Smile Saturday

Hello everyone! I’d like to share something with you for today. I’ve seen a really witty question in Google and I couldn’t forget it. I hope it makes you smile as well.

So as I was searching for daily vlogging in Google, I came across to a witty question. 

“How to become a daily vlogger when my life’s not interesting?” 

That is just so witty. I don’t know if it worked on you. Haha. It seems like the one who asked is losing hope on becoming a daily vlogger because her/his life is not interesting. I didn’t click on the link but I really want motivate the one who asked. Hahaha. 

I somehow have a thought like that as well, especially now that I’ve started day in the life posts. My days aren’t quite interesting but what else can you do? There are interesting and uninteresting days in life, but that doesn’t mean your life is not interesting at all. I believe everyone’s life is interesting in their own ways. 

Hope you like this one and see you in my next post! Day in the life post coming up later x


5 thoughts on “Smile Saturday

  1. I can see why someone would ask that. Everyone thinks that if they vlog it always has to be something crazy and exciting. Sometimes our days are like that, but most are just us going about our daily lives. I’m sure even all the famous vloggers sometimes do nothing but groceries or errands.
    Thanks for sharing this, it was fun to think about 😄

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