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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I have had this idea for a long time now and thought to post about it today. So for today I will share the other things that I do when I’m not blogging, journalling or reading. I thought it’s fun to share another facts about me in another way so here it is!

  • I watch Korean dramas. 

Geez, it’s a trend in our country right now and at first, I told myself to never watch a Kdrama– since it’s just too mainstream and everybody’s doing it anyway. But I was wrong! My friend influenced me to watch Legend of the Blue Sea, and because Lee Min Ho is my long time crush, I watched it. And that’s where it all started. I couldn’t put my hands down in Kdramas anymore. I just finished watching Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and it’s just so good!! 

I don’t know if you like Kdramas but if you do, do you have any suggestions to add in my watch list? 

  • I play Mobile Legends.

I try so hard to refuse playing, so far I’m doing good but there are times where I get really bored and has to do nothing so I kill time and play. My guy classmates invited me to play this one and I never thought I would like it this much since I’m not into online games with heroes and killing sprees or something. 

  • I read History books. 

I haven’t done this for a long time now, but History is something that I really enjoy reading. Thanks to my G9 History teacher for inspiring me to study History because honestly, it’s so fun! Sometimes I wish I lived back there so I could know the truth. History is also confusing, though, they contradict each other and they also contradict with The Bible! 

  • I still rehearse as Fantine. (From Les Miserables) 

I am awful, I know! But I miss my classmates so bad– they taught me how to play Fantine well so in that case, the missing goes at ease. But I still miss them so much! *cries* I listen to all Les Mis’ songs in Spotify and I can’t help get teary when One More Day comes because we only played Act One and I will never forget that scene– when all of my classmates went on stage to sing One More Day and I watch them on the crowd happily as they sing. (Since Fantine is dead that time.)

  • I read Psychology facts. 

I really want to buy a book about Psychology because like History, it’s so fun to learn and you have knowledge about people’s behaviour and I think that’s amazing. I want to know more about Psychology and I do want to study this in college, but nah. I still don’t know what I really want.

  • I sleep with my cats. 

I love my cats so much and they’re honestly the cutest. We have 5 cats at home, the 3 are stray ones we decided to keep and the other 2 are Ginger Cats we received from a relative. Since the 3 cats are stray ones, they like being outside so I spend more time with the Ginger Cats because all they do is sleep at my parent’s bedroom. 

  • I run outside with Bob.

Bob is my dog, he’s a local dog in here and I just love him so much. Bob is not originally ours but he comes in our house often to play with Patot (my first puppy who died before reaching his 7th month in the world– it’s still heartbreaking, geez :(. ) When Patot died, Bob stayed with us and he’s honestly just the sweetest.

  • I’m probably just sleeping.

Since it’s our summer break, I have so much time to sleep which makes my day unproductive but :(( who doesn’t love sleeping?! And there was one time where I took a nap at 11am and woke up and noticed it was already 5pm. That was a loooong nap, huh? 😦

Haha these are the things I do when I’m not in my phone (except for Mobile Legends). I’m trying my best to reduce sleeping because I want my summer break to be full of productivity so hopefully, I’ll do it well. I am having a separate post about my pets which will be up later on– so watch out!! Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!


22 thoughts on “Outside Blogging

  1. It’s good to know a little bit more about you outside of writing. Although, I must say you really are an intellectual. Most of the things you do are good for the mind… It’s also nice to see balance with entertainment like games and binge watching. 🙂

  2. awww I love cats so much 💜 I have two black ones and they are so adorable. I swear they are half dog because they follow us around the house, crave attention all the time, and roll over on the kitchen floor😂that’s so nice of you to look after stray dogs – I saw one the other day and I felt so bad for it ):

  3. yes they are! and aww it’s often the animals that are neglected that are the cutest – my cats were abandoned too and I don’t understand how people could just leave an animal like that

  4. I think you would make a great psychologist. You have insight and a heart for people coupled with a mature, intelligent mind. I was given a little black kitten, she was found by a road. Her eyes were still closed and we thought she would die. We fed her with an eyedropper and gave her lots of cuddles. She lived 23 years and travelled with us by camper van and by sea. She was the most intelligent cat I ever knew. I saw her back down a big German Shepherd one time. I loved that cat!😔🐱

  5. Woah, thank you so much! I don’t think I’d take psychology as my major, though. And aw that’s lovely and sad! 😞 At least she got to live that long, cats has a life span of 15-20 years I think

  6. You have plenty of time to figure out what it is you want to do. Explore your interests, think about what you would do even if you didn’t get paid. Psychology is good to have even if as a minor. It is useful in so many jobs.

  7. I’m actually struggling with what course I’d take. But as you’ve said, I have a lot of time to figure out. I hope in the future my decision would be right. Thank you x

  8. Thank you for sharing, although am not a pet fan, you make it sound really cool hey.
    And am doing my first year of Psychology, so far enjoying it, try it out.

  9. I know right!!!! And there’ll come a moment where you’ll think is this book even real? Are all the writings here really happened or just an imagination of the author? So many questions, so little time! 😫

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