Holy Saturday

Hello everyone! If you’re not aware, I’m a Catholic living in the Philippines– it is the Lenten Season and today is Holy Saturday!

I am with all of my relatives these past few days since it’s the holy week. We went to Bulacan last Sunday to have our Visita Iglesia. We always do Visita Iglesia in the Holy Week but we didn’t for the last two years. So I’m glad we managed to do it again. We visited 7 churches in Bulacan and all of them were amazing! We were supposed to visit 14 churches for the 14 stations but we decided to make it 7 instead. Two stations in one church and the day went well exploring Bulacan and the churches. I didn’t manage to take a picture of all the churches that we visited, but here are some of it:

The Lenten Season is to remember Christ’s sacrifices for us– to save all of us. And I think it’s amazing that we do things like Visita Iglesia, fasting and other penetrations. Some Catholics even nail themself on the cross, just like what Christ did for us and it’s their way of asking forgiveness and expressing their faith. I, myself, honestly can’t bare to look at the people who nails themselves on the cross, I think it’s just too hurtful and they don’t need to do that. But as time goes by, I learned that it’s their way of expressing their faith and just like opinions, we have our own ways to share or express it.

The Holy Week is a special week for all Filipinos, Catholics or non. There are Holy Week Specials that is aired on TV and every episode has its own lessons and teachings, and I think it’s amazing. 

And just this time, as I’ve said earlier, I just learned that everyone has their own unique way of expressing their faith. So we must learn to respect it and not argue with it. 

I’m quite late as I upload this since it’s 1:53 in the Philippines already, but we just got home so it means it’s already Easter Sunday here! But anyways, it’s still Saturday in some countries so I decided to post this still. Have a happy life, everyone! ❤


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