Summer Break To-Do List

Hey everyone! I apologise for not posting for these past few days since (1) I went to a trip somewhere, (2) I couldn’t find the motivation and (3) I had a huge writer’s block. Like I couldn’t really think of anything to write. But here I am now, and today I’ll share my summer to-do list to you.
Since it’s already our summer break, I made a list on what to do this summer vacation. I want to make the best out of this summer vacation so here’s my list! 

  1. Get out of bed. This is honestly my number one problem since all I want now is to lay in my bed and sleep.
  2. Travel to 3 different places. Travelling costs a lot that’s why I only picked three places. I was in Bulacan last April 8th so yay, 2 more to go!
  3. Swim. I can’t totally swim this summer because of the allergy in my eyes but hopefully someday this summer break the allergy will go away.
  4. Reorganise my closet. This is one of the things I’m so lazy to do. I lose all my motivation to reorganise my closet since it’s so untidy. I know, the feeling between me and my closet is so complicated. I like things organised but I just can’t tidy my closet. So this summer break I will absolutely reorganise it!!
  5. Getaway with self. I really need a getaway. Maybe I could just walk in the mall alone or just have a commute road trip or just have a cup of coffee somewhere peaceful. 
  6. Organise my papers. I have a lot of papers this year because first, I just completed JHS and I need more papers for the enrolment in my new school. Gods be good.
  7. Blog even more. I know. I’m quite failing right now because last March, I almost posted everyday and now I skipped three days already, I think. I’m not busy for two months so I’d focus more on blogging.
  8. Clean my shoes. All of them and organise them as well because as of now, they’re all under my bed which is so untidy. 
  9. Twitter. I found out that I can meet new bloggers via Twitter so I’m using my Twitter account again to have chats with them! My Twitter account is private by now but later on I’ll change it to public.
  10. Read 10 books. That’s for two months, though. So 5 for April and 5 for May. 

Here it is! I also want to start Instablogging but I think I wouldn’t take good pictures so I’ll try it maybe next month or next year. Someday! 

Thank you so much for reading this post and I’ll see you again in my next one. Bye!


13 thoughts on “Summer Break To-Do List

  1. I plan on reading summer reads! But I think I would finish reading Clash of Kings first since I started that book last month, I think. Any book suggestions? 😀❤

  2. Aww thank you so much 🙂 In the world of fiction I’m a Big fan of a good thriller/mystery and Romance so lots of drama or witty comedy.

  3. I haven’t read many thriller books so far but I really like them too! In romance, I could suggest Stephanie Perkins books like Isla and The Happily Ever After. 🙂 Happy reading! 😀❤

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