15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Mental Catastrophe

Hello everyone! Today Mental Catastrophe and I talked about posting our collaboration today. We’ve planned this for days and now’s the time so hooray! Let’s start! You all should give her a follow! 

1. Mental Catastrophe is my long time real friend and classmate. Yup. You read it right. At first, we didn’t really want to let others know that we know each other personally, but if you follow my blog and you follow hers as well, than you’d see that it’s connected. She’s actually one of my besties and our other bestie (Rain) doesn’t blog.

2. She is the first friend that found my blog. Since I keep it as a secret to many. I told her one time that I was blogging and then she eventually found my blog the day after. 

3. She’s the painter. She likes paintings and likes to paint as well. She gave me a present before and it was her own painting. 

4. She often get bad comments about her handwriting. Hahaha peace out! But seriously, almost the whole class comments about her handwriting. But she’s practicing to make it better.

5. Her name is Elline Andreana. I should’ve put this as the 2nd fact but oh well. But she likes to call herself Andy. I prefer Ana. Lol kidding!!  

6. She’s obsessed with cats. LIKE ME. Anyway, her cat– Perry, is very similar to my cat– Muning. They are both white and the only difference is their black spots. But honestly they’re so similar to each other!!

7. The first impression about her was always nice. Everytime we ask someone about first impressions, the usual answer to her is that she’s nice. Anyway, she honestly is nice!! 

8. She’s a sacristan. That’s why she was busy the whole Holy Week. She serves the church and of course, our God. 

9. She notices everything. And I mean everything. Everything. Literally everything. Sorry for repeating it but, everything! Even the smallest insects, she notices it.

10. When we were in our 7th grade, 2 boys liked her. But she didn’t like either. So sorry for the two guys back then, lol. 

11. She’s a huge fan of music. Being a fan of music runs in our friendship, I guess. Even our other bestie can’t live without music. 

12. She played the role of Eponine in our school play and it suits her well. Until now, ’cause she’s liking someone she can’t have. Hahahaha kidding!! 

13. Our nanay (mother). Because she’s like a mother to us. Seriously. 

14. She has a lot of stories. Rain and I sometimes listen, oftentimes we don’t since she has already said that to us. She’s the most talkative bestie and it’s a misconception that she’s quiet. 

15. She’s happy even with the littlest thing. I don’t need to ellaborate it, the sentence says everything. 

There. I hope you liked these facts and please go and check her blog! She just started blogging a few months ago, she wasn’t sure what to do first but now, she told me she’ll continue blogging to learn to express herself. Please check it out! She also shares her paintings in her blog. 

Every Monday will be a collab day with her so tune out for the next collab! See you!


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