There’s More To Life

Hello everyone! I am feeling extra happy today because first, I’ve completed junior high school. Second, I’ve got to bond again with family and friends and lastly, I’ve got to appreciate everything that God gave to me. 

Earlier this day we’ve had our Moving Up Ceremony and I’m lucky enough to complete junior high school with honors because I am absolutely ready to not receive anything but there, my hardwork was paid off! 

My junior high school life honestly had so many ups and downs. It is indeed a roller coaster ride but because of my friends, classmates and with the help of teachers, I’ve got to finish it. I went through a lot before I get that medal. 

But it isn’t about just medals and honors or what. 

I do believe that medals and grades doesn’t measure intelligence. Bill Gates didn’t graduate college, and yet he’s one of the billionaires in this world and he’s one of the famous influencers. Other people didn’t graduate college due to their own reasons but because of their perseverance, they succeeded in life’s amazing challenges.

But then, the saying grades doesn’t measure your intelligence, is not a reason for you to stop learning, to stop aiming for that high grades. It’s not supposed to be a factor that would made you want to stop studying because that would not make you a billionaire. That’s the ugly truth now. That would not make you an instant billionaire or a rich person who owns a lot of companies. What makes a person successful is their faith, hope, perseverance, hardwork and love. You need these in order to overcome life’s challenges. The saying also doesn’t mean that you should stop reaching for that high grades or achievements, because you should always aim high and soar higher. 

There’s more to life that you could ever imagine. Being successful isn’t about that hundred medals and thousands of certificates, it’s about your perseverance and hardwork. Don’t also forget having faith that you would overcome those challenges, hope for a better day next day and love for whatever you’re doing. As I’ve said in my recent posts, love can change anything in this world. And always soar higher because you can honestly achieve anything due to your hardwork!

I’ll be taking another step after my junior high school which is senior high school. I’ll do my best to aim higher and reach my dreams. 

Soar high, everyone! 

And thank you so much for reading. I think I didn’t completely express my thoughts but there you go. I hope you enjoyed reading. See you in my next post, bye!


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