Hello everyone! This will be a short post since I’m really cramming right now. But for now I’ll talk about letters and how they can change people’s feelings toward each other.

We will have our junior high school moving up (graduation) this Friday, the 7th of April and I’m glad I’ll move up! And the very first day I stepped in my 10th grade, I promised myself that I would make letters to all of my classmates before we complete our JHS. And I’m cramming!! I only have 2 days left to finish all the letters.

Maybe you’d ask why would I still give letters if my heart’s not into it and I’m cramming, right? Well. I really want to give all of them letters and I’m only cramming because I’m afraid I may not finish it all. I think the others would feel bad if I didn’t give them one to think that almost everyone has a letter. But I don’t cram on the letter’s content. I write what my heart wants me to write and that’s it. 

Letters can change people’s feelings to each other and I believe that a letter is something powerful. It is something that would make you know that person better and what they really feel towards you. Be it good or bad. It can fix whatever it is as long as you’re honest in writing. And honestly, whenever I receive a letter, my heart would start to burst with happiness. I am just really happy to receive a letter. 

  • How do you feel when you receive a letter? 

I’m sorry for this short post! See you again in my next post. Bye! 


8 thoughts on “Letters

  1. Oh my that is so kind and thoughtful of you, Jirah! What a good idea!! I also love letters, they are so meaningful to me. Something that people don’t take the time for anymore, I cherish them.๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. I always liked letters, it was so nice to receive one in the mail. I miss when I used to have a penpal many years ago. That’s kind of why I like writing and keeping cards. It’s the same kind of thing, except you give it in person, instead of the mail..

  3. I love personal letters because it shows that someone took a moment out of the day to think about you, and that says a lot! Personal letters also can reflect the depth of the relationship and I find that heartwarming. Great post!

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