and glad to know you’re okay! And thank you so much for sharing, I really love to read the experiences you had with S. It’s so amazing!! ❤ God bless you both always!!

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