Overcoming Fears

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post would be a talky one since I really want to let my emotions out. Okay, let’s get started! 

Earlier this day we had our mass in a church and honestly the morning was so filled with positivity and happiness. The priest’s homily is also good and really, I can describe my morning today as nearly perfect since it just is! And then the mass ended and the teachers started the program where students would sing or recite poems and the last part of the program was giving speeches. There were two students, one from my class and one from the higher section who were annointed to give a speech. The first one who talked was my classmate and it went smoothly. Everyone listened, and then the next speaker started to talk. 

I know the guy and he’s not a very sociable person. We never talked but we know him since he’s a high– and I mean a high student. I can notice that he’s trembling but still, he smiles. Maybe he’s scared of being the center of a huge crowd or speaking in the church, but despite all his fears, he managed to smile and still give out his speech. And then the worst thing you can imagine happened. People didn’t listen and some of them urged to go home. The guy who was speaking started to stutter but still, he continued. And geez, I really hate the fact that people didn’t listen, made a noise and some of them even went home.

I felt sorry because when he started his speech, I didn’t listen. I talked with my seatmate and when I noticed that something was going on (and that’s the people leaving), I didn’t know what to do. I got annoyed with the people leaving and then I realised that I wasn’t listening too, as well. I also realised after that what if I’m in that scenario? Maybe I had a mental breakdown or a panic attack already. I started listening until he ended his speech. We gave him an applause and I was really overwhelmed that he got to finish his speech.

And that’s one thing I learned today: respect. We were used to say that we should respect everyone but do we really do it? We were raised with the word respect but do we really have it in us? 

I still feel bad for not listening when he started his speech. But I’m totally learning from this mistake and here are other things that I realized: 

  • Never ever leave someone when they’re still talking. Whether it be a speech or a casual conversation between you and the person. 
  • Put yourself in the case. Not everyone is happy being the center of attraction and to some people it would honestly mean a lot.
  • Listen. No matter what the other people are doing, whether they’re leaving and having their own chats, listen to who’s talking because it’s still good to know that someone, somewhere in the crowd actually listened. 

This is it for today’s post. Thank you so much for reading and please let me know your insights in the comments below! 


10 thoughts on “Overcoming Fears

  1. Well, Jirah, just another example of what a special person you are. I am emailing this blog to S’s grandson who is 17 and has no respect for anyone.

  2. Thank you and oh, that’s awful! 😦 I don’t have any hint on who he is but I still believe that he would get his lesson and would start to change.

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