Trip to Pampanga and Subic

Hello everyone! We had this trip last February, it’s too memorable for me so I decided to make a blog post about it. I know it’s so late but the feelings that I have in that place are still here in my heart and I just really wanted to share this to all of you.

We prepared our trip at the 11th of February and we also started to hit the road that day as well. This trip was so unexpected, it just really happened so suddenly. So yeah, we hit the road at midnight, I couldn’t really sleep that time that’s why I stayed awake for like 12-5 am. I slept but it’s just only a few minutes or so. 

Here it is. We arrived in Clark, Pampanga at 4 am because the details in the photos say so. Haha! And here are the pictures: 

I fell inlove with Clark’s city lights and the quiet street! It’s still 4am that time that’s why it’s peaceful even there are already few cars coming back and forth!

I also took pictures where the sun is rising and I absolutely loved the sight! We still waited in the van for a couple of minutes before we started to walk to buy tickets for the festival. 

And yes, it’s a festival. Hot air balloon festival to be exact! This is my first time to see hot air balloons personally and I’m so happy! 

Here’s the picture of the hot air balloons firing up! I didn’t get to take a picture of the balloon being in the air but it’s honestly such an amazing sight! 

Ooops and yes! I managed to take a picture of the crowd and hey, I’m sorry for sneaking up! Lol! But there were so maaany people back then! 

After a couple of hours being in the festival, we got bored of watching the balloons so we decided to go home- but not home home. We decided to hit the road again and we went to Sandbox, Porac Pampanga which is a playground for adults. 

There are a couple of rides in Sandbox that are really for adults! It’s like a theme park but I think it’s really for adventurous people and the ones who like amazing challenges. 

Here’s another picture and I’m sorry I didn’t get to take a picture of the whole playground. You can just search it up here if you’re interested! 

And after going to Sandbox, we hit the road again and we decided to go to Subic.

We weren’t really sure on what to do in Subic since it’s pretty unexpected. But we still did it, though. And I’m glad that the elder ones who were with us joined us in this trip. Since it’s my second time going in Subic, I told them to just go in Ocean Adventure and look for monkeys who are scattered in Subic’s Forest Reserve. And we did saw some monkeys whilst on the way! Some of them are asking for food, I don’t know if we’re allowed to give them but I think we gave them a banana. They’re just so cute and too bad I didn’t caught a picture!

We went straight to Ocean Adventure thinking if we would pay for the entrance fee but we decided to think about it first and have some lunch. So we roamed the place and lucky us, we found a place to see the beauty of Subic’s Bay. 

Seeing this picture wants me to dive right in the ocean but the nice guy we met along the way told us that it’s a hundred feet deep. We did our best to be careful. There are also fishes and it’s really a nice view! 

And right after then we finally decided to pay the entrance fee and explore Ocean Adventure! 

And here are the some of the pictures in Ocean Adventure: 

I absolutely loved the dolphins and the sea lions! They’re soooo cute and they’re intelligent! They are also so well trained as well and I don’t know, they’re just really fun to watch. Since I came here when I was still a kid for a field trip, it made me so happy that Simba (one of the sea lions) was still alive. It honestly made me so happy and then later on I felt old. Simba looked so old back then but she’s still in good care and still intelligent as ever!

Of all the shows in Ocean Adventure, the dolphin and the sea lion show are the ones that I enjoyed the most. 

We spent a couple of hours in Ocean Adventure and that was the last park that we went to. We hit the road again to go home. This time, home home. 

And there are still monkeys while on the way! They’re so cute, honestly! 

View from the window. I actually claimed the seat that’s beside the window even before we started the trip since I really like taking pictures on what I see outside the window. I loved this view so much and I’m still wondering what mountain is it since I didn’t search for it, lol. 

And another thing that I also liked in the trip is the road. The road is so neat and uhm idk, I fell inlove with it. It’s beautiful! 

And that’s the last picture! To let you know, I live in South Luzon and Pampanga and Subic are located in the North. I love the North. But honestly it’s like 8 hours away but since we know shortcuts and we did our best to avoid traffic in Manila, I think we only spent 5-6 hours in the road. 

I love Subic and Pampanga! For reals! Another reason that I pushed this post is because we’re going back to the North this 8th and I’m expecting for another adventure!! 

Hope you liked this post since I really loved doing this one. Thanks for reading and see you again in my next post. Bye! 

Note: These are all my pictures and just tell me if you’re going to use any of them. x


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