The Struggles of Having Two Elder Brothers

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share a little story about my family. My elder brothers were here earlier and I thought to make a blog post about them- and here it is! 

As you can see in the title, I have two older brothers. The eldest one doesn’t live with us because he lives with mommy which is our dad’s youngest sister. We all call her mommy though so don’t get confused!

Struggles of Having Two Elder Brothers: 

  • They think they’re the boss in the house. Yes, whenever my parents aren’t home, they think they’re the boss and they get so annoying! 
  • They want me to study boxing. Not literally study or practice boxing, but to practice boxing for them! They think I’m a guy who would fight back in their punches. Like, uhh.
  • They want me to play basketball. Literally, yes. If not basketball, then volleyball but they push me to basketball because of my height. They think I’m wasting my height because I don’t belong in an athlete group or something but I do play volleyball!
  • They are so annoying. Honestly, they are just so annoying! Whenever I’m studying they would sneak in my room and secretly turn off the lights then I’d hear them laughing outside. And I get so pissed because hey, I’m studying here! 
  • They are protective when it comes to my guy friends. But since they know who my friends are, they don’t really care that much unlike before. 
  • They brainwash my parents. All the time. For example, I don’t wanna go to my grandparents’ house because I want to sleep then my brothers would push me to mum and dad telling them that I should go with them, adding reasons and such. In the end, my parents would agree and there, my sleep just got postponed. 
  • They are so negative. Everytime I would buy a new cloth or shoe, they would tell bad things to mum about that product and there, I didn’t get to have a new cloth or shoe…
  • They switch to another channel whenever I’m watching TV. They can really be so rude! Whenever I’m in the verge of crying because of my favourite drama, it will all turn to piss because one of my brothers would switch the TV to another channel. Geez. 
  • They get all the food. It’s their conscience that they leave food for me. Sometimes I feel like it’s a race because if you get last, you won’t have any prize or in short, you won’t get any food at all. 
  • I once caught my eldest brother reading my journal. And I was so embarassed and I badly want to hit him with something. But I just pretend that I didn’t notice that he was reading my journal. But geez, that’s my journal and my life is typically written all over there! 
  • Whenever I’m feeling relaxed they would do their best to annoy me. This happens every time. Geeeeez.
  • They won’t let me sleep peacefully. They don’t understand how much I need sleep! Lol. But seriously, everytime that I sleep in daytime I would hear them screaming and knocking in my door loudly. Ugh. 
  • They wear my socks. And I hate it whenever they wear my socks. I end up not using it anymore because I don’t really want that…
  • My room becomes all messed up after they barge in. Geez! Everytime they go to my room it seems like a typhoon came because everything would just be so untidy! Like the bed becomes uncovered and the pillows as well. Sometimes the pillows would be on the floor and that’s just so unorganised!

That’s all I can think of as of now! But no matter how annoying my kuyas (brothers) are, I still do love them and it wouldn’t be fun in the house without them! 

Please note that the struggles that I wrote are my experiences and I’d love to know yours as well! Share something in the comments below! 

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Thanks for reading!! And I have an upcoming Q & A to celebrate 300 followers and if you have any questions, you can ask here or just simply ask in the comments below! 

See you in my next post. Bye! 


13 thoughts on “The Struggles of Having Two Elder Brothers

  1. I am a big brother Jirah. My sister is 5 years younger. She is very good to me, and I love her. I was a pain to her when I was a teenager too!

  2. Oh my yes! I have three older brothers, two are already moved out (both married, one has kids) the third still lives here, he’s only 16. But gosh my very oldest lives just up the road and is such a turd๐Ÿ˜‚ Don’t get me wrong I love him! But goodness he can me such a smartalec and is always telling me I can’t have a boyfriend because having a boyfriend means I have to leave the house and I don’t do that (introvert here haha).

  3. Ah sweet! Yeah…but I already have one so they can’t really do anything about it๐Ÿ˜‹ They just keep teasing me about how they’ll be mean to him and sense in the youngest sister they get to be even meaner to mine than my other sisters haha๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Oh congrats on that haha! I think all they do is just tease and tease but in the end they go for what their sisters really want and what makes them happy.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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