10 Things To Do When You’re Bored

I’ve been experiencing boredom a lot lately, and I want to share the things that I do to overcome it. Boredom comes with laziness, so get yourself up and do productive things instead! So here are my tips and things to do when bored! 

  • Write in your journal. 

This will be the first one that I’ll share to you. You can express yourself freely in your own journal. No one judges you and you can always be creative with the pages. My journal is always in my desk so whenever I feel like I’ve nothing to do, I write instead. 

  • Clean or decorate your room. 

Of course, this should come too! Most of us are always in our own rooms, right? So make it clean and beautiful. My room isn’t that pretty and it lacks decoration, so I’m into cleaning it more. 

  • Connect with your friends. 

And I mean, connect. You can do either you’d like, whether it be personal or thru chats or text messages. Ask them for advises, their comments in your blog or you can just talk about everything. 

  • Go outside. 

Being outside beats laziness and boredom. Swear! You can take a walk at a park, visit your neighbour or your relative. Just go outside where the sun is shining and connect with other people. 

  • Try a Pinterest craft. 

Making DIYs is a good way to overcome boredom, too. And it also expresses your creativity. Find a Pinterest craft that you’d like to do and I advise to be comfortable with it. Don’t do a craft if you’re feeling forced to do it, it will turn out wrong! 

  • Bake or cook. 

Many of us loves baking and cooking, right? But a fact about me is that I haven’t tried baking yet, we don’t have the things in our home so I’ll come with the cooking instead. Haha. 

  • Organise your phone. 

Because phone needs organising, too! Start off with the main menu, apps then dive a little deeper and arrange your gallery, contacts and text messages. Anyway, I love organising my contacts. Sometimes I change my contacts to a nickname that fits them well but I’ll soon return it to the original. It’s a bit fun and creative, swear! 

  • Feed your pets. 

I have a lot of pets at home and it kinda takes me some time to arrange their food. But it’s soo fun and it’s good to see that your pets are enjoying the food that you made them. 

  • Pamper yourself. 

Go outside, again, and enjoy being with yourself. Go to a salon, get a haircut and just glam up. This is a good (!!!) way to overcome boredom. 

  • Find inspiration. 

Read other blogs and find new inspiration that will motivate you to do well. Reading blogs, of course, is one of the fun things to do. Know new bloggers and leave nice comments to their blog! In that way, you’re making yourself happy plus you’re making another person smile. And write, and write and write and write. 

That ends the 10 of my list. Trust me, I could write about a hundred things because it’s my summer break (I’ve told this like a hundred times already) and it’s boring. So I’m doing my best to still be productive. I avoid my bed and sleeping, seriously! I don’t want this summer to be full of sleeps and nightmares. Lol! 

Also, I won’t be doing A Day In The Life anymore. I can’t tell you the reason why, I just need to keep it to myself. Thank you for supporting the little series, though!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading and see you again! 


19 thoughts on “10 Things To Do When You’re Bored

  1. Okay number one is a great idea! I think what you say is correct, laziness definitely plays a part in boredom πŸ™„ Next time I find myself bored I’m going to take your suggestion and journal! Also love going outside and connecting with your friends. Great post πŸ’•

  2. My favorite thing to do when I’m bored is to go for a walk. Especially now in the spring when everything is blooming and the sun is hot but not too hot, it’s just beautiful! πŸ™‚ xxx

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