Worst Sleeping Schedule

My sleeping schedule is the worst. Worst. Really. And I’m not so healthy anymore. Not that I’ve always been healthy, but my sleeping schedule ruins everything.

I always set my alarm to 8am but I still end up waking up at 11am or 12nn. This is the worst. I love sleeping but I don’t want to sleep this much. I honestly can’t do anything productive everytime I wake up at nn. But you may ask why do I wake up at that late time? Here’s why.

I always tend to sleep at 2 am and if I get lucky, at 12 midnight which makes no difference at all. I try forcing myself to sleep at 10pm but geez, my mind won’t stop thinking and sometimes I think I might go insane. I refrain from using my phone but I just can’t sleep at that early, my body’s not used to it anymore! I don’t want to be insane and I want to stop overthinking so I get my phone and I surf the net. That’s all. That’s my routine these past few weeks which is so unhealthy.

And I’m tired of this. I want to renew my sleeping routine but I just don’t know how. But anyways, I want my sleep to be at 10pm and wake at 8am. That would be 10 hours of sleep but it’s better than sleeping at 2am. I really wish my sleeping routine goes back to normal. 

Do you have any tips or advises on how to sleep early? It’s my summer break that’s why I find it really hard at times. Please let me know in the comments below! 


17 thoughts on “Worst Sleeping Schedule

  1. I find sleeping at a certain time pretty hard too, I think it’s always reassuring to think that when you can’t get to sleep, there’s millions of other people in the world at the exact same time with the same problem, not being able to get to sleep! Also some tips I picked up, lie on your back with your legs straight up for like a couple of minutes, and tense your whole body, then suddenly relax all your muscles, and this is supposed to make you relax and feel sleepy! And another one (!), try and clear your mind, think of every little thought you have on your mind, then suddenly stop and ‘ignore’ the thoughts and try really hard to literally think of nothing, just concentrate on the grey of your eyelids, this kinda helps too! I hope that helps a bit, basically try not to stress about it, then you will feel more relaxed and sleepy! ❤️❤️😘 sorry for the long comment!! Xx

  2. What I do is listen to audiobooks. Every night. For some it keeps them awake but it helps me because then I don’t have time to think. I also take 300mg melatonin, which is super helpful. It is actually something your body makes inside bit in a pill form! I highly recommend it!

  3. Maybe you can try to write all your thoughts down before you go to sleep, then there’s nothing you ‘have to’ think about.. also I heard somewhere that you should try to think one sentence all the time, like: I’m sleeping, I’m sleeping, I’m sleeping.. for me it didnt work XD but you can always try?

  4. When I was younger, I used to go through phases where I just couldn’t sleep. I’d lie awake for hours, only managing to get a couple of hours each night. I found getting stressed about it made it worse, though, and I feel the stress you’re feeling regarding your sleep isn’t helping you either.

    It’s good that you’ve tried to stop using your phone before you go to bed. That’s a positive start! It can be difficult to switch your mind off, though. Have you ever tried creative visualization? When you’re lying in bed, close your eyes and picture a deserted beach. In your mind, walk to the ocean. Focus on the soft crashing of waves and be sure to count each wave as they lap at your feet. I find this visualization helps to relax me. You could also pair it with sound effects too to amplify the effect. There are tons of smartphone apps that play nature sounds – the ocean, forests, rain etc.

    Also look at what you eat and drink prior to sleep. Anything with lots of sugar or caffeine won’t help. My personal recommendations are chai or lavender tea 🙂

    Good luck!

  5. Oh my gods thank you for sharing! I will surely try your tips. I am really having a hard time with it so thaaank you so much! I really appreciate it! Have a lovely day, Tabi! ❤😀

  6. Thank you so much for sharing and for giving me tips! And now I think I’m stressing about it which makes it worse. And thank you, I’ll try to find an app, I hope that works! And I always drink coffee at night, I don’t think it really affects me but now that I can’t sleep, maybe it affects me. I’ll try to lessen it. Thanks again for sharing and for the tips!😀❤

  7. Have you tried sleep meditation? It honestly works wonders… Just search it in youtube ‘positive sleep affirmations and meditation’!! It helps you to relax and eventually fall asleep, so good x

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