300 Followers Q & A!

Hello everyone! Here’s the Q and A to celebrate achieving 300 followers! Again, thank you all so much for following this blog and for indulging in my messy universe. Thank you so much everyone! Let’s start!

Miss Pineapple asked:

What is your biggest fear and why?

  • I have fear of snakes and fear of masks. I don’t really like the two of them and I have encountered dreadful experience in those two. They are so dreadful. And one time I had a dream where there’s a snake in my bedroom and I wake up feeling so terrified. Aside from snakes and masks, I also fear oblivion. Honestly. I fear being forgotten.

      Rav asked: 

      Do you relate to any fictional character? If so who is it? 

      • I can relate to Tris Prior (from Divergent) because I want to be brave, smart, honest, selfless and kind. Haha but seriously I really want to be a divergent. I think it just sums up every trait a person should have.

        Debbie asked: 

        Who inspires you to write? 

        • My family and of course other bloggers as well! Reading in other blogs motivate me to do so and knowing that I have readers inspires me so much. Anyway, only my mum knows that I’m blogging and I don’t want my brothers to know that I’m blogging. Lol.

        Mental Catastrophe asked: 
        If given a chance to be reincarnated as an animal what would it be and why? 

        • I love cats so much and it’s the first animal that came up to my mind, but I’d choose bird. I really have a fascination for birds as well– mainly because I think they’re so free and erm, they can fly. I would really want to experience flying. 

        If you can have one extraordinary ability what would it be? 

        • I’d choose flying, telekinesis and invisibility. I’m thinking of these right now and it would be so much fun. Anyway I’m trying to dive in a lucid dream to experience these things but I can’t have a lucid dream. I don’t know how…lol.

        How can you say that you are unique if everyone is trying to be different that makes everyone different? 

        • This is a confusing one but being different makes one person unique. Everyone is different from each other, hence every little being is unique.

        And that completes the Q & A! Thank you so much for the questions. And I say thanks again for following this blog and for reading this post! I’ll see you again in my next post. Bye!

        PS. This is my 100th post so hooray!!!! ❤


        20 thoughts on “300 Followers Q & A!

        1. Ah! Tris eh! I get you! Even I want to be a divergent! Oblivion it scares me but at the same time it also excites me because you have endless possibilities….and CONGRATULATIONS on your hundredth post!!!

        2. Congratulations on your 100 the post. I have read all the Divergent books. You ARE a Divergent! S thinks you are a wonderful young lady with a lot of girl power! WAY TO GO!

        3. Congratulations to you for 300 followers and 100 posts! And I totally get you, I would become a bird in my next life (if I can’t come back as a human 😉 )

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